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The Best Door Security Bars for Your Home

Upgrade your home security with these easy-to-use door jammers



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Even if you already have precautions in place like a deadbolt or chain, purchasing a door security bar, also sometimes called a door jammer, can help add an extra layer of security at home. And unlike other locks, they can’t be picked from the outside. If you’re thinking about stepping up your home security, here’s what you need to know before purchasing one for your setup.

Door Security Bar Buying Guide

Door security bars and jammers are excellent additions for anywhere, but especially for dorm rooms, apartments and staying at motels or Airbnbs. You can even use the lengthy ones horizontally to prevent a sliding door from being opened. Here’s what to consider when looking for the best door jammer.

Easy Installation: For permanent home use, a security bar that bolts to the floor can be a better option for blocking the door from opening entirely. But take a look down at your floor first — a model that requires fastening isn’t going to to work unless you have something you can drill into like hardwood or even concrete with the right tools. A base plate is also only as secure as the quality of the screws too. If you don’t want to mess with damaging your floor, or have a carpeted or tiled entryway, a device that relies on friction or suction might be the way to go.

If you plan to use a door jammer when traveling, it should require quick, easy installation, either hooking onto the door, or sitting flush against the handle to provide resistance. It should also be lightweight and small so it won’t weigh down your backpack. And because hotel doors can all have different sizes of gaps between the door and floor, a device that lets you adjust the height is a huge help.

Materials: The most common materials you’ll find are high-grade corrosion-resistant aluminum or steel. These mostly work with doors that open inward, and should be able to resist a decent amount of force, at least over 500 pounds.

Safety: It’s also important to keep emergencies in mind before completely barricading the door as well, specifically ones where you’ll need to get out quickly like a fire. Having a fast-releasing mechanism on a jammer, like a foot switch, can make a big difference when seconds matter.

What Are the Best Door Security Bar Jammers?

Whether you’re taking your door jammer on a global adventure or just want more security while at home, there are plenty of different ways this simple and affordable device can give you peace of mind. Here are the best ones you can buy online.

1. HavenLock Connect Bluetooth Smart Lock

For those who want a tech-infused jammer with some serious stopping power, HavenLock has a lot to offer. This has a 30-inch alloy steel baseplate that you can install on almost any floor, even tile and concrete with the right drill bits. The Haven app connects to the jammer via Bluetooth, and it works with Alexa, letting you remotely set it to lock even when you’re far from the door or away from home – something the low-tech ones can’t do.



Buy: HavenLock Connect Bluetooth Smart Lock at

2. Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

Long and light, Master Lock’s bar is easy to block doors from opening at home or in hotels. This collapses down to 22 inches and can fit inside a suitcase or even a large backpack. Right out of the package, it was effortless to set up. No drilling or measuring or screws required, simply set the forked end under the door’s knob or handle, and adjust the bar’s length with the pivoting rubber stop against the floor.

The head is also removable, making it easy to squeeze into the tracks of sliding doors as well, and taking another few inches off for traveling with it. And in case of emergency when you quickly need to get out, this can be removed just as fast as you installed it.



Buy: Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar at $21.82

3. Guard Dog Sliding Door Security Bar With Alarm

With 40 adjustable settings, the Guard Dog is a reliable travel companion, especially when you’ll be dealing with different doors every night. With the top yoke removed, this collapses down to 25 inches, still small enough to pack up, and can extend out to 41 inches to fit most any door and floor. It also cleverly has a loud alarm built-in that screams at 100db when it detects movement, audible up to 1,000 feet away, and can be turned on or off with a switch or removed completely. Customer service is quick to respond with any issues, and the bar comes with a lifetime guarantee.



Buy: Guard Dog Sliding Door Security Bar… at $49.99

4. Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

At only three inches tall, this little lock installs in minutes, and can withstand up to 800 pounds of pressure. It’s up to you how high up you install this small device (though about six inches from the deadbolt is recommended), depending on keeping it away from where children can get at it, or out of reach from burglars that break your door’s glass window.

This does require a bit of drilling in the doorframe, but bypasses the floor completely. Simply pinch it to swing it away from the door when you need to open it, then slide it back into locking position just as easily.

Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock


Buy: Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827… at $12.50

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