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The Best Sweat-Stopping Deodorant and Antiperspirant Sticks

The dual-function product works to not only mask odors, but to prevent excessive sweating as well

The Best Sweat-Stopping Deodorant The Best Sweat-Stopping Deodorant 

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A deodorant is great to cover up smells, but if you’re really working up a sweat, you’re going to want to reach for an antiperspirant and deodorant stick in one.

The dual-function product works to not only mask odors, but to prevent excessive sweating as well. Whether you’re at the gym, on a date, or running to catch the bus, you can feel confident knowing that you won’t be soaking wet — or stinking up the joint.

What You Need to Know About Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Deodorant vs. Anti-Perspirant: The best deodorants work to neutralize odors, often by using an artificial scent and by using germ-fighting ingredients that target odor-causing bacteria. A good deodorant will keep you smelling fresh, but it won’t eliminate sweat. That’s where an antiperspirant comes in.

The best antiperspirants help to prevent wetness by blocking the flow of sweat coming from your sweat glands. Its formula dissolves into your skin, to form a transparent, sweat-stopping layer that keeps you dry.

How to use: The best antiperspirant deodorants can do a lot with just a couple swipes. To activate the formula, swipe the stick gently under your arms, making sure to dispense an even layer on and around your armpits. Once done, make sure you put the cap back on your deodorant stick, so it doesn’t dry out.

Is an Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Stick Safe? These sticks are designed to keep wetness and odor away from your underarms, but they’re completely safe and gentle on your skin. We’ve even included an option that contains moisturizers in its formula, to soothe and nourish while it protects. Keep in mind, sweating is natural, and these sticks aren’t designed to completely stop you from sweating. You’ll occasionally still feel a few beads of sweat under your arms, but that’s just your body’s way of cooling itself. Since there are sweat glands all over your body, you may sweat in other areas too; these antiperspirants aren’t designed to eliminate sweat entirely but rather to keep your armpits dry and under control.

1. Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

This Dove Men+Care stick does triple duty as a moisturizer, anti-perspirant and deodorant in one. Dove says its “Clean Comfort” formula offers up to 48 hours of sweat and odor protection, with just a couple swipes. It leaves a crisp, light scent, like you just stepped out of the shower.

The gentle formula includes 1/4 moisturizer to help soothe and protect skin against any irritation from shaving. Your underarms will stay dry, and will feel soft and smooth.

This set includes a pack of four deodorant sticks.

PROS: Moisturizing properties soothe and nourish the sensitive skin under your arms. Lightest scent on our list.

CONS: Great for everyday use; if you sweat a lot or need something for a run or workout, you may want to choose a stronger stick from our list.


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2. Degree Men Antiperspirant Deodorant

If you lead an active life or spend a lot of time in the gym, you’ll want to reach for this Degree Men Cool Rush Antiperspirant Deodorant. Degree says its hard-working formula keeps you dry for up to 48 hours, with a patented technology that works with your body chemistry to actively fight odors and keep sweat away. Degree says its “smart capsules” respond to motion; the more you move, the more the odor-fighting ingredients turn on and activate.

You’ll feel the deodorant working right away too, from the cooling sensation of the glide-on stick, to its crisp, woodsy “Cool Rush” scent.

The stain-free formula goes on clear and won’t leave marks on your clothing.

This set includes six sticks.

PROS: Long-lasting protection; no need to re-apply throughout the day.

CONS: Some may find the “Cool Rush” scent a little overpowering.

degree cool rush


Buy: Degree Men Antiperspirant Deodorant at $8.99

3. Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel Men’s Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Gillette is one of the most-trusted names in men’s grooming and this “Cool Wave Clear Gel” stick helps to keep you dry and stink-free all day long.

Gillette says the product works in three ways: active odor-blockers target bad smells, while the gel forms a “transparent dry shield” that blocks sweat. Finally, Gillette’s “Scent Xtend technology” powers up a crisp, fade-resistant scent that keeps you feeling — and smelling — fresh.

We like the gel consistency, which goes on clear and dries quickly. It won’t leave embarrassing deodorant marks on your skin either. The gel glides smoothly over your skin, evenly dispensing product with just one swipe. No back and forth swiping needed.

This set is sold as a two-pack.

PROS: Gel formula goes on clear and is easy to swipe and use.

CONS: Sensitive noses may prefer a lighter scent.

gillette deodorant

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Buy: Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel Men's… at $10.99

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