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Eyes Tired From Staring at a Screen All Day? These Cheap Computer Glasses Could Help

Combat excess screen time with these specially-designed eyeglasses

best computer glassesbest computer glasses

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After spending long periods of time on the computer – say, your entire workday – it’s not uncommon to experience vision problems. Headaches, blurred vision, and dry or red eyes can all be attributed to too much screen time. While cutting down on screen time during your leisure hours is a proactive way to give your eyes a break, that same strategy cannot always be applied during your working hours. If reducing computer time is not an option, wearing computer glasses is one of the best ways to prevent further eye strain.

What Are Computer Glasses?

The best computer glasses are designed to optimize your eyesight when you’re looking at a digital screen. Computer glasses are non-prescription; just because you don’t wear eyeglasses in your daily life doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a pair of computer glasses.

What Do Computer Glasses Do?

The best computer glasses reduce glare (which is a leading source of eye strain) and are often built with an anti-reflective coating. Some of the best computer glasses also have a color tint to the lenses. This tint is often yellow, which helps increase the contrast when you look at the screen while also filtering out the harsh blue light from your screen. This helps your eye muscles relax, relieving strain.

The best computer glasses actually enhance your field of vision, rather than detract from it, by helping to improve focus while reducing blurriness that can often come from tired eyes.

Do You Need Computer Glasses?

Many adults experience eyestrain every day and choose to ignore it. If you are experiencing discomfort, computer glasses are a simple tool to help you feel optimal comfort in your work environment. If you are already prone to vision problems, computer glasses are an essential component of your eye care routine. However, the best computer glasses are also comfortable for those who are unaccustomed to wearing eyeglasses. Much like reading glasses, it’s helpful to have a few different pairs on hand to keep around your home, office, and travel bags to help your eyes stay comfortable when staring at a computer – or any kind of digital screen.

1. HORUS X Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

If you’re spending six-plus hours a day on the computer, it’s time to protect your eyes. The Horus X 2.0 Gaming Glasses are made with a professional filter that helps to protect against the glare from your screen, and, in turn, prevents eye fatigue.

The filter protects your eyes from both the blue light of your computer and UV rays. While these glasses are trusted by gamers for the way they prevent fatigue and improve performance, many people have chosen to use these glasses in their personal and professional lives, too, to achieve the same benefits. These computer glasses are designed for long periods of screen time and long-term use.

best computer glasses


Buy: HORUS X Blue Light-Blocking Glasses at $34.90

2. LNEKEI 3-Pack Computer Glasses

Once you get used to the comforts of computer glasses, you won’t want to look at a screen without them. This value three-pack fits your work, pleasure, and travel needs, giving you a pair for every situation. The lenses are designed with a multi-layer blue light filter coating, which filters out the blue light from your screen almost entirely while still allowing you to see clearly. The lenses also protect your eyes against UV light and filter out glare. We also love these frames for their classic, simple designs and unisex appeal – they look just like regular frames.

best computer glasses


3. Blueberry Computer Glasses

If your prolonged screen time is taking place in your office, the best computer glasses will not only help prevent eye strain but should also have a sophisticated, professional aesthetic. These Blueberry computer glasses achieve just that thanks to the toffee-colored, slightly rounded frames. The lenses – which filter out UV and blue light – are fully transparent and don’t distort any colors on your screen. The lenses are also impact and scratch-resistant for increased durability.

best computer glasses


Buy: Blueberry Computer Glasses at $59.00

4. Livho 2-Pack Computer Glasses

The Livho computer glasses two-pack comes with both black and clear frames. Simple in design and effective in combating eye fatigue, these computer glasses are perfect for stashing in your bag so they’re always on hand. Their lenses are designed with an amber tint which helps filter out more blue rays while also keeping your sight accurate and realistic. Plus, they filter out UV rays and glare, which further helps promote overall eye comfort.

best computer glasses


Buy: Livho 2-Pack Computer Glasses at $15.98

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