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The Best Comforters to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Sleep

Aside from your mattress, your comforter could be the next most important thing towards getting a good night of sleep

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It’s been said that the average person will spend one-third of their life sleeping, or attempting to fall asleep. People do all kinds of things to fall asleep or get comfortable, from taking supplements, having a natural sounds soundtrack or music playing or utilizing essential oils. It’s important your bed is your oasis so that you not only fall asleep, but stay asleep, and that starts with your bed. Aside from your mattress, your comforter could be the next most important thing.

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The best comforters can be a crucial element into maximizing your bed’s comfort level. After all, the linens you use impact the quality of sleep you’re likely to have and how refreshed you’ll wake up. Since they’re typically sold in a set with sheets and pillowcases, they’re also a great way to coordinate the look of your bed. You want your bed to reflect not only your sleeping patterns, but individual taste.

Comforter vs. Duvet

Though they’re sometimes confused with duvets, there is a clear difference between comforters and duvets. Duvets are typically closer in size to the bed frame, whereas comforters are designed to be larger and hang down the sides. Though you typically pair a duvet with a duvet insert, you can actually use the insert as a comforter if you wish.

What Should You Look For When Buying a Comforter?

We looked at the following criteria while compiling our list of the best comforters.

Down vs. Down-Alternative: This is an important distinction, and one you’ll definitely need to make when choosing the perfect comforter for your bed. Where the average comforter, or down-alternative, is made of synthetic filling or natural materials like cotton, down comforters are made from down filling and are much lighter and more breathable by comparison. Down comforters can be more efficient in providing, and preserving, warmth. They’re kind of a pain to wash though since they aren’t washing machine compatible, and typically more expensive than their down-alternative counterparts.

Are you someone who likes to sleep with as little as possible? Consider a down comforter. But if you’re someone who needs to be enveloped by fabric to stay asleep, the down-alternative may be the choice for you.

Thread count: This refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. So in layman’s terms, that means that the higher the thread count, the softer and more comfortable your potential comforter will be. The average thread count is between 100-180, while those that are deemed “high quality” have thread counts around 250. Anything 400 and over would be considered “luxury.”

Durability: The best comforters can weather their fair share of storms, and shouldn’t need to be replaced all the time. Comforters that feature a baffle-box construction are considered to be the most durable, and will feature an annotation on the packaging. These comforters have internal fabric that ensures the fill stays spread out and in place so that you’re never lacking warmth.

Weight: When it comes to a comforter, different people prefer different weights. This could also change depending on the time of the year, and how warm or how cold it is outside of your bedroom. You’ll need to take all of this into consideration when assessing a comforter. If you tend to feel warmer while you sleep, you’ll want to look for a lightweight comforter. Those who are always freezing during the night should look for a regular-weight comforter. Summer-weight comforters are, you guessed it, ideal for the summertime or if your bedroom is just always on the warmer side.

Fill Power: This is specific to down comforters, and refers to the amount of space every one ounce of down used takes up. So if your down comforter has a higher fill power, the better insulation power. The average fill power is anywhere between 400 and 600.

1. RYONGII All-Season Down Alternative Comforter

RYONGII all-season down comforter


We love this comforter for a number of reasons, namely its versatility. For starters, you can use this comforter as a duvet liner or a stand-alone comforter no matter what time of year it is. Boasting baffle box stitching and a high thread count, this lightweight comforter doesn’t need to swallow you whole to keep you warm. Thanks to its three-dimensional structure that effectively traps the air, this comforter is engineered to insulate you without smothering you. Available for Twin, Full, King, California King and Queen sized beds.

A bonus: this comforter is hypoallergenic. Perfect for those who are looking to make their room an allergen free safe haven.

Buy: RYONGII All-Season Comforter at

2. Bedsure Khaki Comforter Set

bedsure khaki bed comforter set


This comforter may be lightweight, but is fluffy enough to make you feel like you’re sleeping under a cloud. Made from 100% microfiber, this comforter features truly gorgeous craftsmanship; the stitching design keeps the filling secure so that its fluffiness is maintained, with a beautiful design to boot. The unique cationic dying allows the color to have a natural feel, and won’t fade overtime. It’s simple enough to fit right in with the rest of your bedroom while managing to standout in a way that will command your attention. Available for King, Queen and Twin sized beds.

This comforter is part of a set, which means you can really maximize on this beautiful design with the rest of your bed.

Buy: Bedsure Khaki Comforter Set at $62.99

3. Parachute Down Duvet Insert

parachute down duvet insert


This duvet insert will transform your bed from a mattress into a cloud, thanks to its double stitched piping seam, 100% sateen cotton shell and 750 fill power. This is perfect for those who crave that fluffy, enveloping feeling from their comforters; the sturdy, double stitched seams and baffle-box con structure keeps the down evenly distributed throughout.

If you’re a hot sleeper, don’t fret. There’s a lightweight option that lets you experience that prized fluffiness without making you sweat through the night. Available for any bed size.

Buy: Parachute Down Duvet Insert at $319

4. Parachute Down-Alternative Duvet Insert

parachute down alternative duvet insert


If you’re impartial to down, this is the one for you. This duvet insert features all of the excellent qualities of Parachute’s down counterpart, but with a cheaper price tag. You can also wash this at home if you can’t afford to make multiple trips to the dry cleaners. Wash with cold water, mild detergent and set your machine to delicate. When it’s time to dry, set your machine to low and throw in some wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Available for any sized bed.

Buy: Parachute Down-Alternative Duvet Insert at $95-$263

5. Kuzmaly Ultra-Soft Comforter Set

kuzamly ultra soft all season comforter set


For those looking to use their comforter to establish a color palette in their bedroom, look no further than this set. Available in black, navy blue and white, the comforter can actually be reversed depending on the sheets you’re using or your overall mood for the day/night, whether you’re looking to be more modern or establish an air of elegance.

Far from being a stylish piece, this soft comforter can be used all year round and is made from 100% brushed microfiber polyester fabric to provide you to stay as warm as you need to be through the night. We love that it’s easy to clean as well. Just sent your machine to gentle and wash with cold water, and set your dryer to low. Available for Twin, Queen and King sized beds.

Buy: Kuzmaly Ultra-Soft Comforter Set at $21.99

6. Bedsure All-Season Reversible Warm & Cooling Comforter Set

bedsure all season reversible warm and rolling comforter down alternative set


If you’re someone who prefers practicality to style, look no further than this comforter. The U-shaped stitching perfectly fits the human body, and keeps the filling well distributed throughout to prevent clumping; this is perhaps the most ergonomic comforter on the list.

But what we love the most about this comforter though, is the reversible warming and cooling function. The unique cooling fabric top and microfiber back will allow you to provide comfort on the coldest, or warmest, of nights. This comforter is perfect for a King sized bed, but is available for Twin, California King and Queen sized beds as well.

Buy: Bedsure Warm and Cooling Comforter at $58.99

7. Andency Boho Microfiber Comforter Set

ardency black boho comforter set


This comforter combines a high level of both style and practicality with its varied designs and lightweight, ultra-soft bedding. Made from 100% premium microfiber, it may feel thin but the internal padding promises premium warmth. You’re not going to want to leave your bed in the morning.

But what really sets this apart from the rest of the group is the beautiful, eclectic designs to choose from. Every color, from the Anthracite Black to Dark Navy, stands out as its own beautiful creation. Whether you want your comforter to pop or blend in with the rest of the pieces in your bedroom, there’s something for everyone. Available for Full, Queen and King sized beds.

Buy: Andency Boho Comforter at $43.99

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