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How to Store and Organize Your CDs

Easy ways to keep your CD collection organized, well-displayed and protected

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In a world where some generations may not have even held a CD before, it can be a bit difficult to figure out how to store your own collection of beloved compact discs. The best method for keeping your physical music library organized will depend largely on how many CDs you actually own, and whether these CDs have actually managed to keep their original cases (in which case — bravo).

Methods for Storing and Organizing CDs

There are a number of ways to store your CDs. Depending on the size of your collection — and your space — you could be looking for a piece of physical furniture, a giant binder, a neat storage box, or for the really old-school, a case that attaches to your car visor.

Furniture Rack: We favor tall, narrow, collapsible CD racks that fit easily into nearly any space, no matter how small, and can accommodate a large number of CDs with their cases in tact. Your media rack will certainly give the room an early aughts vibe, but really that is half the fun.

For the Car: My best friend in high school kept all of her CDs in a binder or two stashed somewhere on the car floor. Don’t be like my friend. If you need a CD organization system for the car, stick to those handy folios that attach to your window visor, easily within reach.

No Cases: If you just can’t find the case for that old Garden State soundtrack (it was a good soundtrack, OK?), or if you’re still hanging on to several homemade mixes, you really can’t go wrong with an oversized binder, which can accommodate hundreds of discs at a time that you can arrange as you please.

Small Collection: Smaller CD libraries that still have their cases can be neatly stored in specially-sized storage boxes that are both easy to arrange and look nice in an office or living room.

1. Cartener Five-Tier Media Rack

This simple tower rack was, according to the manufacturer, designed to fit into small spaces, which is part of what makes it such a universally appealing choice for CD storage. Though slender, it can still hold up to 130 CDs (or DVDs or video games or Blu-rays or whatever other media you’d like to display). You can even purchase additional units if you’d like to expand the storage capacity.

mitsu five tier media tower


2. AmazonBasics CD/DVD Binder

If you’re less concerned with appearances than you are with your massive quantity of CDs with or without their cases, you may be happier with a big ole binder. We like this one, made of tough and durable PU material that zips closed and can hold a whopping 400 CDs. This is an easy way to streamline your collection by getting rid of the bulky cases. It’s also a way to transport your music with you — say, to a party or event — by offering portable CD storage.

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3. Snap-N-Store CD Storage Boxes

Another particularly tidy way to store CDs is in designated storage boxes, like this set of two which are designed specifically for CDs. An attractive option, the basic black containers are also durably constructed, including reinforced laminated corners to prevents damage. Each box can hold 30 CDs in their cases, but up to 165 discs in sleeves.

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4. Case Logic 12-Capacity CD Visor

For in the car, you can’t go wrong with a basic visor folio. The organizer attaches to your overhead window visor, with pockets for 12 CDs within easy reach — plus an extra mesh pocket for loose change and other odds and ends. If your car still has a CD player and you want to keep options on hand, this is an easy way to do it.

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Buy: Case Logic 12-Capacity CD Visor at $5.29

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