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2020 Election: The Best Unofficial Merch to Stump For Your Favorite Candidates

19 pieces of unofficial merch to rally those votes before November

andrew yang math hat buy online

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After what seems like years of build up and anticipation, we’re now just a few months away from the 2020 Presidential Election, with millions of Americans heading to the polls in November to either give Donald Trump another four years in office, or cast him out of the White House in favor of a Democrat Commander-in-Chief.

The Democratic nominee will be decided in July, when the party gathers for its National Convention in Wisconsin. Whether you’re part of the “Yang Gang,” an Elizabeth Warren supporter, or a “Bernie Bro,” we’ve rounded up some of the best unofficial merch you can pick up online to support your favorite candidate.

1. Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders merch 2020 t-shirt

Courtesy Amazon

Bernie Sanders isn’t exactly a man of few words, but a simple outline is all it takes for him to make an impression on this T-shirt, which features the Vermont senator’s signature glasses and tuft of white hair. Sanders may be attracting what some refer to as the “Bernie Bros,” but this shirt also comes in unisex sizing (XS to 3XL) and in five different colors. Purchase: $15.99 on Amazon.com. The same print is also available on a $14 coffee mug here.

bernie sanders holding cat

Courtesy Redbubble

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That pic floating around the Internet of Bernie Sanders holding a cat was the result of a savvy Photoshop job, but you can still feel the purr with this cat-print pillow case, which features the photo in question surrounded by well, more cats. Fits most standard pillows. Purchase: $22.71 on Redbubble.com. See more Bernie merch here.

2. Elizabeth Warren 

best elizabeth warren merch

Courtesy Amazon

Nothing in politics is ever black-and-white, but this book of Elizabeth Warren-inspired pics gets you 62 pages of black-and-white illustrations to color in. And while there are no do-overs in politics, you get two copies of each image in this book, in case you make a mistake or want want to try a different approach. Purchase: $10.99 on Amazon.com.

elizabeth warren poster

Courtesy Redbubble

Elizabeth Warren as Wonder Woman. That’s it. That’s the pitch. This made-to-order poster is printed on semi-gloss paper and available in two sizes. Purchase: $14.69+ on Redbubble.com. See more Elizabeth Warren merch here.

3. Joe Biden

joe biden bobblehead merch

Courtesy Amazon

This pretty realistic Joe Biden bobblehead figurine depicts the former Vice-President in his favorite blue suit and striped tie. The surprisingly accurate details include a tiny mole on his forehead, slicked back white hair, and wrinkles around his eyes. Purchase: $22.95 on Amazon.com.

joe biden shirt

Courtesy Redbubble

The iconic Run-DMC iconography re-made for Joe Biden. Show off your sartorial and political chops in this unisex tee, which may very well get you the street cred Biden is having trouble scoring on his own. Purchase: $26.22 on Redbubble.com. See more Joe Biden merch here.

4. Amy Klobuchar

amy klobuchar shirt

Courtesy Amazon

Amy Klobuchar’s official campaign slogan is “Let’s Get to Work,” and this T-shirt celebrates the sentiment with an inspired illustration that features Klobuchar as Rosie the Riveter. The Minnesota senator has long been a champion of women’s rights, though this shirt is available in sizes for men as well, in case they want to champion Klobuchar or simply be an ally. Purchase: $19.95 on Amazon.com.

amy klobuchar hoodie

Courtesy Redbubble

Prefer something more subtle? Grab this “AMY” hoodie, which comes in unisex sizing from XS to 2XL. Great for Klobuchar supporters or y’know, people with the same name. Purchase: $44.89 on Redbubble.com. See more Amy Klobuchar merch here.

5. Pete Buttigieg 

mayor pete buttigieg merch

Courtesy Amazon

Mayor Pete’s charm and progressive agenda has taken him all the way from South Bend, Indiana to big cities around the country, as he vies for the Democratic nomination. And speaking of charm… this charming Mayor Pete plush is made by a company called “Primary Pals,” and features the Democratic candidate in his signature white button-down while holding a key to the city. The limited-edition stuffed toy measures just over 10 inches. Other candidates are available as well. Purchase: $20 on Amazon.com.


Courtesy Redbubble

Get Mayor Pete on a Samsung Galaxy phone case. Yes it’s for an Android phone rather than an iPhone, but this is an openly gay, married, small-town mayor running for president of the United States. And what’s less conventional than that? Purchase: $25.25 on Redbubble.com. See more Mayor Pete merch here.

6. Andrew Yang 

andrew yang math hat buy online

Courtesy Amazon

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang championed the acronym “M.A.T.H.” early on in his campaign, both to re-claim a tired Asian stereotype, and as a direct retort against Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. “M.A.T.H.,” which stands for “Make America Think Harder,” echoes the candidate’s efforts to push for better education and economic development within the country. Purchase: $19.90 on Amazon.com.

andrew yang dividend universal income $1000

Courtesy Redbubble

Yang has also pushed for a “freedom dividend,” which would provide a universal basic income of $1,000 a month for struggling Americans. Obviously the designers of this T-shirt think it’s a cool idea. Purchase: $21.21 on Redbubble.com. See more Andrew Yang merch here.

7. Michael Bloomberg

bloomberg 2020 shirt

Courtesy Redbubble

The former New York City mayor may have entered the race just recently, but he’s hoping his leadership experience running one of the biggest cities in the world will translate to helping him run one of the biggest countries in the world, too. This T-shirt is an inspired take on President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan; choose to have the slogan printed on the front or back. Available in sizes XS to 3XL. Purchase: $18.81 on Redbubble.com.

michael bloomberg journal review

Courtesy Amazon

Like Mike? Journal your thoughts in this lined notebook, which measures 6 x 9 inches and comes with 110 pages for you to jot down quotes, plan campaign slogans or just doodle while waiting for the Democratic nominee to finally be announced. Purchase: $6.99 on Amazon.com. See more Bloomberg merch here.

8. Tulsi Gabbard

tulsi gabbard merch

Courtesy Redbubble

At first glance, this looks like a classic printed scarf, but closer inspection reveals an arty pattern that combines Tulsi Gabbard’s name with an aloha-inspired peace sign design. The scarf measures 55 x 55 inches. Purchase: $26.99 on Redbubble.com.

tulsi gabbard sticker 2020

Courtesy Redbubble

Show your support for Congresswoman Gabbard with this “Aloha” sticker, which pays homage to her home state of Hawaii. Available in four sizes, so you can adorn everything from your notebook to desk to yes, your car bumper too. Purchase: $2.91+ on Redbubble.com. See more Tulsi merch here.

9. Tom Steyer


Courtesy Redbubble

While he’s still pegged as an outsider, businessman Tom Steyer continues to hang in the race, qualifying for the most recent Democratic debates. Is he in it for good or just poking through? This “Here’s Tommy” T-shirt, which parodies the famous “Here’s Johnny” scene from The Shining, lets you make the call. Purchase: $28.22 on Redbubble.com.

tom steyer 2020 shirt

Courtesy Redbubble

Get a more classic look with this unisex tee, which features a slim fit and a streetwear-inspired take on Steyer’s campaign logo. Purchase: $17.99 on Redbubble.com. See more Tom Steyer merch here.

10. Obama Prayer Candle

barack obama prayer candle michelle

Courtesy Amazon

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic, or just anxious about the current political climate, send your prayers up through this Barack and Michelle Obama candle set. It won’t take the stench away from dirty politics, but the light scent and flickering glow might at least help clear your mind — and the air — for a minute or two. Purchase: $39.99 on Amazon.com.


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