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RS Recommends: The Best Body Wash for Men

Scrub away stink and bacteria with these hygienic, high-performing men’s body washes

best body wash for menbest body wash for men

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Body soap is important. We use it every single day, fending off body odor and getting rid of bacteria, but the best body wash for men can deliver much more than a daily scrub. High-quality body washes designed specifically for men’s skin can help your hyde feel better and age more gracefully, in addition to simply cleaning.

When we talk about the best body washes for men, that second part — for men — sometimes needs underlining. Although plenty of guys get away with using their wife or girlfriend’s soap, it’s not the best idea. Men’s skin really is different than women’s with about 20% more thickness, higher collagen levels and more oiliness, meaning guys should use a purpose-built body wash.

More importantly, there’s the scent: the best body washes for men feature masculine fragrances for a better scent all day and more confidence when you hop out of the shower. If you don’t want any scent (maybe to let your cologne shine), there’s some great unscented men’s body washes too.

It’s also worth noting that body washes aren’t your only option: there are some great men’s bar soaps out there too. That choice — bar or liquid — really comes down to personal preference, although there are some attractive benefits with liquid soap. For one, body wash is cleaner. It won’t collect any loose hair and can be hygienically “borrowed” by roommates or guests. Plus, using liquid body wash is easier for some (no fumbling around with a slippery bar).

If you’re in need of some grown-up soap that can help you smell, look and feel better, read on. Below are some of the best body washes for men to buy right now.

1. Disco Invigorating Body Wash

For us, the best body wash for men is one that nails balance: not too harsh or too gentle, not too fragrant or too subtle. This Disco body wash uses natural ingredients for that sweet-spot wash, complete with a fresh, subtle eucalyptus scent. Its ingredients include horsetail extract (the plant), which soothes the skin while scrubbing away dead flakes, sweat and stink, aloe for repairing hydration and chamomile to protect against age-accelerating free radicals.

best mens body wash

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Buy: Disco Invigorating Body Wash at $22

2. Nécessaire The Body Wash

If you prefer an unscented body wash, go for this gel-oil cleanser from Nécessaire. The wash feels as gentle as it smells thanks to plant-derived ingredients such as marula, cacay and meadowfoam oils. These light ingredients, plus an optimal pH level of 5.5 to 6.5, allows the Nécessaire to cleanse without leaving residue or stripping your skin’s natural barrier. For anyone prone to sensitive skin, this is a great pick.

body wash mens unscented

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Buy: Nécessaire The Body Wash at $25

3. Aesop Citrus Melange Body Cleanser

Australian brand Aesop is famous for attractive, unisex scents. This Citrus Melange body cleanser is a prime example, lending a citrusy fragrance that smells great on everyone. Although the zesty scent might be the wash’s best feature, cleaning hasn’t been forgotten. It also features natural citrus ingredients that work to scrub away grime, and a low-foaming formula that’s gentle enough for all skin types.

body wash unisex fancy aesop

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Buy: Aesop Citrus Melange Body Cleanser at $39

4. 18.21 Man Made 3-in-1 Body Wash

Anyone who bashes three-in-one shower products probably hasn’t tried this 18.21 body wash. The multi-purpose wash is lead by a masculine sweet tobacco scent, which smells like fancy cigars and mahogany bars (without too much smokiness). This fragrance isn’t overpowering but should stick around for a pleasant scent all day. Accommodating all skin and hair types, the 18.21 wash lathers on easily and provides ample hydration to combat dry skin and aging.

mens body wash that lasts

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Buy: 18.21 Man Made 3-in-1 Body Wash at $20.80

5. Diptyque Eau des Sens Body Gel

This Diptyque Eau des Sens body gel is a treat for any shower caddy. It’s a silky, gentle cleanser that’s good for all skin types, and especially effective with sensitive skin. Like you get with the French brand’s legendary candles, the body gel provides a uniquely luxurious scent. This fragrance is marked by citrus notes with hints of berries and smells great on everyone — no matter your gender.

scented body wash men women

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Buy: Diptyque Eau des Sens Body Gel at $45

6. Every Man Jack Aged Bourbon Body Wash

Every Man Jack has quickly made a name for itself in men’s grooming with natural, effective formulas and attractive scents designed for guys. This body wash showcases both of the brand’s talents with plant-based ingredients, such as coconut-derived surfactants for deep cleansing, and a rugged aged bourbon scent. The handsome fragrance, with juniper and cypress essential oils, has notes of vanilla, and it’s paraben- and phthalate-free.


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Buy: Every Man Jack Aged Bourbon Body Wash at $9

7. Manscaped The Crop Cleanser

Post-workout sweat poses one of the toughest challenges for your body wash. This Crop Cleanser from Manscaped is up to the task with a formula engineered for active lifestyles. Its main ingredients are sea salt and aloe vera — the former for cutting through grime and the latter for hydration and rejuvenation. You’ll also pick up the aloe vera’s pleasant scent after using the Crop Cleanser, which works to keep away that funky male-specific odor that can build up throughout the day.

scented body wash for men

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Buy: Manscaped The Crop Cleanser at $9.99

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