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The Best Body Sprays for Men

A great body spray adds just the right amount of scent, without being overwhelming

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The days of dousing yourself in cologne are over. These days, more and more men are switching over to body sprays, which take all the benefits of your cologne, but pair them down into pocket-sized packages that won’t weigh you down… literally.

The best body sprays come in lightweight tubes that usually range from four to six ounces in size. They’re portable enough to take with you to the gym, to work, or on a trip, without being as heavy or fragile as a bottle of cologne. Also known as body mists, the best body sprays allow for better distribution of your favorite scent, with the spray nozzle dispensing a wider field of coverage versus, say, dabbing your cologne on your wrists or neck.

And while colognes can often feel too strong or rich, all of the body sprays on our list feature lightweight formulas that won’t overpower any noses. What you get: fresh, bright scents that work both day and night.

To use a body spray, hold the can about four to six inches away from your body, and spray liberally on your chest and neck. Many men like a few spritzes on their wrist and torso too. Just avoid spraying directly on any clothing; you don’t want any of the ingredients in the body spray ruining your garments.

A great body mist is the perfect finishing touch to complete your look, adding that je ne sais quoi to your outfit and vibe. Leaving a particularly sweaty workout or need a quick touch up before heading on a date? The best body sprays double as a way to mask odors too, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular body sprays for men. These lightweight, scented mists work as well at the office as they do for a romantic night out. Here’s what to get…

1. AXE Body Spray for Men

Either you’re an AXE guy or you’re not, but we recommend giving this AXE “Phoenix” Body Spray a shot. It’s fresher than you’d expect, with hints of lavender, geranium and citrus fruits, but it’s grounded in woody and masculine notes too. In other words, it’s light enough that you can make this your everyday fragrance for all occasions, but no one will mix it up for your girlfriend’s perfume either.

AXE says its “Phoenix” body spray was “named after the mythical bird that combusts, only to be reborn from its own ashes.” We like to think this is a scent that conveys strength and confidence, made for people grinding it out at the gym or to wear to an interview to land that promotion.

This fragrance comes in a 4 oz. can. A few sprays is all you need, and the fragrance works with your skin to stay on all day.

This pack gets you a set of four, four-ounce sprays.

PROS: Fresh, sweet scent that isn’t overpowering like some of AXE’s products can be. Fragrance lasts all day.

CONS: Although AXE also makes an antiperspirant and deodorant as part of this collection, this is just a body spray and won’t keep you from sweating.


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Buy: AXE Body Spray for Men at $22.48

2. Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray

If you really want to turn up the charm, spray on a few spritzes of this Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray. The cologne spray blends notes of floral and citrus, with spices and woods, for a rich, sophisticated scent.

Kenneth Cole is known for their urban-inspired suiting and streetwear, and the company says the body spray is meant to evoke the same feeling as a black cashmere sweater or leather jacket. In their words, it’s “as masculine, modern and timeless as the color black itself.”

This is a great body spray to wear on a date, or if you’re going out to dinner or a bar in the evening. It may be a little strong to wear to the beach or while running errands during the day.

PROS: Goes on lighter than a cologne and won’t sit as heavy on your skin.

CONS: Best as an evening scent.


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Buy: Kenneth Cole Black Eau de Toilette Spray at $15.00

3. Nautica Blue Body Spray

If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear everyday fragrance, look no further. The Nautica Blue body spray hits all the right notes with a light blend of citrus, pineapple and jasmine, mixed with base notes of musk, sandalwood and cedarwood. The end result is a crisp, fresh and bright fragrance that works both day and night. The scent works for all age groups too, and for all occasions, from your everyday commute to a special event.

PROS: Light, easy to wear, timeless scent.

CONS: Smells like you just stepped out of the shower — some may want a body spray that smells more unique.


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Buy: Nautica Blue Body Spray at $8.99

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