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The Top-Rated Body Groomers for Men

The best body groomers work to help remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas of your body, offering a more comfortable and stress-free way to keep your parts clean and smooth



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Look, these days it’s all about embracing your body just the way you want to and prioritizing health over aesthetic. You should do what you’re comfortable with. When it comes to body grooming, some men may prefer lots of hair, less, or none at all. But even if you want to embrace your body hair, a little manscaping goes a long way.

The best body groomers work to help remove unwanted hair from more sensitive areas of your body, offering a more comfortable and stress-free way to keep your delicate parts clean and smooth. Its not just for looks either — many men swear by a manscaping routine to help with hygiene too, by eliminating hair in areas where dirt and bacteria can often build up and become trapped.

Shaving vs. Trimming for Men

Depending on what part of the body you’re dealing with, you’re likely to shave or trim. It’s also absolutely necessary to groom clean skin (start by using one of these body washes), and don’t skip a shaving gel or cream. If you don’t want to fully remove your hair, trimming will do what it suggests – trim down the hair without completely getting rid of it. You can shape your beard, clean up your groin, chest, back, and even nose and ear hairs. Trimming can also make shaving easier. If you’re thinking about waxing, save that for the chest and back. 

Shaving should be done extra carefully, as it’s easier to cut yourself by accident. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, you should always shave in the direction that your hair grows in order to prevent razor bumps and burns. Shaving your groin is a routine commitment, too, so keep that in mind – or brace for uncomfortable stubble. 

What Are the Best Body Groomers?

Most men already shave their face or trim their beards. Trimming the groin is increasingly popular these days too. If you prefer smooth skin elsewhere, you may want to remove hair from your chest, back, and navel area too. We gathered top-rated trimmers and shavers that you can buy online, for a more pleasant, smoother process of manscaping. 

1. The Lawn Mower 4.0 Trimmer



Manscaped’s waterproof Lawn Mower Trimmer is its fourth-generation model that takes functionality to the next level. Made to remove hair from the groin and body, it comes with adjustable guard sizes (1-4) and ceramic blades with SkinSafe technology for precision and comfortable trimming below the waist.

This body groomer has a powerful 7,000 RPM motor with QuietStroke technology (I.e. it’s discreet and not noisy) and a rechargeable 600mA Li-Ion battery with a wireless charging system. Its battery life has been extended to 90 minutes of use as well. LEDs light up when the trimmer is on to show charge level. Plus, it includes a travel lock, so no need to worry about it accidentally turning on. 

Buy: Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 at $89.99

2. Braun Electric Razor for Men



Listed as Amazon’s Number One best-seller, the Braun electric razor includes three flexible blades, a precision trimmer attachment, a body groomer attachment, and a charging station. Its Li-Ion battery lasts for up to three weeks of shaving (50 minutes) and can quick-charge in five minutes for a single full shave. The flexible blades easily adapt to the contours of your face or body for a close shave, whether you use it wet or dry. It also has an EasyClean system that doesn’t require removing the shaver head. Water can flow through and rinse out stubble. 

Buy: Braun Electric Razor Series 5 at $89.94

3. Meridian Trimmer



The low-vibration Meridian Trimmer is another popular men’s grooming tool for below the waistline. It’s waterproof and especially good at removing coarse and curly hair. It also features rust-resistant, hygienic, replaceable ceramic blades with extra sensitive technology to prevent any tugging or nicks. It’s recommended that you replace the blade every 3-4 months, depending on how much use you get out of it. Battery life is great here too: a full charge gives you 90 minutes of trimming time. 

We like the compact size of the Meridian Trimmer, which fits comfortably in the palm of your hands for an easy, comfortable and fuss-free shaving experience. Start manscaping right away without the hassle of complicated instructions or dangerous-looking tools.

This all-in-one set gets you two adjustable guide combs, a cleaning brush, and a USB charger in addition to the groomer. You also get a bonus bottle of Meridian’s “ball spray” to help refresh and smooth your groin area before and after shaving. 

Buy: Meridian Trimmer at $69.99

4. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3500



Philips’ Norelco Bodygroom Series models are consistently top-rated. The waterproof Series 3500 Shaver stands out on this list, as it also includes a back shaver attachment that lets you reach over and under your back to get those usually hard-to-shave spots. You can shave or trim any area of your body, and the blades are designed with rounded tips to make smooth contact with your skin. You can shave or trim in any direction too, easily removing long and short hairs. The body trimming guards are bi-directional, so you can trim in either direction. The lithium-ion battery runs up to one hour and quickly charges in 60 minutes.

Buy: Philips Norelco Bodygroom at $39.95

5. Panasonic Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer



If you’re looking to cut down your ear and nose hairs, Panasonic’s ER-GN70K model smoothly removes and cleans out the excess hair, thanks to its advanced vacuum system. It’s their most powerful nose and ear trimmer with an improved high-speed motor (9400 cpm) and dual-edge blade. You can use it wet or dry to remove even the thickest and coarsest hairs. Its contoured outer safety cone is smooth and prevents your skin from directly contacting the blade so you won’t experience irritation. It’s also super easy to clean too: just run under water and power on, so its vortex system can clean blades and remove hair build-up. It takes AAA batteries and runs up to 40 minutes. 

Buy: Panasonic Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer at $39.99

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