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The Best Bar Lights For Your Home Bar or Kitchen

Swapping your generic lamp for dedicated bar lights is an easy way to upgrade your space



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If you’re lucky enough to have a full-fledged bar at home, perhaps you are now looking for the best bar light to complete the picture. Much of the selection process is going to come down to personal taste and the practical mechanics of your space, but we’ve put together a list of some suggestions to give you some bright ideas.

We included both style-forward and pragmatic lights, from a subtle adhesive strip of LED lights to bigger pieces that double as decor.

What to Consider When Buying a Bar Light

Design: Think about the design styles and schemes you’re particularly drawn to, and consider the possibilities within the physical space. Do you have enough room for a large, sculptural fixture, or are you looking for something that provides more subtle illumination? Even a cool pair of wall sconces can work well.

Installation: Before anything else, look into what it takes to install the fixture. Think about any particular tools you might need or if this is going to be a two-person job. Also note that not every fixture comes with lightbulbs included, so take into account what kind of bulbs are compatible and which will work best.

Materials: Perfect quality is never guaranteed when buying homeware, but in general we looked for products that are made from sound materials with solid construction.

Brightness: Consider how much light you need for your space, like whether you need something that provides strong light or if you’re more interested in a decorative accent. Some fixtures can provide strong, bright light, while others are more stylish but provide only low illumination (I.e. best for mood lighting).

1. HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights like these are amazingly versatile, both in terms of interior design style and space. The lights are attached to an adhesive, which you can stick basically anywhere, and provide a bar area with subtle, even illumination. Plug the end of the strip into an outlet and you’re good to go.

These lights are far brighter than generally expected, and the manufacturer states they have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. These strips also come with a dimmer feature, which is ideal for a bar light.

Hang these along your bar counter or around your cabinet to display your liquor collection. The flexible plastic tubing bends and conforms easily to whatever shape or configuration you want.

Pros: These lights are versatile, easy to install, long-lasting and bright.

Cons: Using LED light strips may be a bit basic for some people.

warm white led bar light


Buy: HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights at $39.99

2. XiNBEi Lighting Track Lighting

While certainly not as versatile as strip lights, this fixture is more versatile than you might imagine. It can be installed in the ceiling or on the wall, and is compatible with a wide variety of bulbs, which gives you some choice into the brightness and tone of the light you need.

This fixture can provide very bright light, in fact, which is one of its most appealing features. We also like the style if you’re looking for something modern and sleek, but with a design that feels intentional. People find this piece a cinch to install and like that the direction of lights can be adjusted as desired, great for highlighting particular areas of the bar or room.

Pros: Provides a lot of brightness at once. The lamps can all be adjusted individually to point in different directions.

Cons: Due to its size and shape, you are still limited as to where it will fit.

modern bar light track lighting


Buy: XiNBEi Lighting Track Lighting at $43.99

3. Licperron Industrial Wall Sconce

These sconces are definitely in the category of bar lights we like more for their decorative qualities than strong light.

The Edison lightbulbs and decorative metal plate lend the fixtures a rustic, antique look, which works well for more design-oriented spaces. The bulbs come included which saves you the time and headache of looking for such a specific bulb.

While they will not emit as much light as other pieces on our list, we like these sconces for the indisputably cool, vintage aesthetic they lend to a space. We also like that though they appear antique, the metal bracket which mounts to the wall is of standard U.S. size so you can be sure it will fit correctly.

If you’re looking for something to illuminate an entire space, you’ll want to consider other bar lights on our list. But if you want to create a chill, moody ambience using lighting, this set is a solid bet.

Pros: Trend, vintage-inspired look with industrial-style materials and construction.

Cons: Light is somewhat dim and installation can be finicky. Edison bulbs could be harder to find if you need a replacement.

bar light wall sconce


Buy: Licperron Industrial Wall Sconce at $49.99

4. Lixada Retro Water Pipe Bar Light

Another cool industrial style bar light we’re really digging is this hanging ceiling fixture, whose bulbs are attached to a metal water pipe, giving it a steampunk-slash-speakeasy vibe. We like it particularly if you want your home bar to have a specific and intentional style.

The fixture’s design is decidedly pub-friendly. Smaller than you might expect, its dimensions are ideal for hanging over a home bar, though it could look a little diminutive in a very large and open space.

Like the sconces above, this fixture looks great with vintage-style Edison bulbs, but it is compatible with a wide variety of lightbulbs, so you have options. In our opinion, however, we really like the warm glow of an old-fashioned Edison light.

One drawback to this bar light is the installation process, which might require the help of a professional. We still think the final product is worth it, though.

Pros: Industrial style with the ability to switch out bulbs.

Cons: Difficult to install. One of the heavier options on our list.

retro pipe bar light


Buy: Lixada Retro Water Pipe Bar Light at

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