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RS Recommends: These Automatic Soap Dispensers Make Cleanup a Breeze

Whether you’re cooking or cleaning, these touch-free dispensers are game-changers



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It’s very possible that the dirtiest thing in your kitchen isn’t the trash can or the sink. In fact, it may be the soap dispenser.

After all, it’s the last thing you touch when your hands need a wash. And even though they get clean right after, the germs on the dispenser remain and build up. That’s where an automatic, sensor-based soap dispenser comes in.

The best automatic soap dispensers work well in the kitchen, especially when you need to wash your hands but don’t want to contaminate the device that cleans them. Pairing this with a touch-free faucet is a total game-changer when cooking. They’re also awesome for wherever there’s a sink: bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms and even in painting and art studios at home.

What to Look for in an Automatic Soap Dispenser

From high-tech sensors to the amount of soap used, here’s everything to keep in mind.

Sensor: With a touchless soap dispenser, the sensor is center stage. This is what picks up movement and drops the soap into your palm. Seems simple enough, but there are multiple other factors to consider, including its sensitivity. If a dispenser barely registers that your hand is there, it isn’t much help. An inch or two is the sweet spot for a sensor. Anything under is too close, or over is too far.

Amount of Soap Dispensed: This should be quick: ideally under or around two seconds is just enough time for a perfectly practical blast of soap. It’s often affected by the nozzle size — a bigger nozzle means more residual dripping after each dispensing, whereas a smaller one can cut off the flow more efficiently. An inside valve can also get the job done without the mess, and utilize your soap more economically too.

Refills: All of these take liquid soap, but they don’t all take any liquid soap. Some specifically need foaming soap, while others can work with whatever your favorite liquid soap is, as long as you add some water to the mix. Some dispensers even have a meter or clear window so you know how much soap is left.

Footprint: Fortunately, these picks really don’t take up much space, even on a cramped or crowded countertop. But some are bulkier than others, so consider the size of your sink before purchasing.

What Are the Best Automatic Sensor-Based Soap Dispensers?

We’ve picked four of the best soap dispensers to use in your home right now.

1. iTouchless Stainless Steel Ultraclean Automatic Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser

iTouchless’s waterproof sensor button up top lets you toggle the dispenser on and off without worrying about water damage, and same goes for the battery compartment that’s sealed. The antimicrobial outer body is built from premium stainless steel, and fingerprint-proof, as well as guarded against rust.

The sensor is precise, only pumping out soap when your hand is there and stopping right as you remove it. Two different amount settings let you choose how much soap you get — a large or medium size — and the no-drip spout helps cut way down on drips, countertop messes and running out of soap. Plus, you’re not beholden to any specific brand or even type of foaming soap. Your favorite liquid soap will do, and you just add a little water and watch as the Air Injection RichFoam tech gently drops a soft, lathered pump in your palm.

 iTouchless Stainless Steel Ultraclean Automatic Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser


Buy: iTouchless Stainless Steel Ultraclean… at $59.99

2. Secura Touchless Battery-Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser

The advantage with this sleek dispenser is clear: The transparent tank up front holds up to 17 ounces of liquid soap. You can choose the amount you want dispensed with a volume control, and the response time is fast, with an infrared sensor that can spot your hand coming up to 2.75 inches away.

The battery compartment is surrounded by a silicone seal to protect the electrical components from liquid damage. Users say that a soap with too thin of a viscosity can leak out, and too thick can clog up, so some experimentation with soap might be necessary.

Secura 17oz / 500ml Premium Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser


Buy: Secura Touchless Battery-Operated… at $28.99

3. Everlasting Comfort Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

 Everlasting Comfort Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser, 17oz



Buy: Everlasting Comfort Automatic Hand Soap… at $27.95

4. Hanamichi Touchless Soap Dispenser

This dispenser features an outward-facing motion sensor, and it has the ability to respond from up to 2.36 inches away. Three different levels let you select how much soap you want, and the refillable tank holds up to 400ml. This is also waterproof, which is a nice precaution against accidentally (and inevitably) knocking it into the sink.

Hanamichi Soap Dispenser, Touchless


Buy: Hanamichi Touchless Soap Dispenser at $28.48

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