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RS Recommends: These Adjustable Standing Desks Help Make Work More Comfortable

Upgrade to a sit-stand setup — your neck and back will thank you



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The medical community is largely in agreement that sitting all day is very bad for our health. Increased blood pressure, weight gain, high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels are just a few of the health risks that research has linked to sitting. But, for most of us, sitting is hard to avoid. Here’s where the best adjustable standing desks come in.

What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Standing Desk?

Reduce shoulder and back pain: According to a Harvard study, using a standing desk can help reduce shoulder and back pain associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Reduce the risk of obesity: While a standing desk can help you burn more calories, the number isn’t more significant than, say, taking a 30-minute walk at lunchtime. That being said, it’s still a better alternative than sitting for eight straight hours.

Lower blood sugar levels: Ever sit down at your desk, scarf down your entire take-out lunch, and keep working? If you’re prone to type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance, then a standing desk can help you lower your blood sugar levels, which tend to spike after eating.

Increase productivity: As British Medical Journal researchers discovered, people who used standing desks also improved in their job performance compared to the previous year. They’re generally more alert, focused and comfortable too.

How Do You Choose a Good Adjustable Standing Desk?

You’re likely to use your standing desk for hours a day, so it’s worthwhile to shop around a bit. Here are a few key specs to consider while browsing the best adjustable standing desks to buy online.

Type of desk: Standing desks come in two varieties: converters (a.k.a risers) and replacement desks. Replacement desks require that you get rid of your current desk (assuming you don’t have room for both), but they’re typically more streamlined than converter desks. Converter desks, on the other hand, can be set up on top of your current desk. If you’re unsure whether a standing desk is for you, start off with a converter; you can always return it and still have your original workspace intact.

Size: Be sure to check the dimensions of any standing desk. First, measure the desk’s intended space in your office. Then, find out the height(s), width and depth of each desk you’re considering. Larger workspaces are usually better, but you don’t want an overly-bulky desk taking up your whole office. Also, if you’re tall or short, be sure that the desk can accommodate your height.

Adjustability: Check out how easy it is to adjust a standing desk, as well as how many different height options are available.

Keyboard tray: Some of the best adjustable standing desk converters feature a keyboard tray, which can be nice (especially with converter standing desks). These are great because, when standing, you want your monitor to be considerably higher than your hands and keyboard, although they do create some clutter.

What Are the Best Adjustable Standing Desks?

Whether you’re upgrading your home office or corporate setup, read on for our reviews of the best adjustable standing desk converters.

(Note: Before you jump into the standing desk life, experts recommend that you ease into your new workspace; start with 30 to 60 minutes per day and then gradually increase your standing time).

1. Uplift V2 Standing Desk

Lauded by many as the best adjustable standing desk around, the Uplift V2 is worth its price tag. The desk’s height is adjusted using electronic motors and ranges from 24.3 to 49.9 inches tall. Controlled using a keypad on one side, the motor is smooth and quiet.

The Uplift V2 is medium-sized for a standing desk with a width of 42 inches and a depth of 30 inches, but they also offer an 80-inch wide version if you need more room. One of the desk’s best features, though, is its rock-solid build. The frame is made of industrial metal and the top is an inch-thick slab of bamboo. This build quality translates to a solid feel (i.e. almost no wobble) and a handsome design that looks great in most offices.

adjustable standing desk uplift


Buy: Uplift V2 Standing Desk at $788.00

2. VariDesk Pro Plus Adjustable Height Standing Desk Riser

Designed to sit on a standard desk, this sturdy setup features two tiers: An upper 12.25-inch by 36-inch surface that’s large enough to fit two computer monitors, a laptop, and a notebook; and a lower section for your keyboard, mouse, and other desk accessories.

We like that the ergonomic desk riser has a smooth spring-loaded mechanism, which allows you to safely and easily move it up and down without straining your back. It also has 11 height settings, so it’s great for people of all heights.

Best Adjustable Standing Desk


Buy: VariDesk Pro Plus Adjustable Height… at $395.00

3. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Another one of the best adjustable standing desks is the Vari. The complete setup uses dual motors to raise and lower the height, which can be adjusted from 25 to 50.5 inches. Vari offers three different size options, including 60 by 25 inches, 60 by 30 inches and 72 by 30 inches, which are all on the large side. There are also four color options to choose from, but we’re partial to the “reclaimed wood” look below.

At 110 pounds, the Vari is on the heavy side (about the same as the Uplift), but most users have a very easy time assembling the desk. Overall, it’s an ergonomic, good-looking desk that we’d be happy to use for a long time.

wood desk standing


Buy: Vari Electric Standing Desk at $755.00

4. FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk

This standing desk converter comes in two options: a medium 35-inch-wide workstation a large, 47-inch size. Both risers are 33 inches deep and extend up to 19.7 inches high, so make sure to factor your existing desk’s height.

The medium riser weighs a total of about 50 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 35 pounds, while the large option is 56 pounds and can accommodate as much as 44 pounds. Both have sturdy steel bases that measure 31 inches-by-22.3 inches and when folded flat, the workstations are just under six inches tall.

What we really like about this two-tiered setup is that it folds into its own footprint, therefore saving precious space in any already-cramped offices. Both desk riser sizes also feature a single-handed adjustment mechanism that allows the riser to fold vertically and lift to 12 height levels.

Equally handy is the full-sized keyboard tray (which is large enough to fit a mouse) that’s easily removable, thanks to a quick-release design.

Best Adjustable Standing Desk


Buy: FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk at $249.99


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