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Strengthen Your Core With One Of These Ab Trainers

We can’t promise an instant six-pack but these machines and accessories could help get you on your way

best ab mat rollerbest ab mat roller


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Your abs might be one of your smaller muscle groups, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on strengthening them from time to time. You might not realize it, but not only do they help you hold a plank for a minute, but having a strong core helps with everything from your posture to being a better runner.

If you feel like you’ve been neglecting your midsection, we’ve rounded up some of the best equipment on the market that’ll help you get your abs in tip-top shape. We’ve found options to deck out your home gym along with portable options that can tuck away easily in a closet or under the bed after your workout is done. And yes, you might gain a six-pack but we’re not making any promises here. There’s still work to be done first.

1. Fitnessery Ab Roller

If used correctly, an ab wheel can provide a seriously intense workout for your core. Think about how tough holding a plank is then think about trying to hold that position while rolling out. That’s what it’s like to use an ab roller. Fitnessery promises their roller is one of the best options you can find on the market. Made of stainless steel, non-slip rubber and sturdy PVC, it’s one of the more durable choices. 

What’s so cool about choosing this wheel is that it comes with a bunch of add-ons to take your core work to the extra mile. With every purchase you’ll get a knee pad, two “Six-Pack Abs Nutrition” e-books and an “Ultimate Ab Workout” e-book. You’ll have strong abs in no time.


Buy: Fitnessery Ab Roller at $15.99

2. CAP Barbell Ab Trainer

Ever feel like you’re never doing your crunches correctly? Then the CAP Barbell Ab Trainer might be more your speed. If you’re doing your ab workouts wrong, you might feel slight pain in your neck and lower back. This ab trainer looks to eliminate that with a cushioned headrest and its steel handle bars will help hold you in place so you’ll never do crunches with poor form ever again.


Buy: CAP Barbell Ab Trainer at $25.71

3. Tristar Products Inc. AbCoaster

You’ve probably seen something like Tristar’s AbCoaster at your gym, so you know getting one for your home would be a good investment. This piece of equipment is the best choice if you want to take your ab exercises off the floor. While regular crunches focus on one part of your abs, you’re able to work on multiple sections of your core with this machine. The seat twists to make sure the upper, lower and side parts of your midsection are always engaged. The machine also has a digital workout counter to help you keep track of each session.

As a bonus, it comes with two guides: a 14-Day Express Program and a Fast Track Meal Plan.


Buy: Tristar Products Inc. AbCoaster at

4. Power Guidance Ab Exercise Mat

Maybe you’re not looking for anything fancy, but you want a little extra help when it comes to doing sit-ups, flutter kicks, hollow holds and more. That’s where this curved ab mat can help. Its design allows your abs to get a proper stretch and a complete contraction of your muscles — which is what is going to help strengthen them. The mat is made with PVC leather and high-density foam, helping to make your ab exercises as comfortable as they can get. Plus, it’s super lightweight so you can bring it anywhere you want to work on your core.


Buy: Power Guidance Ab Exercise Mat at $22.99

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