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RS Recommends: Try These Ab Rollers for Core Strength

These durable ab rollers deliver tight and toned results with just a simple piece of equipment

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Look, we all want abs, but building your core strength can be accomplished in different ways: through expensive, time-consuming workout classes, or by using simple pieces of home-gym equipment in a routine that fits you individually. If the latter sounds better to you, consider adding an ab roller to your home fitness routine.

What Is an Ab Roller?

An ab roller is a simple piece of equipment: It’s a wheel with a handle attached to each side that you can use to roll in and roll out, working your abdominal muscles as you move. The best ab rollers are designed to work your core muscles, plus your triceps and shoulders too.

How Do You Use an Ab Roller?

Don’t let this minimalist device fool you – using an ab roller is a serious workout. The ab rollout is the signature exercise associated with using ab rollers. You start in a pushup position, with the ab roller held underneath your shoulders. Then, you roll the wheel out in front of your body. To complete the motion, roll the wheel back to start position under your shoulders.

It can take a lot of practice to work up to this as it’s less about speed but more about getting the positioning correct. You can modify this by taking a kneeling pushup starting position. You can also choose not to roll the wheel out to the furthest possible distance, and play with shorter distances.

What Are the Best Ab Rollers?

Choosing the best ab roller comes down to selecting a durable roller made from high-quality materials. Which ab roller you choose will also be influenced by how extensive of a home gym you have. Some of the best ab rollers come in kits with other workout equipment to help you create a well-rounded workout routine, while others are simple and lightweight for a convenient and portable package. Here are some of the best ab rollers to pick up online.

1. VINSGUIR Ab Roller

The Vinsguir ab roller is one of the most popular ab rollers on Amazon right now, and for good reason. Its handles are made from stainless steel that can support up to 440 pounds. Meanwhile, the wheel is 3.2 inches wide, which gives you more balance and stability; it won’t deviate sideways while you practice.

We also love this ab roller for its non-slip rubber cotton handles. Not only will you find a comfortable grip, you’ll also be able to sustain it. This ab roller also comes with a knee pad, which helps beginners comfortably modify the ab rollout exercise.

best ab rollers


Buy: VINSGUIR Ab Roller at $25.99

2. Syntus Ab Wheel Roller Kit

If you’re looking for a well-rounded workout that serves more than just your core, this ab roller kit is just what you need. The ab roller itself has a comfortable, ergonomic handles and a wide wheel for optimal use. The stainless steel construction helps it stay stable.

This kit also comes with a thick knee pad, resistance bands and two strong-steel handles with foam coverings that support other exercises, like pushups or dip. It’s an easy and compact way to get multiple workouts done from the comforts of home or any small space.


EnterSports AB Wheel Roller, 6-in-1


Buy: Syntus Ab Wheel Roller Kit at $29.97

3. Luyata Ab Exercise Wheels Kit

Is your home gym not quite complete? If so, this is the ab roller kit for you. The ab roller is made from stainless steel and non-stick rubber, ensuring that this will remain a focal point of your home workout for years to come. Plus, its wheel is three inches wide.

What makes this kit special is that it also comes with resistance bands, pushup bars, a jump rope, wrist wraps, and a stretching band. If you’re just starting to build out your home gym, having these essentials will help you achieve full-body workouts in the comfort of your home.

best ab rollers


Buy: Luyata Ab Exercise Wheels Kit at $30.99

4. BLUERISE Ab Roller Wheel

If you’re looking for an ab roller that’s budget-friendly while still maintaining high-quality standards, look no further than the Bluerise ab roller wheel. This roller is made up of two wheels — you push them together or separate them slightly to change the intensity of your workout.

Both wheels are covered with car wheel material to keep you from slipping on the floor or mat. Rugged, durable and easy to use, this ab roller gets the job done.

best ab rollers


Buy: BLUERISE Ab Roller Wheel at $14.99

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