Cream of the Crop: Retailers Can’t Keep These 8 Sex Toys in Stock

Stay-at-home orders have seemingly left people with more time – and toys – on their hands

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While some people spent the early months of the pandemic working on their fitness or to learning a new hobby, others spent it on matters more close at hand.

Adult toys retailers have reported sales spikes of more than 600% on certain products since the pandemic first started. Aside from the lack of human interaction during the initial lockdown (to say nothing of human touch), retailers believe the time alone at home encouraged people to be more experimental when it comes to their sexual proclivities.

A survey from the Japanese sex and wellness company, TENGA, found that one in ten Americans say they have still been using at least one sex toy specifically purchased for use during quarantine. More than 60% say they plan to continue increased use of their sex toys post-pandemic, and 20% say their views on using sex toys have become more positive as a result of the quarantine.

“Overall stress and anxiety levels have risen to unprecedented levels, leaving many craving relief, even if just temporary,” says Jamie Leventhal, founder and CEO of the sex toy company, plusOne. Plus, he adds: “It’s been proven that orgasms help to melt stress away.”

While Leventhal didn’t cite numbers, he does say sales of plusOne’s devices have been “up dramatically.” His reasoning: people were left to create pleasure on their own, while couples who had been quarantining together could be “getting frustrated and looking to spice things up a bit.”

“I believe that plusOne’s increase in sexual wellness device sales shows us how many people are exploring other ways to achieve sexual pleasure as well as relieve stress and anxiety,” Leventhal says. “This is the perfect time to try out a vibrator if you never have before.”

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking out a new toy? We talked to some of the most popular sex toy manufacturers online to see what people are buying.

1. Rabbit Lily Vibrator

Adult toy site Ella Paradis says sales of its Better Love “Rabbit Lily” vibrator have tripled since 2020. A rep for Ella Paradis says the Rabbit Lily has sold more units than any other product on its site, even outselling the ever popular Womanizer Premium vibrator. One possible reason: the Rabbit Lily’s ease of use, with ten different speed modes to help even beginners ease into the sensation, plus a grippy handle and comfortable, waterproof surface.

Ella Paradis

Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibrator

2. Satisfyer Pro 2

The most popular item from PinkCherry has been the Satisfyer Pro 2 vibrator. A rep for the site says says of the Satisfyer increased a whopping 679% from March to July 2020, compared to the same period the previous year. “It took us months to get the Satisfyer Pro 2 back in stock,” she says, “and I know we lost sales due to not having it.”



Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibrator

PinkCherry says all of their women’s vibrators are performing well, making it the best-selling category on the site (with over 1,700 vibrators to choose from).

3. Magic Wand

PinkCherry says the “Magic Wand” has been the next most popular item after the Satisfyer, with the rep telling Rolling Stone that the straight-forward vibrator has seen sales increase by 525% over this time in 2019.

Dr. Sunny Rodgers, a Clinical Sexologist and spokesperson for PinkCherry says she isn’t surprised that vibrators have become so popular in recent months. “Because so many women are isolated or dealing with quarantine, they have the time to learn more about their own body,” she says. “Women are finding vibrators can be a great way to explore personal pleasure—and relieve the stress that everyone is feeling in today’s world.”


The Original Magic Wand

4. plusOne Massaging Bullet

“Sexual wellness brand,” plusOne says its sales have grown as much as 236% at certain retailers, with the company’s “Vibrating Bullet” and its dual vibrating massager being clear bestsellers. The Bullet is a just-larger-than-lipstick-sized vibrator that’s discreet enough to be tucked away from prying eyes, but delivers an impressive ten vibration settings in a waterproof package.


5. MysteryVibe Crescendo

MysteryVibe says sales of its Crescendo vibrator have been up 227% year over year. This soft, bendable vibrator can be controlled manually with your hand, or through an app, and MysteryVibe says it’s great for men, women and couples. It’s flexible design allows you to experiment with more positions, while the accompanying app frees up your hands for play — or lets your partner control the sensations for you, even if he or she happens to be quarantining separately.

Aeschleah DeMartino

MysteryVibe Crescendo

6. TENGA EGG Series

It isn’t just female toys that have been selling well. The Japanese sex toy company, TENGA, says it sold more than 10.8 million toys worldwide for the year ending March 2020, and they expect the numbers to be even higher this year. Their most popular toy: the TENGA EGG Series for men.

This set gets you half a dozen “hard” boiled eggs (pun intended), with each egg offering a different texture and sensation. The egg works like a massaging sleeve, and stretches easily to fit most members. It’s great for solo use or with a partner. TENGA says its focus is on “non-anatomical toys to keep the focus on self-pleasure, not imitating sex.” A rep for the brand says because the design of these accessories are so atypical (compared to “classic” sex toys), it has “helped many to overcome this hurdle [of quarantine] and has led to many incorporating sex toys in to their sexual routine despite limitations in privacy.”


Tenga Eggs (Six-Pack)

7. TENGA iroha Stick

TENGA says its best-selling women’s accessory right now is this iroha Stick Lipstick Vibrator. The mini vibrator is super discreet and quiet enough to use even with roommates next door. The stick runs on a single AAA battery (included) and features a soft, silicone tip. Turn the bottom dial to adjust intensity.


Tenga iroha Stick

8. plusOne Vibrating Ring

Another best-selling toy for men, this snug-fitting ring (a rep for plusOne called it a “Cring”) helps to enhance your man’s size, while adding sensual vibrations for both partners. The ring is made of super stretchy silicone for fit, and comes with ten different vibration settings. A single charge of its battery gets you up to two hours of fun.


plusOne Vibrating Ring
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