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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston on Returning to ‘Better Call Saul’ and the Road to Making the World’s Best Mezcal

The actors and mezcal founders on the importance of creating a sustainable brand, their favorite celeb-owned spirit, and breaking out Dos Hombres on location


Max Barsness

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There Bryan Cranston was, making a margarita with some Dos Hombres — the mezcal he and Aaron Paul launched together with their partner Gregorio Velasco back in 2019 — for his castmates while working on the upcoming Wes Anderson movie Asteroid City in Spain.

“Jason Schwartzman just went insane for Dos Hombres,” Cranston admits over the phone with Rolling Stone on Earth Day. “Personally, he was going through the whole supply. But everybody was loving it. I mean, truly, it was crazy.”

Cranston has treated his co-stars to some mezcal cocktails before. There was also that time, in London, that Cranston was “on a movie, and Sam Rockwell and Catherine O’Hara and Allison Janney were there. And I said, here, I’ll make Palomas.”

Using Dos Hombres, along with “hotel-supplied fresh grapefruit juice,” plus some agave syrup “to take the bite out if it’s a little too puckery,” Cranston whipped up a batch for his crew. “They had seconds and thirds,” he says. “It’s so much fun when you can introduce people to your own baby, and they all love it. It’s just incredible. We’re super excited about that.”

Although it’s only been available for a couple years, the Breaking Bad stars’ baby has already proved itself as an award-winning mezcal, earning praise from the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, along with being named “New York Blanco Mezcal of the Year.”


Max Barsness

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For fans who’ve already poured a glass of their own, this news won’t come as much of a surprise. The new spirit, which the company produces in San Luis del Rio in Oaxaca, speaks for itself — a mellow and delicious mezcal that has the power to turn any skeptic into an instant fan.

There are countless mezcals available today, but what sets Dos Hombres apart from the competition, aside from being founded and self-funded by award-winning actors, is, in part, its approachable flavor.

“Our mezcal has that smoke that you come to love when drinking a mezcal, but it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking a tire that’s on fire,” says Paul, who’s dialing in on this day from LA. “It’s very smooth. It’s a nice introductory level mezcal, but you get those fruit notes from the local fruit trees.”

Along with how it tastes, Paul and Cranston have made it a priority to keep the mezcal-making process as sustainable as possible. Though it’s become a trendy buzzword that some brands love to use to promote their product, the co-stars have made sustainability part of Dos Hombres’ DNA.


Max Barsness

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“It’s important because we believe that we can have a tremendously successful business and still be responsible stewards to the earth, and to the human beings… especially in Mexico,” Cranston says. “The history of mezcal makers down in Mexico [dates back] hundreds of years [and] what we do down there is follow the traditional ways of conservation.”

That includes using leftover agave and water from the distillation process as fertilizer or repurposing wood log pieces as charcoal during the smoking process. “There’s nothing that goes to waste,” Cranston explains. “Everything is used and recycled, and we’re really proud of that.”

According to Paul, their mezcal also happens to be “artisanal, so we don’t need to use electricity. It’s just all old world. The only thing in our juice is smoked agave and mountain spring water and it’s such a beautiful spirit.”

Dos Hombres is part of a growing number of celebrity-owned alcohol brands that have launched over the last couple of years. And though the stars are understandably fans of their own booze, when asked about others they like, another celebrity duo comes to mind.

“My friends, Paul and Ian, they started a bourbon, Brother’s Bond, and it’s really a beautiful bourbon. I’m so happy with what they’re doing,” Paul says about the former Vampire Diaries stars’ spirit, which launched almost a year ago.

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Though Cranston says he’s “all in” on mezcal these days, he echoes Paul’s sentiment about the 80-proof whiskey, “Because Paul Wesley played my son in a movie and he is a good dude. And, you know, there’s space for everybody,” Cranston offers. “And I’ve tried the Brother’s Bond too and I like it. It’s a good bourbon.”

Since launching Dos Hombres nearly three years ago in July 2019, Cranston and Paul have promoted it across the country, especially in recent months. They recently visited Vegas together, and next, they’re heading to Florida and on to “an East Coast tour in New York” Paul says.


Max Barsness

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Your local Dos Hombres supplier isn’t the only place you can catch them this season; fans will soon get a chance to see Cranston and Paul reprise their Breaking Bad roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the final season of the show’s spin-off series Better Call Saul.

While Paul says he thinks fans of the AMC series “will be very excited to see how and when we show up,” there’s still not much he can reveal about what viewers can expect from their appearance.

“We were flown in, we were told we can’t leave. So we were almost like witnesses in a protection program,” Cranston says. Filming the upcoming Better Call Saul appearance recalled a similar experience he had while working on the Breaking Bad movie, 2019’s El Camino.

“[I] flew in, went to a private place at the airport, walked off the plane and into a car, had to have a coat and a hood over my head. They even gave us code names,” Cranston says. “I think we were Bert and Ernie.” (And, for the record, “You were Bert, I was Ernie,” Paul says.)

Though the two are traveling around the country, making stops to pour glasses of Dos Hombres, would Cranston and Paul be open to doing more appearances as Walt and Jesse? Another series? Another Breaking Bad movie?

“Actually, it’s funny you should mention that,” Cranston says, “because Aaron and I are going as Walt and Jesse on Dancing With the Stars.”

“Oh my god,” Paul says, laughing.

In reality, fans probably won’t find Walt and Jesse waltzing their way to the silver screen anytime soon, aside from their upcoming Better Call Saul appearance. As it turns out, the two are focusing much of their attention on their new roles together.

“We need to let those characters go so that we can take on new ones,” Cranston later says. “And right now, the new characters that we have are as entrepreneurs in this driving business of ours. And we’re excited about it.”

“Dos Hombres is growing exponentially,” Cranston continues, “and we have this goal of making Dos Hombres the No. 1 mezcal in the world. And that’s going to take a lot of work in years to come, and we’re prepared to put in the work.”


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