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RS Recommends: The Hypervolt Go Is One of the Best Recovery Tools for Sore Muscles (and On Sale Right Now)

We put the portable Hyperice massage gun to the test on everything from hard-to-reach knots to tight quads — here’s how it performs

Hyperice Hypervolt GoHyperice Hypervolt Go


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There are a handful of reasons your body might feel sore right now, from sitting for long sessions at the studio, working in front of a screen that’s not the right height, and especially working out. But you no longer have to deal with the discomfort all day — a new class of high-tech recovery gadgets are available to help on the fly, including portable massage therapy guns that you can fit in a backpack or store next to your Peloton.

Fitness brand Hyperice makes some of the best massage guns we’ve tested, especially when it comes to working on tight knots in our shoulders and our sore hamstrings, quads and lower back. That includes the company’s Hypervolt Go, a handheld device that weighs only 1.5 pounds and can massage muscles for up to two-and-a-half hours on a single charge with percussive movements.

At the time of this writing, if you have a Prime membership, it’s discounted to only $159, which is a 20% discount on its regular price of $199, along with other Hyperice massage devices.

hyperice hypervolt go


Buy: Hyperice Hypervolt Go Massage Gun at $159.00

How Does the Hyperice Massage Gun Work?

The Hypervolt Go, which is about the size of a small blow dryer, includes two attachments you place on your muscles, and can rotate through three vibrating speeds at the press of a button — the first speed being the least intense, and the last being the most intense percussive motion. We used the first couple settings the most, but our partner preferred a higher setting when we used the Hypervolt Go on her upper back.

What’s Included With the Hyperice Hypervolt?

Hyperice includes two separate shapes of head tips in the box with the Hypervolt Go. The attachments are designed for different areas, but together they help cover any soreness you might feel on your body. Switching between the two head attachments couldn’t be easier — all you have to do is twist the head and pull it out of the Hypervolt.

One of the Hyperice heads has a flatter surface, which the brand notes is ideal for bigger areas like your chest, back or quads. We liked using the flat attachment on our lower back and especially on our stiff hamstrings, holding the Hypervolt Go in our hand and slowly applying pressure to the muscles with the head attachment until they felt like they loosened up.

Meantime, the “Bullet” attachment is narrow with rounded edges, and we used it on our shoulders and hips when stretching just didn’t help. Thanks to its narrow shape, it was easier to avoid our hip bone than using the flat attachment and felt comfortable on all three settings.

Is the Hyperice Loud?

Thanks to the company’s QuietGlide tech, the Hypervolt Go never sounds too loud on any of its three settings. The device makes about the same level of noise as, say, a microwave or a small fan on your nightstand. We prefer to use something like this massage therapy gun over our vibrating foam roller at night, which makes more noise because we have to use it on the ground.

Hyperice Hypervolt Go


How Do You Use the Hyperice Massage Gun?

The Hyperice app is free, and it’s filled with valuable tips for using the Hypervolt Go. The brand says the Hypervolt Go can help with things like your range of motion and help you feel more flexible, but it can be confusing to know where to begin. The app actually shows you ways to use the device with guided video tutorials and routines.

We like the app’s efficiency and that you can search according to parts of your body you want to use the Hyperice on — the app shows you a clickable full-body illustration, both for the muscles on the front and back of your body.

The morning following a taxing run, we clicked on the quads section from the illustration and the app showed us a few videos to try. The videos range in length, but we chose one around four minutes called “Quads Focus.” It showed us exactly where to position the Hyperice’s tip on our quads — first on the inside part of our leg and then slowly moving towards the outside of the quad.

It initially felt like a long time to massage our legs, and we would’ve never done it for that long on our own without the guidance of the video. The video also gave instructions about how you can manually adjust and change the therapy gun’s pressure for a more comfortable recovery.

Of course, you don’t have to utilize the app to use the Hypervolt Go, but we think that with the app’s expert videos, the Hypervolt Go is a next-level device that can change your recovery for the better.

Hyperice Hypervolt Go


Buy: Hyperice Hypervolt Go Massage Gun at $159.00

Is the Hyperice Hypervolt Go Worth It?

The bottom line: After months of use, we think the Hypervolt Go is one of the best portable handheld tools you can use to ease soreness right now, period. The brand’s app and versatile assortment of attachments make it a worthwhile rechargeable recovery tool for any situation, from fitness relief to targeting specific muscles on your own.

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