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The Best Wireless Microphone Headsets

The best wireless headsets make it easier to do jobs both large and small, from call center to conference center, and everything in between

best wireless headsetsbest wireless headsets

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Whether you need to bring full energy to your audience as a workout instructor or you’re presenting to an auditorium of professional colleagues or students, being heard clearly and loudly is just as important as your message. With a wireless microphone headset, you can forget about having to remember to speak up, and walk confidently into any space knowing you can deliver with impact.

What Are the Benefits of a Wireless Headset?

Being hands-free with your microphone helps you be more dynamic in your communication. Without being tethered to a microphone stand or wire, you are free to move about your entire space and connect with more than just one subset of your audience. This is a must for those leading workout classes and a bonus for lecturers. In addition to mobility, having your hands free lets you do demonstrations before your audience, or simply provides you with the freedom to gesture and connect with your audience in a more personal way.

What Are the Best Wireless Headsets?

When it comes to shopping for the best wireless microphone headsets, there is more to consider than just the overall quality of the microphone and the level of comfort you feel while wearing the headset. You could find a model with both of those needs met, but if it is designed to pair with your laptop for telecommunication purposes rather than the PA system you need to broadcast over (or vice versa), you will be dissatisfied even if the model you chose was top of the line for its kind. It’s imperative that before you purchase any headset, you review exactly which output devices it’s able to connect with.

The best wireless headsets should also be adjustable, so you can find the most comfortable fit for your head shape. Consider the range you need too — will you be standing right next to your laptop, or do you plan on walking around a large space? The more you plan on moving around, the higher the range you’ll need for your headset.

Finally, we listed headsets that can perform double duty, whether you’re giving presentations, or just taking calls at your desk. The best wireless headsets make it easier to do jobs both large and small, from call center to conference center, and everything in between.

1. Shure Wireless Microphone System

This wireless headset is a must-have for audio pros. The bodypack transmitter fits perfectly in belt pouches, which the Shure brand recommends if you choose to use the set for fitness. This allows for greater freedom with your movement. The set features adjustable gain control as well as quick and easy frequency matching. QuickScan frequency selection technology quickly locates the best open frequency to ward off any interference. Shure uses rugged, moisture-resistant materials that work together to make for a long-lasting product. Plus, you’re able to connect and broadcast over speakers, amplifiers, and PA systems.

best wireless headset


Buy: Shure Wireless Microphone System at $425.66

2. Bietrun Wireless Microphone Headset

Whether you’re the type of lecturer who likes to move about your audience, or you’re a workout instructor, you’ll appreciate the wide range of movement that this set gives you — a 160ft transmission range to be exact. Fully charged, this set has a working time of six hours, which is perfect for a workday. The transmitter and receiver work together to create a stable signal with a constant frequency. Plus, the sound quality is ultra-clear thanks to anti-howling features and anti-interference technology.

best wireless headset


Buy: Bietrun Wireless Microphone Headset at $29.99

3. FIFINE Wireless Microphone System

This set comes equipped with both headset and lavalier microphones, making it ideal for use in video projects. Both adaptations of the microphone are easy for your interview subjects to use, and the sound can be outputted to your camera or camcorder. However, if the video equipment you use is more in line with ‘budget’ than ‘professional,’ that’s okay too – this set is also compatible with iPhones.

The set doesn’t have to only be used for recording, either; it’s compatible with mixers, amplifiers, soundboards, and PA speakers. Plus, the system has twenty different frequency selection options, which means you can operate free of interference.

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Buy: FIFINE Wireless Microphone System at $45.99

4. TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset

This on-ear microphone headset is perfect for professionals who fill their days with Skype calls and conference call dial-ins. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with laptops, tablets, or cell phones, which keeps you from being bound to your desk and chair. Once charged, this headset offers a whopping 34 hours of talking time.

While this is not a traditional pair of noise-cancelling headphones, TaoTronics says its AI technology built-into the headset can cut background noise by up to 96%.

Its ear cushions are made with soft, non-slip padding for all-day comfort, and the adjustable headband is lightweight and comfortable as well.

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