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The Best Bedside Clocks That Can Wirelessly Charge Your Device Overnight

Set alarms, listen to music and power your phone with these top-rated wireless charging clocks

Best Wireless Charging ClocksBest Wireless Charging Clocks


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A clock on your nightstand or end table is a necessity for any bedroom. But if you want to make the most out of your limited table space, it might be time to invest in a wireless charging clock.

The best ones come with a ton of must-have features that can make your day easier. Temperature and weather are often included in the display, which have varying levels of LED lighting, brightness and even the option to project it onto the wall or ceiling.

But the biggest and most convenient feature is the capability to charge up your devices wirelessly while you sleep. Wireless charging through Qi technology is increasingly common, but is especially handy as a bedside amenity. Because they’re often a little slower to fully fuel up your phone compared with a standard charger, having it recharge through the night gives it plenty of time to do its job, all during hours you wouldn’t be using it anyway. Simply place your phone, tablet, earbuds or any other device with wireless charging onto the designated pad, and you’re good to go (to sleep). And if you’ve got two devices, go for a model with a USB port as well as a wireless pad, so you can charge up both at the same time.

The best wireless charging clocks also feature the standard and core attributes of a regular reliable alarm clock, too, including various snooze and wake-up functions (like choosing the music or recording that you hear each morning), as well as a radio with memory presets and Bluetooth capability. As long as the unit’s got a speaker and is Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream songs right from your mobile device and play them from your clock, or hook it up with wires if there’s an auxiliary input.

There are a ton of different designs and extras available, or scaled-down and minimal models that keep it simple and contain just a clock and charger. We’ve selected our favorites here for a finishing touch to any bedroom, and that’ll help wirelessly charge your phone, as well as yourself, after a good night’s rest.

1. Htterino Projection Alarm Clock

All it takes with this clock is the touch of a button, and the time is projected onto the surface above you. It’s ideal for bedrooms, and the soft red glow won’t disturb your sleep time. But even without projection, this clock’s face is easy to read, and the unit is Bluetooth enabled for connecting up to your phone or tablet to play music out of its speaker. The wireless charging is also quick to kick in: Place your phone on top, and wake up to it fully charged. There’s also two separate alarms, and you can record your own noises or songs to wake up to, along with an FM radio and AUX input.

Best Wireless Charging Clocks Htterino Projection Alarm Clock


Buy: Htterino Projection Alarm Clock at $49.99

2. i-Box LCD Alarm Clock With USB Charger & Wireless QI Charging

The majority of these clocks provide wireless charging by laying your device on top, and it can be difficult to see while laying down, especially if you’re keeping it bedside. But i-Box keeps your phone front and center, while juicing it up, allowing you to use it without needing to prop yourself up in odd positions. It’s also an ideal bedside clock for its array of lighting. There’s a choice of six ambient settings, or if you can’t decide, an option to cycle through all of them. It’s Bluetooth capable, and has the addition of a battery backup as well in case of a power outage. This will fully charge your phone up overnight, and can even help you get to sleep, with its pre-programmed white noise nature sounds like flowing water.

i-Box LCD Alarm Clock with USB Charger & Wireless QI Charging Best Bedside Clock


Buy: i-Box LCD Alarm Clock With USB Charger… at $39.99

3. Anjank Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging

This boxy clock features a big and clear 6.8-inch LED display that can be seen across a room during day or night with five adjustable levels of brightness. The sharp angles of its design make it easy to fit on a nightstand or table without taking up too much room, and still provides a sleek and modern aesthetic. It’s also the lightest of the bunch, weighting in at only 1.39 pounds. There’s a built-in FM radio with a 30 station memory, as well as a headphone jack for listening while not disturbing the sleep of your partner. Along with wireless charging on top, this features a USB connection too, so you can fuel up two devices at once.

Best Wireless Charging Clock Anjank Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging


Buy: Anjank Alarm Clock With Wireless… at

4. Emerson Radio Smartset Alarm Clock Radio

With 15 watts of wireless Qi power, this clock boasts a super fast recharging time compared to others. It also features Bluetooth up to 10 meters, and a USB port, all of which you can use simultaneously. Its display is big and bright (and dimmable), with a cool glow, and setup is incredibly easy right out of the box since it sets itself automatically to the correct date and time once you choose your time zone. The alarm also offers a gentle way to wake up, as it starts off soft and then gradually gets louder, instead of startling you awake.

Best Wireless Charging Clock Emerson Radio Smartset Alarm Clock Radio


Buy: Emerson Radio Smartset Alarm Clock Radio at $39.99

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