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The Best Wired Charging Stands to Recharge Your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, or Android

Prop up your devices while charging so you can easily access them even as they’re powering on

Belkin Charging DockBelkin Charging Dock

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Wireless charging is the most convenient way to charge your phone, but it’s not the fastest. Plugging it into a power USB power adapter will refill its battery a lot quicker. But if you get a lot of notifications, or have to pick up your phone a lot, keeping it flat on a table is annoying. Wired charging stands fix that problem.

The right stand will prop your phone up, so you can check notifications at a glance, and only respond if it’s really important. You don’t have to deal with a cable sprawling over your desk, either, which will make it look a lot more neat. Yes, you’ll still need to plug your phone into a wired connector on the stand, but the increase in charging speed is worth it.

We looked around and found the best wired charging stands that will work with all of your devices, regardless of whether they’re big or small, or run iOS or Android. Each one will work best in a different situation, but all of them are held to a high standard.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Wired Charging Stand

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right wired charging stand for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: You may not have very much space on your desk for tech accessories, so we made sure to pick charging docks that can accommodate any sized surface.

Compatibility: You may use an Android device or iPhone, so we made sure to choose charging stands that have a Lightning jack or USB-C jack. In one case, the same stand can be used with both types of phones. While wired charging stands are primarily used with phones, our picks can also charge tablets, and totally wireless earbuds (inside their charging case).

Multi-Device Charging: If you have some additional space, you may want a charging stand that can recharge multiple gadgets at the same time. We’ve included a multi-device charger in our guide to suit that particular need.

1. JACKCUBE Design Bamboo Charger Dock

This two-piece stand fits together easily, cradling your phone upward at a comfortable angle. At 7.1 inches tall and 5.1 inches wide, the wired charging stand has a pretty small footprint, and the finished bamboo frame will look really nice on a desk.

This is the only charging stand in our guide that works with iPhones, iPads and Android devices because it doesn’t have a cable built into it. Instead, you use the charging cable you already have, and snake it through holes built into the stand.

This will keep them discretely out of sight, and allows you to switch the cable out if you decide to go from iPhone to Android or vice-versa. You’ll also have to supply the power adapter, but you can use the one your phone is plugged into normally.

The stand’s wide shelf can comfortably fit a smaller-sized tablet — think iPad Mini, not iPad Pro — or portable battery pack. This wired charging stand also has a circular notch on the upper-righthand side that can fit an Apple Watch charger, so you can top up multiple devices at the same time.

Pros: This stand is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, and its bamboo frame looks really distinctive.

Cons: You need to supply your own cables and power adapter.

JACKCUBE Bamboo Charging Stand

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Buy: JACKCUBE Design Bamboo Charger Dock at $17.90

2. Native Union Dock+

If you primarily use Apple devices, this luxe-looking, wired charging stand is the right one for you.

Its silicone and aluminum body offers a high build quality, and it pairs nicely with the iPhone or iPad on top of it. This charging stand is shaped like a 7.1-inch long and 4.1-inch wide square, and its minimalist design will fit with any desk (it’s available in both Blue and Stone, if you’ve got a style preference.)

This wired charging stand was designed to only work with Apple devices, so it comes with a braided lightning cable you have to snake through a hole in the base. This does mean you have to use your own charging adapter, but the one that came with your device will work perfectly.

The stand comes with three adapters, so it can accommodate an iPhone with a thick case. This is a nice extra, because moving your iPhone around a lot while it’s in the stand can damage its Lightning port. These adapters also allow you to get a snug fit if you’re using it to charge an iPad. Keep in mind that because this charging stand was designed to work with Lightning cables only, it can’t charge a third or fourth generation iPad Pro, which charges via USB-C.

Pros: Its Apple-like build quality and multiple adapters make it a great fit for charging an iPhone or non-pro iPad.

Cons: It only works with Apple devices that have a Lightning port.

Native Union Dock+

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Buy: Native Union Dock+ at

3. Encased USB-C Phone Dock

If you use an Android phone, and want a wired charging stand designed specifically for your device, this is the charging stand you should get.

The stand is a six-inch circle, with an angled USB-C jack that allows the back of your phone to rest against a short, supportive wall, which props it up at a comfortable viewing angle. While the jack is built into the stand, you do have to connect it with your own power adapter. It does come with a five-foot charging cable, though, so you don’t have to supply your own.

The base of this charging stand is covered in a non-slip texture, that will keep it from moving if you tap your phone to check a notification. The USB-C jack is height-adjustable, and you can move it up or down by moving a small dial beneath the stand’s supportive wall. Its look may be a little plain, but this is an excellent choice for Android phone users who want a small, simple wired charging stand.

Pros: This charging stand’s non-slip texture will keep it from moving when you touch your phone, and its height-adjustable USB-C jack allows you to raise and lower it to suit your preference.

Cons: It looks a little plain.

Encased USB-C Charging Stand

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4. Belkin iPhone Charging Dock

I use a wired charging stand at home, and while I’ve tried several of them, I keep turning back to a version of this one.

The two-in-one charging stand has a Lightning jack and Apple Watch charger built into it, and uses its own power supply. You don’t need to bring your own cable, or use your own power adapter to charge your devices with this stand.

Despite being a multi-device charger, the base of the stand is a roughly 3.7-inch square. The back of the stand is roughly half the height of an iPhone X, so it’ll keep the phone from wobbling and putting strain on the Lightning port. Overall, its small footprint is nice if you have a small desk, and the ability to charge two devices at once with a single cable makes it look a lot more organized.

You can adjust the height of the Lightning jack by turning a small dial behind the back of the stand. The wired charging stand I use — which is very similar and made by the same company — is wide enough to charge an iPad, but make sure the one you have has a Lightning port, not a USB-C port.

If you’ve got a lot of Apple gadgets, and want a clean-looking, quick way to charge them at the same time, this stand is the right choice for you.

Pros: This wired charging stand has its own power adapter, a Lightning Jack, and a magnetic Apple Watch charger, so you don’t have to supply a power adapter or any cables. The Lightning jack is height-adjustable.

Cons: It only works with Apple devices.

Belkin iPhone Charging Dock

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Buy: Belkin iPhone Charging Dock at $99.99

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