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RS Recommends: The Best Webcam Covers to Safeguard Your Computer From Prying Eyes

If you’re worried about hackers accessing your device, a plastic webcam cover is a simple and effective solution

best webcam coverbest webcam cover


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If you’re worked about hackers or people spying on you through your webcam, it may be time to pick up a webcam cover for your computer. According to the latest research, more and more people have had their webcams accessed remotely by hackers, so it’s a good idea to keep your webcam lens covered when you’re not using it. A well-positioned sticky note works in a pinch, but we prefer adhesive webcam covers with a sliding window. These little devices are more attractive than a sticky, and less likely to leave a film over your lens. The best part: they work as well on your laptop as they do on your phone or tablet too.

What Are the Best Webcam Covers?

There isn’t much to these devices, so you’re just looking for a few basic features to make sure the devices are both functional and attractive. Here’s what to look for when shopping for the best sliding webcam covers online.

Shape and Size: Webcam covers are generally tiny — just large enough to completely obscure your webcam lens. They must also be thin enough that you can still easily close your laptop all the way, and subtle enough to look nice on your device.

Sliding Mechanism: The little plastic covers should slide easily with one finger without using much force. When closed, we prefer them to stay that way, without sliding around on their own when you go to close your laptop.

Durable: Look for covers sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear, and which can be easily removed for cleaning or to adjust.

1. CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide

Because webcam covers need to be quite small in order to provide discreet, convenient cover, they can sometimes be a bit of a headache to grip with your fingers and apply to your device. That’s why we like these covers’ small adhesive strips, which make them much less awkward to attach to the webcam. People also note that the slim design allows your computer to fully close when attached, and that it doesn’t obscure the camera when open.

cloudvalley webcam cover slide


Buy: CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide at $6.99

2. EYSOFT Webcam Cover

Users note how well-made and easy-to-use these covers are, with a particularly smooth sliding mechanism that works with a simple finger movement. Like our top pick, these sliders are extremely thin and don’t interfere with closing your laptop or look awkward when attached.

eyesoft webcam cover



Buy: EYSOFT Webcam Cover at $6.79

3. Trobing Store Webcam Covers

While the adhesive element must be strong enough to stay in place, it shouldn’t be so strong that it causes damage to your device or becomes difficult to remove. That’s why we like these protectors, which are just sticky enough. This set comes with six webcam covers — enough for your whole family or a small office. The slim design makes these covers great for your phone or tablet camera too.

webcam cover 6 pack


Buy: Trobing Store Webcam Covers at $5.98

4. Swegard Webcam Cover

We like covers that are discreet, but too discreet and it can be easy to overlook when the cover is still open, leaving your webcam exposed. These covers’ reveal a red frame when opened, which is much easier to spot. The bright color will remind you to slide the cover closed when you don’t want your camera to be exposed.

This set comes in a convenient eight-pack, which is the largest set of covers on our list, and great for offices, schools and large organizations to purchase in bulk.

swegard 8 pack red webcam cover


Buy: Swegard Webcam Cover at


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