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These Waterproof Chargers Will Top Up Your Devices While Withstanding the Elements

Charge your devices with a battery pack that won’t quit if it accidentally gets splashed

BLAVOR Solar ChargerBLAVOR Solar Charger


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If you’re using technology near a pool or on the beach, you know there’s a risk of it getting splashed with water. Smartphones have gotten more water-resistant — often at the expense of features like a headphone jack — but accessories have been a little late to the game. Waterproof chargers have finally started appearing recently, and they offer the ability to charge your gadgets by water without getting splashed.

These rugged chargers have a thick, rugged body, which means they’re bulkier and heavier than the ones you can slip in your pocket to quickly charge your phone on the go. Still, the extra size and heft is worth it for the added protection.

The best waterproof chargers are an essential part of any camping or hiking kit, with a weather-resistant construction that holds up to the elements. They’re great if you need to power up by the pool too, and we like that they won’t stop charging even if you’re caught in the rain and the charger gets wet.

It still pays to be cautious — you shouldn’t drop these waterproof chargers in the pool, or intentionally leave them out in the rain — but it’s nice to have some peace of mind in case an accident happens.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Waterproof Charger

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right waterproof charger for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Battery Capacity: A waterproof charger’s capacity — measured in milliamps (mAh) — determines how much power it can hold. The greater the capacity, the more it can charge your devices. All of the waterproof chargers in our guide have a capacity of 20,000mAh or higher. For reference, the smaller, pocket and purse-friendly battery packs you may be familiar with hold about 10,000mAh of power — or even less.

Ports: We chose waterproof chargers that have standard USB ports on them, which allow you to charge the greatest number of devices without any adapters. Some also have USB-C ports, which allow you to charge modern smartphones and tablets more quickly.

Water Resistance: An electronic’s water and dust-resistance is measured on the IP (Ingress Protection) scale. The waterproof chargers we chose have at least an IPX5 rating which means it’s designed to survive exposure to jets of water. Again, don’t go dunking your waterproof charger in water, but be assured it’ll hold up in a rainstorm.

1. BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank

BLAVOR Solar Charger


BLAVOR’s Solar Charger Power Bank is a waterproof charger that’s more versatile than most, covering must-have features and including several great extras.  

It has a battery capacity of 20,000mAh and an IPX5 water-resistance rating, which are both slightly lower than other options, but not by very much. You’ll still be able to fully recharge your smartphone a couple of times, and get the battery wet without having to worry. The area with the USB ports comes with a plastic flap to keep them protected when nothing is plugged in.

Where this waterproof charger pulls ahead is with its ports: two regular USB, and a USB-C fast charging port. This array lets you charge multiple devices at the same time, and is especially good news if you have a device that supports fast charging. BLAVOR says this waterproof charger can fully recharge an iPhone 11 Pro is under two hours — it takes only 30 minutes to get a 55% charge. Finally, the back of this waterproof charger has a Qi charger built into it, so you can wirelessly charge your devices on the go.

You can recharge the battery pack itself by plugging it into a charger with a MicroUSB cable, or waiting for the sun to top it up via its solar panel. Solar charging will take a lot longer than plugging the waterproof charger in, but it’s nice to have the option. Beyond charging, this waterproof charger has a built-in flashlight with three levels of brightness, and a compass. If you’re lost and don’t have cell service, these extras will certainly come in handy.

Buy: BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank at $49.99

2. GoerTek Solar Charger Power Bank

GoerTek Solar Charger Power Bank


GoerTek’s waterproof charger is missing a couple of features that BLAVOR’s option has, but it pulls ahead in a couple of key ways. Most importantly, it has a battery capacity of 25,000mAh, and an IPX6 rating, which means it’s dustproof and water-resistant enough to survive powerful jets of water.

It has three full-sized USB ports that support fast charging. GoerTek says its waterproof power bank can fully recharge an iPhone 12 Pro eight times, so you should be in good shape even if you’ve got a larger smartphone. This waterproof power bank also has a solar panel on top, but you can plug it into a power adapter via a MicroUSB cable, too.

In terms of extras, GoerTek’s waterproof charger has an LED flashlight with three levels of brightness, a power indicator that lets you know how much juice is left, and a hang buckle, so you can attach it to a backpack. Because it takes 13 hours to fully charge by MicroUSB (and even longer via solar power), this power bank is more ideal for longer camping, hiking, or outdoor trips.

3. Techsmarter 30000mAh Power Bank

Techsmarter 30000mah Rugged & Waterproof 45W Power Delivery USB-C Port Power Bank


If you want a high-capacity, extremely fast waterproof charger and don’t care about extras, Techsmarter has you covered.

The brand’s Rugged and Waterproof Power Bank has a capacity of 30,000mAh, an IPX6 durability rating, and can withstand a three foot drop. It has two standard USB ports, one 18W fast-charging USB-C port, and a 45W fast-charging USB PD (power delivery) port. Its USB-C PD port can transfer enough power to charge a laptop like the MacBook Pro.

TechSmarter says it can fully recharge a smartphone’s battery by 55% in 35 minutes and a MacBook Pro in two hours. The company includes a USB C cable with different tips to terminate in a MicroUSB or regular USB port to help you charge different devices. It also includes a carabiner, so you can attach the waterproof charger to a backpack.

In terms of extras, Techsmarter’s waterproof charger is pretty barebones. It has a flashlight, but no compass. It also lacks a Qi charger and solar panel, but its ultra fast charging USB-C PD port makes up for that. If you take a laptop with you on the road, or want to charge a smartphone really fast, techsmarter’s waterproof charger is a good choice.

Buy: Techsmarter 30000mAh Power Bank at $89.99

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