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RS Recommends: 10 Turntable Accessories You Need, from Sound Pads to Speakers

Ten accessories that will actually make a difference in how your records sound, and help you maintain them for many years

Novogratz Concord Turntable StandNovogratz Concord Turntable Stand


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If vinyl is your preferred physical media format for music, and you’ve already set yourself up with the right turntable (we have suggestions if you need one), you can improve your listening experience with a few accessories.

Playing records requires a lot of moving parts, not to mention worrying about physical problems, like vibrations or static causing audible distortion (a.k.a “pops” in sound). Going the analog music route also means setting up a multi-piece audio system that works in sync to deliver the best sound quality.

Below you’ll find 10 accessories that will actually make a difference in how your records sound, or help you maintain them for many years. We also have a guide specifically dedicated to record cleaning and maintenance if you want even more recommendations.

1. Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box

Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box


A phono pre-amplifier is an accessory that boosts the volume of sound coming from your turntable before sending it to your speakers through an A/V receiver. Some turntables and A/V receivers have a built-in preamp, but if the ones you use don’t, we recommend getting Pro-Ject’s Audio Phono Box.

The Phono Box will work with any turntable, and is really easy to use. Plug your record player into the RCA (red and white) inputs on the back, and use a pair of RCA cables to connect its outputs to your A/V receiver. We’re recommending the Phono Box over other preamplifiers because of its small size (it’s four inches wide, four inches deep, and just over one-inch tall), and Pro-Ject’s excellent reputation in the audio space.

Buy: Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box at $129.00

2. FEMELI Record Weight Stabilizer

FEMELI Record Weight Stabilizer


FEMELI’s Record Weight Stabilizer sits on top of your record while it’s spinning on your turntable to keep it from moving up and down as it plays. If a record moves around, the needle will have a more difficult time staying perfectly centered in its groove, reducing its performance.

This weight weighs .7 pounds, which FEMELI says is heavy enough to keep the record from causing unwanted vibrations, but not enough to strain your turntable’s motor. This accessory is helpful when playing any album, but is necessary when playing slightly warped records, which move around a lot.

Buy: FEMELI Record Weight Stabilizer at $18.99

3. AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush

AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush


AudioQuest’s record brush can clean the dust, dirt, and static that builds up on top of your records and cause clicks, pops, and even skips. Its bristles are made out of carbon fiber, so they won’t scratch your vinyl, and its handle is made of metal, which allows static to pass through the brush, and onto your hand (not enough to cause a shock, don’t worry). The only way to preserve your records for years to come is cleaning them often, so use this brush before and after each spin.

Buy: AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush at $29.95

4. DJGEARIX 45 RPM Adapter



Most turntables come with a 45 adapter, which fits into the big spindle hole traditionally found on singles, and allows you to play them at the right speed. Most are made out of cheap plastic, and require you to wedge them inside your single, which can bend it.

DJGEARIX’s 45 adapter is made out of a single piece of aluminum, and slips on top of your turntable’s spindle. You place your single on top of the adapter, and slip it off when you’d like to flip the side, or put the single away. So not only is this 45 adapter more durable, it can help keep part of your record collection in good shape.

Buy: DJGEARIX 45 RPM Adapter at

5. Blue Jeans LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables

Blue Jeans LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables


Cables are the tool that sends music from your turntable to your pre-amp, A/V receiver, or speakers, so it’s worthwhile getting this set from Blue Jeans. The cables are mostly made out of copper, with a nitrogen-injected shielding that keeps them insulated, and protected from getting damaged.

The connectors are also made out of copper, and have a thick plastic covering to prevent the area between the connector and cable from fraying or breaking with heavy use. This specific cable structure was designed in-house at Blue Jeans, and the cables themselves are assembled in the USA.

Buy: Blue Jeans Stereo Audio Cables at $47.75

6. Pro-Spin Turntable Mat

Pro-Spin Turntable Mat


Most record players come with a felt mat, which keeps the records from scratching, but introduces a lot of dust and static.

Pro-Spin’s Turntable Mat is made out of cork, which is still soft, but won’t attract dust or static as easily. Another benefit of using cork is that it’s a little thicker, so it can absorb vibrations before they reach your turntable’s needle and cause distortion.

The company says its mat is designed to match the exact shape of an LP (the center, where the label is, is always a little thicker), which improves audio quality because your album lays more flat.

Buy: Pro-Spin Turntable Mat at $18.99

7. Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand


Novogratz’s Concord Turntable Stand may not improve the audio quality of the records you plat, but it will give you a compact location to keep all of your gear.

The stand, which is 34.1 inches tall, 20.7 inches wide, and 18 inches deep, has three levels. Its flat top is perfect for your turntable, the middle can hold your cleaning accessories, or even a pre-amp and receiver, while the bottom has four segmented sections for your vinyl. The stand sits on four metal legs, leaving space underneath for even more storage. Keeping all of your gear organized in one location will make it easier to pick an album, clean it off, and spin it.

If you have more records, or need a space to keep your speakers, Novogratz offers a double-wide version of this stand with two drawers instead of the middle shelf.

Buy: Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand at $84.45

8. Sony STRDH190

Sony STRDH190


Sony’s STRDH190 is a 4.0 stereo receiver with a phono input, so you don’t have to use a dedicated pre-amp. It doesn’t support any modern surround sound formats, but you can hook up four speakers and listen to quadrophonic records.

Beyond its phono input, this receiver has four sets of RCA inputs, so you can connect other audio gear, like a CD player. If you like to augment your record collection with a digital music library, you can stream music from any connected device over Bluetooth. This isn’t the stereo receiver to pick for a home theater system, but if you’re building a setup for music, it’s a great choice.

Buy: Sony STRDH190 Receiver at $198.00

9. Audioengine HD3

Audioengine HD3


If you want an ultra-compact audio system for playing vinyl, Audioengine’s HD3s are your best bet.

The active (powered) speakers have an amplifier built into them, so you can plug your turntable directly into its RCA inputs if you’d like. For the best performance, you’ll want to use a turntable with a built-in preamp, though. The speakers also have a 3.5mm audio input and Bluetooth support, so you can have your computer, phone, and turntable hooked up to them at the same time without any adapters.

We’re recommending this pair of powered speakers because Audioengine built them with a multi-driver system. Drivers are the part of a speaker responsible for creating sound, and having more than one allows high, mid, and low frequencies to be spread out, which leads to audio that sounds more balanced. The HD3s have a 2.75-inch woofer that handles midrange and bass, and a .75-inch tweeter to handle treble.

If you have a modern turntable, and want a clean looking, good sounding, all-in-one audio system in a package small enough to fit comfortably on a desk, this the HD3s deserve your attention.

Buy: Audioengine HD3 Speakers at

10. Tuneful Cables Sound Isolation Pads

Tuneful Cables Sound Isolation Pads


One of the easiest ways to make records sound a little better is to reduce the amount of vibrations that reach your turntable. Big vibrations will cause your needle to jump, while smaller ones may cause a skip, or subtle-but-audible distortion.

Tuneful’s Sound Insulation Pads are made out of cork, and can be placed under your turntable’s feet to absorb vibrations, and prevent these minor annoyances. If anything, these pads are an insurance policy against damaging your album if you accidentally bump into the stand your record player is sitting on and cause the needle to slide.

Buy: Tuneful Cables Sound Isolation Pads at $12.95


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