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Quickly Recharge Your Tablet with These Portable Power Banks

As small as a phone charger but with enough juice to keep your tablet powered up for hours on end

best tablet chargerbest tablet charger


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Our tablets (and phones) are an extension of ourselves now, always within reach and relied upon to communicate, navigate, work and play. That is, until the battery starts running out. Once it’s in the red, the scramble to find a charger and an outlet is on, and if one isn’t available, it can feel like being completely cut off from the world.

That’s where a simple idea like a portable tablet charger can instantly give you peace of mind, knowing that it’s there to boost your device back up whenever it’s running low.

Not only are these portable battery packs super convenient to carry around on the go, they can be an absolute life-saver while traveling as well. Using GPS to navigate your way around a new city is a fast way to drain your device’s battery, and end up with a dead tablet or phone in an unfamiliar place. A charging bank may add an extra pound to your pack, but it’s well worth the weight.

Another area that these can be critical is in an emergency kit. After a power outage from a hurricane, earthquake, or really any disaster event, keeping a charged phone is crucial for making calls and getting updated information as to what’s going on.

What Are the Best Power Banks for a Tablet?

The best chargers for your tablet should be portable enough to take on the go, with plenty of juice to power up your device for at least one full charge. These days, many of the best tablet chargers are as small as phone chargers, only with a lot of more battery power packed inside.

Charging Speed: The electric charge of most batteries are measured in Ampere-Hours (mAh), with 1000mAh at the lower end, going up to 3000mAh or way higher. More power can mean more (and faster) charges for your tablet, and being able to charge multiple devices at once.

Durability: Not all charging banks are created equal when it comes to being knocked around and roughed up. It’s best to go for one with a tough outer shell if you know this will be joining you on camping, hiking, and traveling adventures. For prolonged excursions into the outdoors, a solar-powered charging bank may be the way to go.

Ports: USB is the standard for charging ports here, but the real deciding factor is how many you’re going to need. For one or two people, two ports let you charge up two devices at the same time. Some chargers offer three ports, but are usually bulkier and take longer to fill up the bank.

Extras: Various units include additional features, like doubling as a flashlight, and displaying a meter to see how much power remains. Depending on the battery size and strength, they can also charge up other devices in your travel bag like phones, small laptops, and GoPros, simultaneously – even while charging the battery itself.

Finally, safety isn’t an afterthought either. Batteries can overheat or be overloaded with electric current when improperly used. Take a look and see if it has features like short-circuit protection and heat dissipation before buying and charging up.

1. Jackery Giant+

The aptly named Jackery Giant+ is an absolute beast of a bank. At 12000mAh, this is powerful and can quickly charge two devices up at the same time thanks to dual 5V USB and USB-C ports.

Weighing 10.4 ounces, it features a lightweight aluminum build, with four layers of protection circuitry inside to shield the premium Panasonic battery cells. It’s also temperature-resistant, with built-in guarding against over-charging or short circuiting.

A three bar indicator is minimal, but lets you know whether it’s fully charged up or not. We’ve listed a graphite color but this also comes in an eye-catching orange color too – much easier to spot when rummaging through your luggage for it.

 Jackery Portable Charger Giant+


2. Anker PowerCore 20100

The uniquely long shape of this power bank fits perfectly in pockets, and four blue indicators keep you updated on how fully charged up it is. Two USB ports make it easy to juice up two devices at once, along with a third micro-USB to charge the charger.

20100mAh of power, along with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost tech means tablets and phones charge fast, and it’s powerful enough to even handle some smaller laptops too. It’s all in packed into a 12.56-ounce package.

Anker PowerCore 20100mAh


Buy: Anker PowerCore 20100 at $59.99

3. Hiluckey Portable Solar Power Bank

Don’t let the solar power part fool you into thinking this tablet charger is slow and weak. This sun-fueled bank packs 25000mAh of power via a lithium-ion battery, and can provide multiple charges for your tablet and phone.

It’s about 4-6 times faster than other solar chargers when in direct sun, and dual USB ports let you charge up two devices at once. If you’re indoors, no worries – you can still charge it up the old-fashioned way with the included micro-USB cable.

This is ideal for camping, hiking, or going off the grid, as it’s compact when folded up, weighs just 1.35 pounds, and can easily hang off a backpack. There’s even a built-in flashlight with an SOS function too.

Hiluckey Portable Solar Power Bank


Buy: Hiluckey Portable Solar Power Bank at

4. RAVPower 32000mAh Power Bank

At 32000mAh, this has the biggest power capacity of the choices here, and can provide up to a week of recharges depending on your device and usage.

Despite being the most powerful, it’s only 1.1 pounds – hefty, but still completely portable. It also has three USB ports for simultaneous charging, whereas most banks only have one or two, making this an excellent option for a home emergency kit or a traveling family.

The 2.4A charger — about twice the amount of amps as a regular phone charger — can usually recharge the bank overnight, and it’s engineered for heat dissipation as well as protecting against overcharging and short circuiting.

RAVPower 32000mAh Power Bank


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