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The Best Subwoofer Speaker Systems for Loud, Room-Filling Bass

A system with a standalone subwoofer unit brings out deep bass tones in your movies and music that you can really feel

best subwoofer speaker systemsbest subwoofer speaker systems


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With an endless amount of speaker systems out there to choose from, the ones with a subwoofer are the way to go, no matter what you plan on listening to.

Why Do You Need a Subwoofer?

A separate subwoofer is what brings out the bass, while the satellite speakers have tweeters that handle the highs. And while it’s possible to get a subwoofer-less set and save a bit of cash, you’ll find that it lacks some serious low-end. Some speakers have a small built-in woofer inside and while it’ll save a bit of space at your setup and it’s better than nothing, it’s just not the same as a standalone sub unit.

Wattage can vary widely too depending on the size of the system and how much power you’re looking for. Plus if you like to really boost the bass up loud, pay attention to the mean power, or root mean square (RMS). It’s a measure of audio quality, and lets you know the limit of how much your speaker can handle before the sound starts to distort. RMS doesn’t necessarily mean better sound quality though — it’s simply a measure of how much output the speaker can handle without cracking up.

We’ve selected our four favorite speaker systems setups with subwoofers that can help bring not just bass, but more overall enjoyment and immersion to movies, shows, and gaming. These options each deliver sound differently, so finding the right one for your needs is what matters most. A desktop subwoofer set is ideal for PC use, while a multi-speaker system is the go-to for decking out a home theater with all-encompassing sound. Bluetooth capability is available on some of these units as well, and even though wire-free is the most convenient and least messy, the sound quality suffers a bit compared to the old-school optical and RCA setup. If you plan to connect up other devices to your new sub system, make sure it’s compatible and has the proper ports before building your dream setup.

1. Logitech Speaker System Z323 With Subwoofer

Logitech has been cranking out quality computer accessories since before most of us even had our first PC. This mighty little 2.1 system consists of a woofer and two satellite speakers, and produces surprisingly great surround sound from such a small set. With 30 watts (RMS) of power, you’ll get quality sound from every angle – even when walking behind the woofer.

The dual-drive speakers don’t take up much room on your desk, and are completely quiet when not in use – no buzzing, humming, or crackling. Power and volume are easily adjustable with a knob on the right speaker, and bass can be cranked up or down on the back of the down-firing woofer.

You can connect up to two different compatible devices, and there’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack too for late-night gaming sessions when you don’t want to wake up the entire house.

This is a smaller setup so it’s best paired with your computer (say, for gaming) or as a desktop or small bookshelf-type set.

Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer


Buy: Logitech Speaker System Z323 With… at $51.99

2. Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System

Klipsch began making speakers in 1946, and are known for their “horn-loaded” design, featuring a wide dynamic range that delivers efficient directionality from a low-powered amp. The result is excellent and precise sound, with minimal distortion and a deep low-end.

This 5.1 setup is an entire home theater system in one box, and ideal for movies and games. The down-firing subwoofer thumps out big bass you’ll be able to feel, with five separate shiny satellite speakers, including one center channel that acts as a mini soundbar.


Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System


Buy: Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack… at $299.00

3. JBL Bar 5.1 HD Soundbar With True Wireless Surround Speakers

This sleek sound bar includes not one, but two wireless speakers, magnetically detachable from the main unit so you can experiment with placing them all over the room to get the best quality surround effects. They’ve got a battery life of about 10 hours, and take around three hours to fully charge up, but they’re always charging as long as they’re connected to the main bar.

There’s also a wireless subwoofer included too, which provides deep bass and can be adjusted with the remote separately from the other two speakers. The system supports Bluetooth, and the main unit itself packs tons of ports: three HDMI inputs and one output, USB, optical audio, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

JBL Bar 5.1 - Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar with True Wireless Surround Speakers


Buy: JBL Bar 5.1 HD Soundbar With True… at $800.00

4. Sony 7.2-Channel Home Theater

This absolute beast of a setup features everything you could ever dream of in a surround sound system.

With seven satellite speakers, along with a separate subwoofer and receiver, the high-res sound quality here is off the charts. The up-firing, column speakers are Dolby Atmos-enabled, delivering true 360° sound through multiple audio decoders, positioning every effect exactly where it should be to make your movies more immersive.

Lots of HDMI inputs here make hooking up extra devices like game consoles simple, all in 4k HDR. The receiver is WiFi-enabled, and it automatically adjusts the sound based on the shape of your room – easily one of it’s coolest extra features.

Sony STR-DN1080 7.2-Channel Home Theater


Buy: Sony 7.2-Channel Home Theater at

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