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Feeling Cold at Your Desk? These Space Heaters Warm Up Your Workspace in Seconds

Create a space that’s as comfortable as it is cozy with these top-rated portable space heaters

best space heatersbest space heaters


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Winter is here, and you’ve probably never spent this much time in your home office before. What felt comfortable in your space during the summer and fall might not be enough for this new season. If your office (or home office) is feeling a little drafty, or you’re the type of person who just likes to be extra cozy, then you could benefit from bringing a portable space heater into your workspace.

When you’re shopping for a space heater for your office, the heater’s size is one of the most important things to keep in mind. While keeping it small is always a good idea for the sake of minimalism, small does still have a range. Some space heaters are small enough to perch on your desk along with your laptop. These heaters are the perfect way to heat your immediate, personal space, and are a great solution if your home office is the desk in your bedroom.

If you have a full room to heat, then you’ll want to go a size or two up from “mini” heaters. These models typically have the ability to stand upright in the corner of the room and emit enough heat to warm the space. Or, if you prefer, you can stick the heater underneath your desk to heat your feet.

Another essential point is safety. The best desk heaters are made with flame-retardant materials, and also have automated systems built in that let the heater power off if it’s overheated. Even better, some heaters automatically turn off if they are tipped over. Some even automatically power off after six hours, regardless if it has overheated, for extra precaution.

No matter which model you select, these heaters will help make your work-from-home setup as comfortable as it cozy.

1. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

With a heating range of up to 200 square feet, this space heater can keep your whole home office warm and cozy. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about feeling too hot after it’s been running for a while. Its thermostat feature lets you select a desired temperature, and once it hits that temperature, the heater will turn off, turning itself back on when the room’s temperature starts to dip below the setting. T

his heater is also very safe — it is made out of flame-retardant materials, and it shuts off if it overheats or falls over on its side.

best desk heater


Buy: GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater at $31.95

2. AmazonBasics Mini Heater

Whether you’re tight on space or you don’t want to disturb others who may be sharing the room with you, this miniature heater can sit right on your desk surface and heat up your personal space. This is a perfect addition for people who crave all things cozy while they work: blankets, sweaters, slippers, the works. The heater’s ceramic coils heat up within seconds, and you can feel safe while its running, too. This heater is specially designed for tight spaces, plus it has tip-over technology that will turn it off if knocked over.

We like the minimalist look of the heater too, which blends in easily to any decor scheme. It makes a great gift idea too.

best desk heater


Buy: AmazonBasics Mini Heater at $22.01

3. KKCITE Portable Space Heaters

This KKCITE heater has it all: It’s small, quiet, adjustable, and equipped with built-in safety features. Even better, it’s energy-efficient. The heater is built with PTC ceramic heating technology that allows it to heat up within two seconds, which is more energy-efficient than traditional heating materials such as quartz tube and heating wire, which can take longer — and more electricity — to power up. Plus, this speed helps give this heater a longer lifespan than slower models.

Setup is easy too — just plug it in and turn it on. The portable heater moves easily from room to room, making this a great addition to keep around the house.

best desk heater


4. SMSJ Space Heater,

Space heaters aren’t exactly known for their decorative appeal. However, SMSJ’s heater has a unique, rounded shape and funky wooden standing legs that set it apart from the rest. It’s lightweight, and it has three different modes of heat in order to customize your experience. Plus, it’s super safe. Not only is it made from fireproof materials, but it automatically turns off after six hours, which means if you happen to fall asleep, you don’t have to worry.

best desk heater



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