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Roombas are the Gold Standard for Robot Vacuums — These are the Three You Should Get

These robot vacuums will do one of your most time consuming chores for you

iRobot Roomba i3iRobot Roomba i3


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There are many robot vacuums to choose from, but iRobot’s Roombas have been the gold standard since the original version was launched in 2002. Roombas still have the same job: cleaning your floors for you, but they’ve gotten a lot more advanced.

Newer models can be controlled by speaking to smart speakers, and can avoid objects and clean more efficiently thanks to more sophisticated sensors. We’ve looked through all of the iRobot Roombas that are currently available, and collected the best ones in this guide.

If you want to save yourself some time and energy, or really hate cleaning, the Roombas we’re recommending will take care of that chore for you.

What Are the Best Roombas?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best Roomba you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Height: The size of your new cleaning robot is important for two reasons. First, smaller robot vacuums can squeeze under low couches for a more complete cleaning. Second, a large vacuum can also be burdensome in small apartments and might get in the way.

Smart Features: The Roombas we recommend come with a remote, but all of them can be controlled by an app on your phone (iOS and Android). Many of them can also be connected to an Amazon Echo smart speaker, which allows you to ask the robot vacuum to start or stop cleaning.

Battery life: Every robot vacuum in this guide can last for at least 75 minutes (one hour and 15 minutes), so they’ll be able to clean multiple rooms on a single charge. They’re smart enough to return to their charging cradle when their battery is running low, so they won’t get stuck.

1. BEST OVERALL: iRobot i3

iRobot Roomba i3


The Roomba i3 sits in the middle of iRobots robot vacuum lineup, and it’s the one most people should get.

The i3 supports iRobot’s premium three-stage cleaning system, and has 10 times more suction power than its more basic models. Its sensors can map out an entire room, and methodically clean every inch of it instead of moving in a random pattern. By moving in neat rows, the i3 is more efficient, and far less likely to get in your way.

The Roomba i3 lasts 75 minutes per charge, and supports a feature called “recharge and resume,” which allows it to pick up exactly where it left off if it couldn’t finish a cleaning. Pet owners will appreciate this robot vacuum’s tangle resistant brushes, which won’t get caught when cleaning up hair. The only slight downside to the i3 is its size: at 3.63 inches it’s tied for the tallest robot vacuum in our guide, so it may get stuck under certain furniture.

You can set the i3 to clean on a regular schedule by using Roomba’s app (iOS and Android), or start a totally hands-free cleaning by connecting it to an Amazon Echo. The Roomba app will automatically suggest cleaning times based around certain events (allergy season) or situations (pets shedding), so your floors stay clean.

This Roomba model is compatible with two accessories that can make it an even better cleaning solution. The first is iRobot’s m6 robot mop; when synced with the i3, the pair will vacuum and mop the same areas to deep clean your hardwood floors. The second is the Clean Base, which sucks up the dirt and debris from your Roomba’s tank, so you don’t have to manually empty it after every cleaning.

If you want a smart, powerful robot vacuum you can upgrade over time, iRobot’s Roomba i3 is our pick.

Buy: iRobot Roomba i3 at $299.99

2. ENTRY LEVEL: iRobot Roomba 675

Roomba 675


If you’d like you’re getting your first robot vacuum, and want one from a trusted name, we recommend iRobot’s Roomba 675.

It uses a three-stage cleaning system and multiple brushes to diligently clean hard wood, tile, and carpet floors, including dust that’s accumulated around the edges of your rooms. If its sensors detect a lot of dirt in a particular area, the 675 will focus on it before moving onto a different spot. At 3.5-inches tall, this Roomba will be able to fit under most furniture without getting stuck.

This robot vacuum will recommend different cleaning modes and a recurring schedule based on different events like allergy season, or your dog shedding. You can initiate a cleaning by using the Roomba app (iOS or Android) or hook it up to Amazon’s Alexa for totally hands-free scheduling. The Roomba 675 can last up to 90 minutes per charge, so it can clean multiple rooms before heading back to its dock.

The iRobot Roomba 675i is the most basic model we’re recommending, but it has all the features you really need in a robot vacuum.

Buy: iRobot Roomba 675 at

3. PREMIUM PICK: iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+


The iRobot Roomba i7+ is a lux option that’s great if you want a lot of control over where your robot vacuum cleans.

In many ways the Roomba i7+ is an upgraded version of the i3 we recommended earlier. It has the same battery life,  it’s the same size, and it shares all the same features, plus two important extras.

The first is that it can map out and remember multiple rooms, so you can ask it to go straight there when a cleaning starts. Or, you can have a schedule where it cleans your bedroom on Mondays, your living room on Tuesdays, and your kitchen on Wednesdays. It can also remember objects, so you can ask it to clean around your couch, or under your bed.

On the flip side, you can go into the Roomba app (iOS and Android), and designate “keep out zones” where the i7+ shouldn’t go. You can use this to skip entire rooms, or just one section. If you’ve got a home office, and don’t want it going near your desk because of wires on the floor, this feature makes the i7+ a must-have.

We’re recommending you get the i7+ and a clean base, which are available as a bundle that’s currently $200 off. This two piece system will clean your floors automatically, and save you from the hassle of emptying the i7+’s dustbin.

Buy: iRobot Roomba i7+ at $799.99

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