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The Best Power Cords for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether you’re operating household appliances or bringing power outdoors, these are the best extension cords you can buy

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Outlets seldom seem to be exactly where we need them. While small gadgets have the luxury of being able to move to the power source, that’s not always possible when it comes to your desktop computer, washer, dryer, or snowblower. Heavy-duty power cords help extend the reach of your power source while also delivering hefty amounts of electricity to your machinery.

As you shop for power cords, it’s important to note exactly what machinery they are designed for. Your basic cords will get the job done for computers, stereos, amplifiers, and even smaller-grade devices that just need more reach. However, as your machinery escalates in size and power consumption, your cord needs to increase in its durability and strength.

If you’re operating machinery outdoors, or even in your garage or basement where there’s the possibility of moisture, you’ll want to opt for a power cord that is at least water-resistant. Weather-proof cords give you the best peace of mind, because not only do they protect against liquids, but they also protect against temperature. This is a must during the winter.

Power cord brands often make the distinction between home and commercial use. If you are a professional landscaper, you’ll want all the qualities of a weather-resistant cord, plus extra length and the stamp of commercial use (cords that extend beyond a room or space are known as extension cords). Non-commercial, standard cords are usually about six feet in length. However, at the commercial level, the best extension cords can reach 100 feet.

Lastly, it’s important to look for safety features, whether you are shopping for personal or commercial use. Non-standard colors are a great way for your cord to stand out to the eye, which helps prevent people from tripping. Additionally, some cords have light-up plugs, meaning that whenever there’s an electrical current surging through the cord, a soft light will be on to indicate so. Not only does this help keep you safe, but it can also serve as an indicator as to whether your appliances or outlets are malfunctioning.

Not all power cords are built for the same purposes, so if you’re prone to household projects, you might just find yourself stocking up on a variety of models. We’ve rounded up some of your best options below.

1. Tripp Lite P007-006 Computer Power Cord

If you are trying to power a PC or applications that require heavy gauge cabling, this Tripp Lite power cord is a six-foot, heavy-duty solution. The power cord has a receptacle on one end and a connector on the opposite end. Together, these features enable you to extend your device’s existing cord. The connectors are made from durable materials, granting the power cord a long lifetime of use. While this cord is especially useful for computers, we have also used this for pressure cookers and kitchen appliances, air conditioning units, amplifiers and more.

best power cord


Buy: Tripp Lite P007-006 Computer Power Cord at $12.86

2. US Wire and Cable 99050 Extension Cord

Snowblowers, power tools, and generators are just a few of the outdoor appliances that you can power with the US Wire cord. It’s made with materials designed to thrive in extreme all-weather environments. The cord can maintain its flexibility in weather up to 221°F (105°C) and down to -94°F (-70°C). We also love this model for its lighted plug. When an electrical current is flowing, the plug gives off a warm glow, which helps you know that your appliances are functioning properly and be safe at the same time.

best power cord


Buy: US Wire and Cable 99050 Extension Cord at $69.33

3. Southwire Outdoor Cord

With 100 feet of water-resistant cable, this power cord has the capacity to support outdoor jobs at the commercial level, whether you’re doing landscaping, gardening, or running appliances. We especially love this cord for its bright yellow color; it makes it hard for people not to notice the cord, which helps keep sites extra safe, especially if people nearby may not be expecting a cord on the premises.

best power cord


Buy: Southwire Outdoor Cord at $59.00

4. AmazonBasics Extension Cord

If you’re just looking for a little more room between your computer setup and the nearest outlet, this extension cord is a powerful, reliable option. Its six-foot length is just right for indoor use. It’s powerful enough to support laser printers, computer monitors, and servers with large quantities of data. As the name says, it covers the basics. You’ll always want to have one on hand in your home.

best power cord


Buy: AmazonBasics Extension Cord at $7.95

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