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With Road Trips on the Rise, Portable DVD Players Are Suddenly Popular Again

Watch your movies on a big screen without taking a laptop

Apeman Portable DVD PlayerApeman Portable DVD Player


Despite the popularity of video streaming services, a lot of us still have a DVD collection in a closet, or on a shelf.

A portable DVD player can run on battery power, and has a built-in screen, so you can watch your movie collection anywhere you go. This is particularly useful because a lot of newer laptops don’t have disc drives. Portable DVD players were originally designed for use on planes, but modern ones can be hung on the back of a car’s headrest.

If you want to rediscover your movie collection during an upcoming camping trip, or create a backseat entertainment system in your car, a portable DVD player is the right tool for the job. As a bonus, you can connect them to your TV with a cable, and enjoy your collection at home.

What Are The Best Portable DVD Players?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right portable DVD players for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Screen Size: The portable DVD players below have screens between 9.5 and 15.6 inches wide. A bigger screen is nice to watch, but makes the DVD player less portable.

Battery: All of the portable DVD players we’re recommending can last for about five hours on a single charge, which is enough power to get through most of a cross country flight.

Extras: The portable DVD players in our guide can also play videos off a flash drive or SD card, which is convenient if you’ve made backups of your movie collection.

1. ieGeek Portable DVD Player

ieGeek Portable DVD Player


If portability is your top concern, IeGeek’s portable DVD player is the one to get.

It has a 9.5-inch screen, which can be folded over the disc drive. The display has a resolution of 720P (1280 x 720), so you can watch HD videos via a flash drive or SD card. IE Geek says the screen technology it uses reduces flickering, making it easier on your eyes. The screen is complemented by a dual-speaker stereo system for great sound.

IeGeek says its DVD player can last between five and six hours on a single charge before needing to be plugged into an outlet. You can also plug it into a car’s cigarette lighter — both a wall and car charger are included in the box. This portable DVD player also comes with a game link that contains 150 retro games (you need to get a controller separately) and A/V cable, so you can connect it to your TV.

If you don’t need a huge screen, IeGeek’s portable DVD player is the one to get.

Buy: ieGeek Portable DVD Player at $69.99

2. Apeman Portable DVD Player

Apeman Portable DVD Player


Apeman’s portable DVD player is a mid-sized model that perfectly balances portability and screen size.

It has a 10.5-inch 1024 x 600 (not quite HD) display, which can be twisted a full 270-degrees, and folded 180 degrees. This portable DVD player has a pair of stereo speakers, and a headphone jack in case you’d like to connect it to a better set. Apeman says this DVD player will last around six hours of a single charge, and includes a wall and car charger in the box. It also includes an A/V cable, which lets you connect the DVD player to a TV or projector.

If you want a high performance portable DVD player with a pretty big screen, Apeman’s is the one to get.

Pyle Portable DVD Player


Wonnie’s Portable DVD Player’s big screen makes it the natural choice for movie lovers who want a more cinematic experience watching movies on the go.

Its display is 14.1 inches wide and has a resolution of 1280 x 800, so you can play Full HD videos on without a big loss of quality. The screen can be swiveled 270 degrees and flipped 180 degrees, providing you with lots of viewing angle options if you’re watching videos with a group. The larger screen is supported with a pair of dual stereo speakers for great sound.

Wonnie says its DVD player can last about six hours on a single charge, and bundles a wall and car charger in the box. It also includes an A/V cable, which lets you connect this DVD player to your projector or TV. The company even includes different charging plugs, so you can use this DVD player more easily when traveling abroad.

If you want a big screen portable DVD player that’s still comfortable to travel with, we recommend checking out this one from Wonnie.

Buy: Wonnie Portable DVD Player at $89.99

4. Pyle Portable DVD Player

Wonnie Portable DVD Player


Pyle’s laptop-sized portable DVD player offers an excellent viewing experience,

It has a 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768, so DVD movies will look really crisp. You’ll lose a little quality watching HD videos off an SD card or flash drive, but will still have a good experience. The screen can be swiveled 270 degrees and twisted 180 degrees, so you can bend the display fully over the DVD drive.

Pyle doesn’t give any firm figures about this portable DVD player’s battery life, but it should last roughly five hours per charge. The company includes a wall and car charger in the box, so you can keep it plugged into power regularly to ease battery anxiety. Pyle also includes a pair of headphones, wireless remote, and A/V cables, so you’ll be ready to hook it up to a TV right out of the box.

If you don’t mind a little extra bulk, Pyle’s portable DVD player is the one to get. There’s no getting over the benefits of watching a move on a big screen.

Buy: Pyle Portable DVD Player at $129.99

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