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The Best Battery Cases for Your Phone

If your phone needs some extra power when you’re on the go, these two-in-one cases and chargers will help boost that battery fast

Mophie Juice PackMophie Juice Pack


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You’re probably traveling, or at least running in-person errands, more than you were this time last year. That means you’re taking your devices with you, but it also means more chances for your phone to run out of juice right in the middle of the grocery store aisle, or while showing your e-ticket on a train, or trying to finish off an email on your way back to the office.

Fortunately there are more convenient ways to stay connected than ever, with companies creating reliable battery charging cases that slap right on to your phone, giving your devices a boost without needing to think about it. Gone are the days of remembering to throw a charging cable in your bag, or carrying around clunky, oversized battery packs, which can add unnecessary bulk to what’s supposed to be a portable solution. Everyone needs a phone case, so why shouldn’t yours give you a boost?

Whether you need a slim, lightweight power source for travel, a back-up charger while you’re out on the town, or just want a way to prevent your phone from losing juice when you’re in the middle of a email (even people working from home need their phones), we’ve rounded up some of the best battery cases for iPhones and Android devices alike.

What Are the Best Smartphone Battery Cases?

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right phone battery case is for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Style: When it comes to a battery case vs. a battery pack, there are a few differences, mainly that a battery pack (or portable charger) needs to be plugged into your phone to charge it up, where as a battery case attaches to your phone like any regular phone case. To charge your phone, just simply make sure your phone is “docked” inside the case and turn the power switch on. No more cables and no more external chargers to carry around. The best phone battery cases double as a phone case and charger in one.

Compatibility: With a battery case, you’re going to need a Qi-enabled device for it to properly charge. Qi (pronounced “chee”)-enabled devices include the Apple iPhone 8 and up, Samsung Galaxy S7 and up, Sony Xperia XZ2 and up—but always check before you buy. Qi-enabled cases work best for wirelessly charging between short distances, usually less than 40mm tick.

Size: It seems obvious, but the more juice a charging case provides your phone, the bigger it’s generally going to be. With a battery above 2,500mAh (which is about double an average battery life), the case will normally add a bit of heft and bulk to your smartphone. Keep this in mind when picking out cases with maximum charging capabilities.

Charging Options: While most battery cases nowadays use wireless Qi-enabled charging, some still plug into your phone’s lightning port or charge via a micro USB. This makes it harder to listen to music with wired headphones, or connect your phone to your computer if you’re trying to charge at the same time. But they tend to charge a little faster than Qi-enabled charging, so take your pick.

Durability:  Because of their bulkier size and shape, some battery cases can offer as much durability as rugged, protective phone cases, with added ridges and raised edges too. Keep in mind, though, that most are not waterproof because of the enclosed battery. As long as you keep it in a different bag pocket than your water bottle, you should be fine.

These best battery cases should last as long and provide just as much juice as a portable brick charger, so here are our top picks.

1. mophie Juice Pack Access


Mophie Juice Pack


Mophie is known for their best-selling battery cases, and you can’t go wrong with their Juice Pack Access, which adds an extra 15 hours of audio (or five additional hours of video) to your phone’s battery life, while keeping it sealed and protected.

What that means is the compact case comes fitted with an 2,200mAh internal battery, which is pretty solid if you’re going to be out for the whole day and still want to actually use the phone for calls, streaming, and music. While the Juice Pack Access battery charges at standard Qi charging speeds (not fast charging), it gives you a steady stream of power throughout the whole day.

What we like: when it comes to battery cases, the Juice Pack Access has a much more lightweight, streamlined design that can easily fit into your pocket. But it also has high-impact protection in mind, with internal rubberized pads to protect your phone from drops and falls, and raised corners to help prevent scratched and cracked screens. The Juice Pack Access’ design also gives you full access to the Lightning port on your iPhone, which is a great touch.

Recharge the battery case simply by dropping it on any Qi wireless charging pad, or by plugging the charging cable into the USB-C port. While it won’t give you the biggest boost, a sleek design and portability make the Juice Pack Access our top choice.

Buy: mophie Juice Pack Access at $29.95

2. Casely Power 2.0


Casely Power 2.0


Casely’s Power 2.0 Collection of battery cases are just as stylish as they are functional, packed with extra features that you may not think you want, but you’ll sorely need when your battery is at 1%.

Not only are the charging capabilities top of the line for a battery case (4800 mAh for the iPhone 12 Pro for example), but whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung S9 to Note 10 Plus, this funky case will work for you too. All Power 2.0 charging cases also come with a built-in “MagSafe” compatible magnet, so you can easily pair this with magnetic accessories, like phone holders for your car.

Unlike more rigid cases, the Power 2.0 is made of a semi-soft flexible material, which allows you to easily insert or remove your phone without fear of breaking the case itself. But the case’s overall design has one downside, and that’s its weight: with more features, and more power, comes more bulk, and it’s a bit heavy.

But the weight is worth it for features like being headphone jack and lighting capable compatible, and a raised lip design that protect your screens surface from drops. Coming in a variety of prints and colors, this case truly offers both protection and a bold design.

Buy: Casely Power 2.0 at $75

3. ZEROLEMON Ultra Battery Case


ZEROLEMON Ultra Battery Case


Sometimes you’re in it for the long haul, stuck in an airport terminal or on public transport where you know you’ll need enough battery to last you hours. Enter: ZEROLEMON’s Ultra Battery Case adds an extra 8000-10000mAh of battery capacity (depending on the model) all with a durable, long-lasting build.

The case effectively adds over one full charge to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, so you can keep your phone alive all day. You can also get a super fast charge when both your phone and the battery case are plugged in with Samsung 25W travel adapter, which can provide one full charge in under four hours, and charge the case itself in four hours.

But we have to say it—this case is a brick (the description even says “please make sure you have big hands”). At 8.4 ounces, this case is the heaviest on our list, but don’t let that slow you down. Compatibility with Samsung Wired headsets and Samsung Dex data syncing are great if you’re trying to connect to your computer, take calls, or listen to some tunes. The Ultra Battery case also has four raised “AirCusion” corners, so it’s also as rugged as it looks.

While their iPhone offerings are also top notch, their Android cases are particularly good. With great power comes with ZEROLEMON’s great, big battery case—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Buy: ZEROLEMON Ultra Battery Case at $59.99

4. mophie Juice Pack Connect


mophie Juice Pack Connect


A battery case can be so incredibly useful—but what happens when you upgrade your phone? With mophie’s Juice Pack Connect, you won’t have to worry about what to do with your old phone case, since this battery pack is sure to work with your current, and most likely future, smartphone.

Just stick on the anchor, slide the 5,000mAh battery onto your case of choice, and charge on demand. Mophie says the Juice Pack Connect can give your phone up to 70% extra battery life, but convenience is the real selling point here, since you can easily charge your phone without the constant weight and bulk of an attached battery.

The battery itself can be recharged wirelessly with any Qi-enabled pad or stand, and it supports a wide variety of Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones. It also comes with a phone grip that attaches to the same anchor, and doubles as a handy phone stand.

While it looks pretty utilitarian, you get the ability to give your phone for a quick hit of power whenever you want, all without needing to swap out a case. For a handy backup power reserve that will last you through several phone upgrades, there’s nothing more versatile than mophie’s Juice Pack Connect.

Buy: mophie Juice Pack Connect at $79.95

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