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RS Recommends: The Best Tracking Devices for Locating Your Gear, Luggage and Pets

These personal trackers help ensure that the most valuable things in your life never get lost



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When it comes to personal trackers, the first thoughts that likely come to mind are often spy movies and detective dramas. But the reality is that these little tech devices offer a whole lot more, from preventing theft of personal belongings to keeping track of outdoor pets. But those are just a few uses for the best personal trackers. If you’re in the market to purchase one, we suggest taking a look at these areas first.

What to Know About the Best Personal Tracker Devices

From your device’s connectivity to its battery life, here are all the features we took into consideration.

Connectivity: GPS is best for tracking things like keys or pets that are outdoors, but once you get indoors the signal can be lost. That’s why a lot of these trackers have additional backup options, including cellular service (3G/4G LTE/5G), as well as WiFi. For physical connectivity, most of these are magnetized, allowing you to slap it onto a metal surface and have it securely hold there.

App: The app is your main control center when the tracker is out in the world doing its thing. This gives you the options of viewing things like location, speed, battery life, and a history of where it’s been.

Coverage: Typically these are ready to travel the globe, and work in upwards of 185 countries. You’ll still most likely need to change out the SIM card though to connect to each country’s local network. Also keep in mind how far you’ll be tracking, as some have a limited amount of distance they can cover. But others are accurate enough to send you a location that’s within mere feet of the tracker, even tracking the real-time activity on Google Maps, and letting you set a GeoFence that alerts you whenever the tracker has left the area.

Battery Life: In sleep or standby mode, these should last long: sometimes about two to three months when pinging once a day.

Subscription: Most of these require a monthly fee, especially to use the GPS service, and this can be as low as $9.99.

Extras: A waterproof unit can be especially helpful if you know it’ll be exposed to puddles and splashes, particularly when going off-grid.

What Are the Best Personal Trackers?

Here, we’ve picked the top personal tracking devices for keeping tabs on your gear, pets, and more.

1. Garmin GPSMAP Communicator

With a colorful three-inch screen, this button-operated GPS device fits comfortably in your palm, and comes pre-loaded with Garmin’s topographic maps as well as InReach Tech for two-way messaging and SOS alerts. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GLONASS) is included, and the battery can provide up to 200 hours between charges. Bluetooth, antennae, and WiFi are all built-in, and this operates on the Iridium Satellite Network, which is one of the largest on the planet.



Buy: Garmin GPSMAP Communicator at $563.92

2. SafeTrack PrimeTracking GPS Tracker

This device’s location is precise, down to 100 feet, and battery life is nicely long. Coverage extends to all of North America, and the app gives you the options of GeoFencing, speed tracking, and works from a computer, tablet, or phone. It also updates every 10 seconds, keeping you current on where your tracker is at all times. With the subscription, GPS and 4G LTE data use is unlimited. It’s small enough to fit into tight pockets and compartments of things like bags and strollers.



Buy: SafeTrack PrimeTracking GPS Tracker at $30.99

3. Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

This simple tracker gets the job done. It’s also one of the lightest (at 1.26 ounces) and most compact trackers we found, easily fitting into pockets and purses, or onto a pet’s collar. Along with GPS, this tiny device uses WiFi and Bluetooth too, making tracking indoors even easier. An international SIM card is included, allowing it to work in 188 countries around the world. You will, however, still need a subscription to the service though.




Buy: Tracki Mini GPS Tracker at $18.88

4. Motosafety OBD GPS Car Tracker

With this device, you’ll never lose track of your vehicle. You can also use it to review your routes, as well as set a GeoFence boundary. Installation takes only seconds, and the accompanying mobile and desktop apps are easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy. There are no activation or cancellation fees, and a subscription costs around $20 per month.



Buy: Motosafety OBD GPS Car Tracker at $39.99

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