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RS Recommends: The Best Outdoor TVs for Patio or Poolside Streaming

An outdoor TV set can brave the elements and add enjoyment to places like porches and poolsides



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Regular indoor televisions simply aren’t designed to handle the stresses of the outdoors. Extreme heat, cold, rain, snow, even insects can be an issue when keeping a TV outside and exposed to the elements. If you’ve got a mostly screened-in porch, and you’re wondering why not just use a regular TV, that’s entirely possible — but also may void the warranty on your set, as you’re risking severe damage that it wasn’t made for. So before you purchase a new set for a patio, porch, or poolside, consider these points that all outdoor TVs should have.

How to Pick the Best Outdoor TV

We looked at weather resistance, display brightness levels and more of these features when choosing the best TVs for the outdoors.

Weather Resistance: The best way to determine how much a set will stand up to harsh weather is the IPXX rating scale. The first number can provide a general idea of resistance against dust and airborne particles, while the second tells you how sealed off it is against water and liquid. An IP55 rating, for example, can withstand some sunlight, dust in the air, and sprays of water, but it’s nowhere near fully waterproof, so think about where this TV is going to permanently live before buying. An IP68 is the highest rating in waterproof protection and is completely sealed off, ready for outside.

Brightness: Indoors, brightness may not be something you’ve ever had a problem with on a set that’s away from sunlight. But outdoors is a different situation, and while a sunny day may be perfect for sitting outside, it can make a dim picture tough to see. This is where outdoor sets really shine, as they all take this into consideration and really crank up the brightness compared to a regular indoor TV. Though LED backlighting plays a part, the more nits your TV has, the brighter your set’s picture will look. Some sets will even tone down the brightness when the weather gets extra hot in order to keep the unit cool.

Signal: WiFi gets progressively weaker the farther from the house and router that you go, and even more when there’s multiple people using your network. Having an additional WiFi access point out on your patio or deck can work wonders and significantly improve the signal.

Sound: A bright picture and weather resistance might be what comes to mind with an outdoor set, but don’t overlook the sound quality. Outdoors can be a lot louder than inside, and some sets’ speakers aren’t going to crank up loud enough to compete. An additional sound bar can be a game-changer, or even a basic pair of weatherproof external speakers can make a big difference.

Mounts, Covers and Accessories: The actual TV set is just one aspect of what to think about here — don’t forget about the mount itself, which usually does not come with it, and if it can also stand up to the outdoors. They all come with a remote, however, but that’s not always as weatherproof as the TV, so be sure to keep it hidden away when not in use. A cover is another vital addition to your outdoor set to protect it.

What Are the Best Outdoor TVs?

From brands like Samsung, SunBriteTV and more, these are the best outdoor TVs you can buy online.

1. Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV

This 65-pound beast boasts a 55-, 65- or 75-inch 4K QLED display, with a picture that’s designed to be extra bright (over 2000 nits, about three times the amount of regular sets) and anti-glare for watching even in full daylight.

It’s IP55 rated, meaning that it’s protected against rain, moisture and dust, and is built to live in outdoor spots like a shaded patio or covered porch.

Compatibility with smart home systems is easy, and this also has a ton of streaming apps already built in, which means (as long as you’ve got strong WiFi) fewer cables that you’ll need to run from the house out to the porch.

SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV


Buy: Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV at $3,497.99

2. Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV

The Aurora is IP54-rated to withstand wet weather, as well as dust, heat, and extreme temperature changes. And with a 178-degree viewing angle, everyone gets to see the screen.

Colors look clear in 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate, auto-brightness control senses and corrects the display’s 750 nits to compensate for current conditions, while the anti-glare minimizes annoying reflection.

Three HDMI ports, as well as USB and RF, make it simple to connect it to other devices.

Furrion Aurora 43-inch Partial Sun Outdoor TV


Buy: Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV at $1,088.00

3. Seura Shade Series 2 Weatherproof Outdoor TV

This Seura Shade Series has a wide range of temperatures it’s designed to handle — all the way down to -24 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The picture looks great too, with 4K UHD resolution and a 60hz refresh rate, along with HDR capability, and a brightness of 700 nits. An IP56 rating means it’s sealed and protected against dust, bugs, humidity and water, and a powerful sound bar is included.

It’s also about half the weight of some competitors (at 35 pounds).

Seura Shade Series 2 43-inch Weatherproof 4K Ultra HD Outdoor TV


Buy: Seura Shade Series 2 Weatherproof… at

4. SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor TV

With 4K UHD resolution and an LED backlit display, the SunBrite may not be as bright as some of the others here, but is still up to three times brighter than most indoor sets and is perfect for a shaded patio or porch. The picture quality looks sharp, and the set can handle light rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity and salty air.

A powder-coated exterior guards against rust, and thin bezels mean more space for a larger screen. Three HDMI ports make it great for outdoor gaming, and built-in 20 watt down-firing speakers provide decent sound.

SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor 55-Inch Veranda


Buy: SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor TV at $2,218.95

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