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RS Recommends: The Best Wearable Metronomes and Watches for Musicians

A metronome designed to be worn can provide a click track you can feel, along with other benefits for any musician


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Whether you’re a drummer, DJ, vocalist, or just want to stay on-beat while performing or running, a wearable metronome — from watches to clip-ons — provides a steady tempo that you can feel.

Traditional metronomes cover sight and sound, but can be drowned out by music and noise once you start playing, which is when you can slowly start to shift off-time. A wearable metronome takes the worry out of keeping pace, so you can always return to right where you should be.

How to Pick the Best Wearable Metronome

Here’s what to consider when choosing which wearable metronome is worth purchasing.

Settings: For getting the right BPM (beats per minute) going, there’s most likely a few different options. If you already know the exact BPM of your track, simply set the metronome to match it and you’re good to start playing. If you’re not exactly sure, or you’re in the midst of composing or rehearsing, a “tap-tempo” feature makes things even easier. With this, just like in most studio applications with mouse-clicking, you can literally tap out the exact speed of the backing beat you want for your track.

Battery: This should have at least a few hours of juice, to cover the length of a live show. A short battery life defeats the purpose of use, and it’s especially inconvenient to have to stop and recharge right when you’re hitting your creative stride. Some arrive with the battery zero percent charged, so be sure to allow some time to fuel it up before you go on stage.

Wearability: A watch might be one of the best wearable metronome options out there, but it’s certainly not the only one. Manufacturers kept this in mind, and made a variety of wearable metronomes you can buy. Bands and straps give you the option to wear them on your legs, upper arms, or on your chest to feel the beat. Clip-on style units, meantime, can snap to any piece of clothing, or to an instrument while you play.

What Are the Best Wearable Metronomes?

Here are our top picks for the best wearable metronomes for musicians, DJs and more.

1. Soundbrenner Core

This is an all-around toolkit for any musician, and can be synced up to your DAW studio program too. The vibrations given off from the Core aren’t like the ones from your phone. These are up to 70% stronger, ensuring you’ll feel the pulse in a loud room (and you can even measure the surrounding decibel level). The Core also handles odd rhythms and time signature changes, with programmable parts to match all the sections of your piece.

For guitarists, bassists, and other string instrument musicians, this detaches from its base and becomes a chromatic contact tuner too, with a colorful LED display to find perfect pitch in dark backstage wings.

You’re not limited to strapping this on your wrist, as this comes with the option to keep it on your upper arm, leg or even chest. And no need to also wear a smartwatch along with it, as this handles the basics of date, time, notifications, and accepting or rejecting phone calls.

Soundbrenner Core | 4-in-1 music tool for musicians


Buy: Soundbrenner Core at $187.78

2. Kliq MicroNome

If you’re a guitarist or bassist, chances are you might already have a Kliq tuner in your case. The company makes convenient tuners with pinpoint accuracy, and the brand’s lightweight wearable MicroNome metronome is equally reliable. This clips to most pieces of clothing, and features a volume range up to 72db, along with nine different rhythm settings and a tempo that stretches up to 260bpm. The LCD display is uncluttered and clear to read, and charging up via USB is easy when batteries get low.

KLIQ MicroNome - Digital Clip-on Metronome (USB Rechargeable) - White



Buy: Kliq MicroNome at $13.99

3. JSH Clip-On Metronome

This simple little clip-on metronome is best for practicing at home, and has a nice range of settings for your whole setlist. The tempo can be stretched from 30 to 280 bpm, with nine different beat values and multiple volume settings. A tap function is also included, as is a headphone jack to block out distractions. 

JSH Clip-On Metronome with Headphone Jack


Buy: JSH Clip-On Metronome at $11.97

4. Seiko Metronome

Seiko’s wearable metronome is built solid with a heavy feel, and you can securely lock it to nearly any instrument. It works fine for instrument practice, but it’s also ideal for keeping pace while running to music, reaching up to 180bpm with a little blinking light to match the beats. The beeps are loud, making it ideal for cutting through street noise and staying focused on your cadence.

Seiko Metronome (DM51B) , Black


Buy: Seiko Metronome at $34.13

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