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The Best Decorative LED Wall Lights for Your Home or Studio

Create a cool and cozy feel in any room with these fun, adjustable LED wall lights



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If you’ve been watching a gamer’s Twitch or YouTuber’s livestreams lately, you may have noticed some geometric LED shapes in interesting patterns popping up in the background of their home setup, lighting the room with a cool and comfortable glow.

These aren’t your typical, traditional string or strip LED lights either. The shapes are varying degrees of thickness, and the lighting effects they can provide are smooth and soothing, instantly altering the ambience of any room. You won’t need to put holes in your wall either, as they’re often light enough to stay up with only double-sided adhesive tape.

The best decorative LED wall lights are customizable enough to enhance any home setup, providing a comfortable (and your own customizable arrangement) presence to any room in the house. Connecting them up is quick and easy, as is locking them into place, and changing them around to find that perfect spacial harmony.

These can often work with Stream Deck, as well as smart home systems like Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit. Some have their own smartphone apps that put you in power of adjusting everything from voice control to “music mode,” where the lighting matches the beat of whatever you’re playing, then stops when things go silent.

While their main purpose is decorative, these LED wall lights can also provide some pretty decent lighting, including the USB-powered ones.  Plus, they’re lightweight and don’t heat up like a regular bulb does after being on for long stretches.

The most difficult part of owning these is choosing the perfect pattern, as they’re endlessly fun to reconfigure and switch up. But ultimately, the design decision is totally up to you to experiment with, adding new life to your lighting on walls or even on your ceiling.

1. Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf’s Shapes tops the charts of geometric lights. These are reactive to touch, letting you tap individual shapes to control things like volume and programmed gradient effects, and the built-in music visualizer syncs it up to your favorite music.

The controller module’s buttons are discreetly hidden on one of the panels, and offer an alternative to using the app. Panels from different kits (hexagons, triangles, and mini-triangles) can be combined to create endlessly intricate designs, and the lighting they provide is strong, bright, and evenly lit throughout – ideal for daytime or bedtime.

Through the app, each panel can be lit individually, and lets you craft your own effects, animations and patterns. You can even implement the effects that other users have come up with, previewing it first and then saving it with your favorites.

Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit.



Buy: Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit at $187.88

2. Yescom Smart LED Light Kit

Yescom’s kit comes with 11 blocks, and each hexagon has 19 LED lights within them. Connecting them is quick, as they lock in place like building blocks. Start with the base and build your way up, creating your ideal hexagonal tower. They’re also wall mountable too with a double-sided adhesive tape, but the option to stand them upright or lay them flat is always available to keep things fresh. It’s two-way connectable via Bluetooth and WiFi, and the options for controlling them are plentiful too, including Alexa, Google Home, voice, touch and sound sensing. With 16 million colors, these are lightweight, low voltage, and last up to 16,000 hours.

Yescom 11Pack WiFi Smart LED Light Kit


Buy: Yescom Smart LED Light Kit at $99.95

3. Odistar Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light

This six-pack of honeycomb-shaped lights lets you arrange them any way you want, and even add more on. Each pad responds to touch – simply tap it once to change the color and create a mix of your favorites. The package include adhesive tape stickers, and are easy to get up on the wall. There’s no app, but it does include a remote with 13 monochrome modes and effects like flashing, fading, dimming and a sleep timer too. The lights are medium brightness, making it best for a bedroom, gaming setup, or even home recording studio.

ODISTAR Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light


Buy: Odistar Remote Control Hexagon Wall… at $39.96

4. Koicaxy LED Decorative Neon Wall Light

If hexagons and triangles aren’t what you’re going for, consider these irregular LED shapes. They look great on any gamer’s desk, kid’s nightstand, home studio or basement theater. These are hand made from legit neon and not acrylic plastics, and only consume 5 watts of electricity, minimizing overheating or risk of the glass breaking, and without that annoying buzz that neon signs can give off. The brightness is strong but still soft, and is powered by either USB or battery. They’re an awesome addition to any room, especially for teens and kids, and there are a ton of different designs and shapes to choose from.

Koicaxy Neon Sign Wall Light


Buy: Koicaxy LED Decorative Neon Wall Light at $25.99

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