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The Best LED Light Glasses For Your Next Party

A simple way to make your party a little more animated Light Up Glow Light Up Glow Glasses

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Whether you’re looking for a quick party favor, children’s goodie bag gift, or a way to add pops of vivid color to your next gathering, LED light glasses are a great choice. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and shouldn’t be confused with lead; these glasses are made out of plastic.

The bright, colorful glasses have gotten popular recently because they’re fun to look at and wear. Despite being available in one size, this style of glasses will fit most children and adults they’ll look oversized on kids, but shouldn’t fall off unless the child shakes their head quickly.

LED light glasses don’t have lenses, and will not improve your sight while wearing them. Instead, the frames are filled by thin, see-through bars that make the glasses look futuristic. Think of them as sunglasses with thin strips cut out of the lenses, and you’ll have the right idea.

They may not be your everyday wear, but LED light glasses can help liven up a party atmosphere in a family friendly way. They’re great for sporting events, outdoor music festivals and concerts too, helping to turn up the fun in a dark arena or on the festival grounds.

What You Need to Know Before Buying LED Light Glasses

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right LED light glasses for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Number of LEDs: LEDs are the little bulbs inside each pair of glasses that illuminate them in the dark. Glasses with more LEDs will look brighter, but eat up more power.

Batteries: All of the LED party glasses in our guide are powered by thin, “button” batteries typically used in wristwatches. The batteries in these glasses should last dozens of hours (LEDs are extremely energy-efficient), but can be replaced when they’re depleted.

Glasses Count: The LED party glasses we recommend come in sets of 12, 20, and 48, so you can find the right one to fit your event.

Final Note: Keep in mind that these are just novelty glasses and won’t improve your sight like optical glasses, or protect your eyes from UV rays like a pair of sunglasses. Still, as a fun party favor (especially in dimly-lit bars or at night outdoors), these light-up frames are a great choice to slip on.

1. XAMGTAE LED Glasses

These LED glasses are our top pick because they’re more technically-advanced than similar glasses, and come with some fun extras.

The glasses have 18 LED lights spread around their entire frame, which is far more than any other option in our guide. Instead of producing a solid light, the LED lights pulsate. There is a fast and slow setting to control how they flicker.

At 5.9 inches long, these are the shortest glasses in our guide, which makes them even more likely to fit both adults and children. They come in four colors: red, blue, white, and green, and packs of 20; that’s enough for a medium-sized party.

XAMGTAE bundles its LED glasses with a pack of 20 “finger lights,” which attach to the tips of your fingers with an elastic strap. Each finger light has one LED in it, and can fit both kids and adults.

Pros: The right size for kids and adults, lots of LEDs for a big, bright experience.

Cons: The lights flicker instead of staying solid.


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Buy: XAMGTAE LED Glasses at

2. Light Up Glow Glasses

If you’re throwing a huge party, these LED glasses are your best bet.

Each pair of glasses only has six LEDs spread around the outside of its frame for maximum illumination. The glasses have three light settings: constant, slow flashing, and fast flashing, which you can switch between at the push of a button.

These glasses come in four colors: red, green, blue, and white. This 12-pack bundle will provide you with a total of 48 pairs of glasses. That’s enough for larger parties (think New Year’s Eve); if you don’t give them out as party favors, you can disinfect and reuse the glasses for smaller events.

At 6.1 inches long, these glasses are slightly larger than another pair we recommend. This shouldn’t make too big of a difference, especially for adults, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re getting them for a children’s birthday party.

Pros: Three lighting modes, enough glasses for most events.

Cons: May be too large for children. Light Up Glow Glasses

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3. Itisyours Flashing LED Light Up Slotted Sunglasses

These glasses have three LEDs across the top of the frame, which is perfectly fine, but won’t provide as much light as our other recommendations. They also only have one flashing light mode, and no constant setting. These tech specs are more barebones than the other glasses we’re recommending, but still cover the basics well.

At 5.2 inches long, these are the shortest glasses in our guide, which makes them the best pick for children’s parties. They’ll still fit adults just fine, too. The glasses come in a pack of 12, with an assortment of blue, pink, light green, purple, and white colors. Some of those colors aren’t offered by its competition.

They may not be as technically-proficient as our other picks, but these LED glasses still get the job done.

Pros: The most child-friendly size, glasses come in a wider assortment of colors.

Cons: Fewer LEDs around the frames.

itisyours LED Glasses

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Buy: Itisyours Flashing LED Light Up Slotted… at $16.99

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