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RS Recommends: How Laptop Privacy Screens Help Protect Your Personal Information

Working remotely? Upgrade your tech security with these privacy screens



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With the rise of remote work, you can set up your office virtually anywhere. But whether you’re taking Zoom calls at the park or copywriting at the coffee shop, it’s important to take extra precautions to protect your personal, confidential information. Enter the best laptop privacy screens.

Laptop Privacy Screen Buying Guide

Simply put, laptop privacy screens are physical filters that you attach to your laptop screen. From your viewpoint, you can still see your screen like normal. However, those who are looking at your screen from a side angle won’t be able to read or see what’s displayed on your computer.

Investing in a good laptop privacy screen is key, especially when you’re working in close proximity to others (say on a plane, at a co-working space or cafe), and to keep nosy neighbors and colleagues at bay. Contrary to popular belief, attaching a privacy screen over your laptop monitor will not affect the quality of your display, nor should it cause blurriness, “lines” or pixelation. If you notice that with your laptop screen, try removing it and re-attaching it, careful to smooth out any raised edges or bumps.

If you’re shopping for the best laptop privacy screen online, here are some other important features to consider.

Size: Perhaps the most important thing to do is to select a privacy screen that fits your laptop screen size. Before you shop, check the measurements of your laptop. Then, compare that size with the privacy screens you’re choosing. A laptop screen should fill the entire display without protruding off the edges. When in doubt, opt for a laptop privacy screen that’s slightly smaller, rather than something that will be too large to fit your monitor.

Attachment: Once you know the size you’re shopping for, decide how you want your new filter to adhere to your screen. While some are magnetic, others hang from the top of your device or come with transparent, adhesive strips. All of these methods work well, but keep in mind that some will not be as easy to remove as quickly as other screens.

Glare Reduction and Screen Protection: Aside from keeping your sensitive information safe, the best laptop privacy screens can also reduce visible glare, protect your eyes from harmful blue light and help protect your screen from scratches.

What Are the Best Laptop Privacy Screens?

Whether you own a PC or a Mac, we’ve selected some of the best laptop privacy screens to make your remote working experience more secure.

1. SightPro Laptop Privacy Screen Filter

This 14-inch privacy screen filter is designed to fit most widescreen displays, and it’s compatible with most machines from Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Samsung and other laptop brands.

When it comes to attaching the privacy screen to your device, you have two different options, including attaching it directly to your screen or using mounting tabs so you can slide the privacy screen on and off as needed. Your eyes will also appreciate the privacy screen’s anti-glare and UV protection, making it easy to see your work even when out in the sunlight or in a bright office.

best laptop privacy screen


Buy: SightPro Laptop Privacy Screen Filter at $27.99

2. Adaptix 14-Inch Laptop Privacy Screen

Designed for 14-inch laptops, this privacy screen from protects your sensitive information — and your sensitive eyes.

It’s built with UV protection that reduces blue light exposure, which is particularly helpful if you spend long hours in front of your screen. Adaptix also makes privacy screens to fit other screen dimensions, and all are equipped with the same technology. The privacy screens are super thin and clear so you don’t have to worry about it affecting how your content looks on your screen. You can easily attach it to your laptop screen using the included adhesive strips.

best laptop privacy screen


Buy: Adaptix 14-Inch Laptop Privacy Screen at $27.99

3. Kensington MacBook Magnetic Privacy Screen

If you’re a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air user, you’ll want to opt for this privacy screen. It’s designed specifically for Apple’s 13-inch laptops, making it a perfect fit for your computer (rather than say, trying to fit more generic brand models).

This privacy screen attaches to the magnets already built-in to the Macbook’s frame, making it super simple to attach and remove as needed. It’s reversible, too. One side has a glossy finish and one side has a matte finish. It also comes with a cleaning cloth and a screen holder so that you can preserve its quality.

best laptop privacy screen


Buy: Kensington MacBook Magnetic Privacy… at $32.60

4. J J-Dream Hanging Privacy Screen

If you’re apprehensive about attaching anything directly to your laptop, then this is the best laptop privacy screen for you. It hangs from the top lip of your laptop screen without any adhesives and is super simple to attach and remove as a result.

This privacy screen is built for 15.6-inch widescreen laptops — the largest size on this list. We also love this privacy screen because it helps protect your eyes from UV light and the blue light from your screen.

best laptop privacy screen


Buy: J J-Dream Hanging Privacy Screen at $34.96

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