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The Best High-Powered Battery Pack For Laptops

Extend the life of your laptop while you’re on the go

Raptic Titan AirRaptic Titan Air


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Battery packs have become extremely popular, and you probably already have one that can fit in a pocket or purse. It’s designed to charge your phone when you can’t get to an outlet during a long flight or night out.

Recently, a technology called USB-C PD (Power Delivery) has made its way onto some high-capacity battery packs, which allows them to output enough power to charge a laptop. As more computers begin to support USB-C PD charging, these power banks have become a really smart investment.

If you’ve picked up any Apple MacBook after 2016, or just got a ASUS Zephryus 14 laptop, you can use a high-power battery pack to extend their life by several hours. If you travel often, or don’t want to hunt for an outlet when working at a library or coffee shop, the high-power battery packs in our guide can extend your laptop’s battery for several hours.

What Are the Best Battery Packs for Laptops?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best laptop battery pack for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Capacity: The amount of electricity a battery pack can hold is measured in milliamps, abbreviated to mAh. The smaller power banks you’re used to using typically have a power capacity of 5,000mAh; the minimum requirement for inclusion in this guide was 20,000mAh. That’s enough to charge a MacBook Pro’s battery by 60%.

Ports: Although they can charge a laptop, high-power battery packs still have an assortment of USB-A ports, so you can charge multiple devices (phone, tablet, and laptop) at the same time.

Maximum power output: The amount of power a USB-C PD port can put out is measured in Watts, abbreviated to W. The battery packs in this guide can output between 45W and 60W of power, which is enough to charge any USB-C compatible laptop pretty quickly. That said, if you have a larger laptop, like the 13-Inch MacBook Pro, you’ll probably want one that supports 60W, since it has a larger battery.

Size and weight: Larger battery packs are longer and heavier than ultra-portable ones. They’re typically around seven inches long, and weigh about a pound and a half. You’ll notice the size when you’re using one of them, but these battery packs can still fit easily in a front backpack pouch.

1. Raptic Titan Air

Editor’s Choice

Raptic Titan Air


Raptic’s Titan Air is not only the best battery packs to use with a laptop, but one of the best power banks you can get overall.

It has a capacity of 26,800mAh, which is enough juice to fully recharge a smartphone four times, or a refill a laptop’s battery once. We tested it by plugging the battery into a laptop with a battery that was half full. The Titan Air extended its life by several hours. It had no problem charging a smartphone or tablet, either.

In terms of ports, the Titan Air has two USB-A ports, a USB-C PD port with a maximum power output of 94W and a 120V AC outlet. This set of inputs means the Titan Air will be ready to recharge or power anything you throw at it, even smaller appliances. You can tell how much juice is left in the battery by looking at the four LED lights on top of it: One illuminated light means it’s one quarter full, two lights means it’s half full, and so on.

At 1.6 pounds this is the heaviest battery pack in this guide; it’s also the longest, measuring in at 7.2-inches. This bulk is due, in part, to the Titan Air’s aluminum frame and rubber plastic exterior. Raptic’s use of premium materials, which also provide a thick layer of protection for the electronics inside, is well worth a little extra bulk.

There are many great battery packs for laptops available right now, but the Titan Air’s mix of performance and durability cannot be beat.

Buy: Raptic Titan Air at $86.99

2. Amazon Basics Ultra-Portable Power Bank

Best Value

Amazon Basics Ultra-Portable Power Bank


Many power banks designed to charge laptops cost close to $100 (if not more), but this one from Amazon Basics offers a similar level of performance for under $50.

The power bank has a capacity of 25,600mAh, which is equal to the other power banks in this guide. It has one USB-C PD port and two USB-A ports, so you can charge up to three devices at a time. The only place where this power bank falters a little is its maximum power output, which is 45W. This isn’t an issue if you plan on charging a tablet or 13-inch laptop, but won’t be able to top up the battery in a larger laptop at its maximum speed.

Amazon says its battery pack can recharge a smartphone around six or seven times, or a 13-inch tablet around twice. You should be able to use this power bank to fully recharge a laptop once. The Amazon Basics Ultra-Portable Power Bank weighs just over one pound and 6.8-inches long, which makes it one of the smaller options in this guide.

If you’re shopping for a high-capacity battery pack on a budget, Amazon Basics’ Ultra-Portable Power Bank is your best option.

Buy: Amazon Basics Ultra-Portable Power Bank at

3. Omni Mobile 25600

Most Portable

Omni Mobile 25600


Battery packs designed to charge laptops are typically expensive because of their high capacity, but Omnicharge’s Omni Mobile 25600 bucks that trend.

As the name suggests the Omni Mobile has a battery capacity of 25600. It has one USB-C PD port with a maximum power output of 60W, two USB-A ports, and a DC power port that can output up to 72W of energy. To top it all off, the Omni Mobile 25600 is also a 10W wireless charging pad. You could conceivably use this battery pack to charge five devices simultaneously.

Omnicharge says its power back can fully recharge a smartphone up to eight times, or a 15-inch tablet twice. We were able to use it to charge a laptop, tablet, and smartphone with no issues. You can check how much of a charge the Omni Mobile 25600 has by looking at the four LED lights on the front of the power bank.

At 6.1-inches long and 1.2 pounds, Omnicharge’s Omni Mobile 25600 is the smallest power bank in our guide, but it offers the same level of performance as the larger power banks in this guide. If you travel often, and need a battery pack to keep your laptop going, this is the one we recommend.

Buy: Omni Mobile 25600 at $129.99

4. Anker PowerCore III Elite

Best Bundle

Anker PowerCore III Elite



Anker’s USB-C PD battery pack is the only recommendation in this guide that comes with its own power adapter, an accessory that you typically need to get separately.

It has a battery capacity of 26800mAh and a maximum power output of 87W, which means it can charge your gadgets faster and help them last longer than the other battery packs in this guide. Anker says this power bank can fully recharge a large-screen smartphone four times, and a laptop once. The company outfitted its battery pack with two USB-C PD ports and two USB-A ports, so you can charge four devices simultaneously.

The PowerCore III Elite is 7.2-inches long and weighs 1.3 pounds, which is average for a battery pack designed to charge larger electronics. As we mentioned earlier, Anker bundled its power bank with a 67W power adapter, which would typically run you about $40 on its own. You can use this power adapter to recharge the batter pack or as a standalone charger for your phone, tablet, or charger. This two-fer makes the  Anker PowerCore III Elite an excellent deal.

Buy: Anker PowerCore III Elite at $199.99

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