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Want Better Sound While Playing PC Games? These 4 Speakers are Worth Your Time

Powerful sound that puts you in the middle of the action

Edifier G2000 Gaming SpeakersEdifier G2000 Gaming Speakers


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If you’re a PC gamer who wants to get the most out of their games — or beat your competition — you’ll want a good set of speakers. Gaming headsets are popular, and we have a guide for them, but it’s nice to be able to get a complete audio experience without having to wear something on your head.

Gaming headsets are also only suited for a single player, so if you’ve got a group playing or watching the action, you’ll need a set of speakers to amplify the sound.

We did our research and found some great speakers that will deliver an immersive experience while playing games. Many of these speakers were designed by PC accessory makers specifically for gamers, so they have design features (both inside and out) that set them apart from an ordinary pair.

What Are The Best PC Gaming Speakers?

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right gaming speakers for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Stereo vs. surround sound: In many cases, having a 5.1 surround sound system will deliver the most engrossing experience, but desk space is limited, and not everybody connects their computer to a home theater system. Because of that, we generally stuck to sets of stereo speakers, or 2.1 audio systems, which feature a subwoofer for additional bass.

Design: A lot of PC gamers have spent a lot of time painstakingly creating their computers with just the right parts, and a unique aesthetic. We wanted our speaker picks to match your style, whether you have a plain, sleek looking tower, or one with enough lights to one up the aurora borealis.

Non-gaming features: Yes, the speakers on this list will be great for gamers, but we wanted to make sure they’d still be good picks if you wanted to watch movies, or listen to music. They perform well for those functions too.

1. BEST OVERALL: Edifier G2000

Edifier G2000


Edifier makes some of the best powered bookshelf speakers we’ve tested, but the G2000s are its first set designed specifically for gamers.

The stereo system is comprised of two hexagonal speakers with a single 2.75 inch driver to deliver powerful, rich sound. The G2000s are set to a custom gaming EQ mode, but you can switch to a movie or music mode, too. The speakers are tilted up slightly, so audio will be directed toward your ears.

You can connect your computer to these speakers using Bluetooth, an AUX cable, or USB cord, giving you the flexibility to use them in different situations.  If you prefer to keep your desk neat looking, Bluetooth is the better choice, but it’s always good to keep a cabled backup.

The G2000s have an LED stripe on the sides, which you can control using a button on the right speaker. You can turn them on and off, or switch between a dozen colors. This feature can add a little flair to your setup, and is nice complement to a gaming rig with lights on the tower.

If you’re a gamer who needs a set of compact gaming speakers with great sound, wide connectivity options, and a visual experience, Edifier’s G2000s are our pick.

Buy: Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers at $109.99

2. ENTRY LEVEL: AmazonBasics USB-Powered Computer Speakers


Any speakers will sound better when gaming than the ones built into your laptop, and this set from Amazon Basics will do a great job for its price.

This stereo pair of speakers has a cool curved design, and a brushed metal aesthetic that’ll look great on your desk. Amazon says each of them has a bass radiator to fill out the low end, but don’t expect a true audiophile experience when listening.

Amazon Basics’ speakers have a blue LED built into them, which will add some ambiance when you play games, but you can’t change it to a different color. They only work over USB, too, which means you can only use them on a computer.

Their cool look and built-in LED make them a solid pair of gaming speakers if you don’t need a lot of extra frills.

Buy: Amazon Basics USB-Powered PC Computer… at $19.40

3. AUDIOPHILE PICK: Klipsch The Fives

Klipsch The Fives


Klipsch’s The Fives active (powered) speakers are a compact, versatile all-in-one sound system gamers can use for PC games or console games.

The Fives have a classy, minimalist look that’ll make them stand out on your desk, or as part of your entertainment center. Their cabinet is made out of hand-crafted wood, with a magnetic grill made out of woven cloth. While they’re not specifically made with PC gamers in mind, The Fives deliver where it counts: Sound quality.

I’ve been testing these speakers for myself, and they sound incredible. They delivered an impressive amount of detail whether I was listening to records from Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums of All Time list, or watching TV shows and movies. If you play games, you’ll be able to fully appreciate its soundtrack, whether it’s made up of 16-bit chip tunes, or fully orchestrated music.

You can connect your PC to The Fives’ RCA (red and white) inputs with a Y-Cable, or plug it into your TV with an HDMI or optical audio cable. The Fives will be able to accommodate you however you want to play. When you’re not playing games, you can pair them with your phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth.

If you’re a PC gamer who also likes to spin records, or needs a great set of speakers for your home theater system, Klipsch’s The Fives are your best choice.

Buy: Klipsch The Fives at $578.00

4. BEST SOUND BAR: Razer Leviathan Surround Sound Bar

Razer Leviathan


If you’re a PC gamer who connects your computer to a TV, or have a lot of desk space, Razer’s Leviathan Surround Sound Bar offers a premium gaming experience.

This speaker system has two components: a 19.7 inch sound bar, and a subwoofer. The reason it’s considered “5.1 surround sound”, is because there are multiple speakers (two 2.5″ drivers, and two .74 inch tweeters) in the sound bar positioned in different directions to simulate a surround sound effect.

Like Logitech, Razer has partnered with an audio company to make this work. In Razer’s case that’s Dolby, the company responsible for helping get surround sound off the ground. The Leviathan supports Dolby digital, Dolby Prologic II, and Dolby Virtual Speaker protocols, which make audio sound like it’s coming from different parts of your room.

Razer’s use of audio technology is impressive, but beyond that, this speaker is pretty understated. There are no LED lights, or different color options — it’s just a jet black sound bar and subwoofer combo. That’s great news if you want to use the Leviathan as a gaming speaker and the centerpiece of a home theater system, but it’s something to consider.

In terms of controls and connectivity, the Leviathan is a mostly-good mixed bag. There are volume, EQ, and source change buttons on the top of the bar, which makes them easily accessible if you’re using it near your computer, but not if you’re across the room gaming on your TV. It would have been nice if Razer included a remote with this sound bar, which would speak to its versatility, but they didn’t.

Things get better when you realize this speaker system has a 3.5mm aux jack, optical audio input, and Bluetooth. Optical audio cables let devices like computers or game consoles output sound in 5.1 surround sound. The inclusion makes it clear that Razer sees the Leviathan as a real competitor to traditional home theater systems.

Buy: Razer Leviathan at $199.99

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