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RS Recommends: These Gaming Mouse Pads Could Lead to Smoother Gameplay

A good mouse pad can make a big difference in your gameplay’s accuracy, precision and fun factor

best gaming mousepadsbest gaming mousepads


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When building or buying a PC, so much thought, time, and money go into selecting the perfect parts to build your ultimate gaming machine that often the smaller components are overlooked. Mouse pads, for example, are an affordable afterthought, but selecting the right one can make a serious difference in the feel and performance of your gaming, ultimately affecting the way you play.

What Are the Best Gaming Mouse Pads?

The best gaming mouse pads provide a comfortable and consistent surface for your mouse, and some can even enhance or improve your gaming as well. Here’s what to look for in the best gaming mouse pads.

Material: Cloth, graphite, glass, aluminum, and plastic are generally what you’ll be choosing from. These materials make up most of the mouse pads out there, and all offer different feels, but come with their disadvantages as well. For example, cloth pads provide a smooth glide of your mouse over the surface, but are a pain to clean, and often wear out faster – starting with that one annoying corner that always peels back.

Cleaning: Going for a non-slip material that’s easy to keep tidy is highly recommended. Keeping your mouse pad clean (and removing old snack stains and crumbs) should be routine maintenance, as it prolongs the life of the pad and also keeps your gameplay sharp and smooth.

Edge: With any of the cheaper models, it’s almost inevitable that the pad is going to start coming apart after periods of heavy usage. That’s why spending a bit more in the short term can help keep your pad intact for the long haul. Lots of pads now specifically have anti-fray stitching to hold it together for longer, no matter how rough you are on it.

Base: The base is the material on the underside of the pad, and even though it’s out of sight, it still plays a major role in the feel of your gameplay. A thin or slim base is usually considered to be about 2mm, a mid-level about 3mm, and 5mm is thick for those players who like more cushioning on their wrist and a gliding feel on their mouse movements. Make sure your underside has a great grip on the material of the desk you’re using too in order to prevent sliding and flopping around.

DPI: Another important aspect is DPI, or Dots Per Inch, and it’s a way of measuring how sensitive a mouse is. A high DPI means the mouse moves farther and faster with smaller hand movements, but a lower and slower DPI is often used by gamers for more accuracy and precision. Depending on your DPI preference, the pad you select should fit your most comfortable way of moving and playing.

Size: Size matters too. If you’re playing with low-sensitivity, you’ll need more room to move around and to make sure you’re not caught in a corner of the pad. And if you really want to go big, there are also entire desktop coverings that act as a pad, so you’ll have full reign over your entire table-top.

Looking for a good gaming mouse pad? We’ve selected our four fave options here, which should be big enough for most gamers’ battle-stations.

1. Razer Goliathus Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad

At first look, what really sets this mouse pad apart from the rest is its LED light show, which lets you customize your new gaming pad with up to 16.8 million light options. Apart from aesthetics, the quality of this pick is also worth noting. The surface is made from a soft, micro-textured cloth which the brand says should improve precision during fast-paced games. The bottom has a non-slip surface and since it weighs about 1.23 pounds it should stay put during the entirety of your gaming session. That said, it’s also light enough to move around if you ever change your setup.

The extended length is useful too, measuring in at 11.58 by 36.25 inches so you can set your mouse plus gaming keyboard and headphones or earbuds (if you want) on it. If you’re a fan of Halo Infinite, you can even pick up the game’s version of this pad.

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad


Buy: Razer Goliathus Chroma Gaming Mouse Pad at $59.84

2. CORSAIR MM350 Gaming Mouse Pad

Just in case the company’s Extended XXL wasn’t big enough for you, CORSAIR created the even larger Extended XL edition.

No more falling off the pad or being pushed into a corner, this absolute beast of a mouse pad measures 36. 6 x 15. 7 inches, with a 5mm plush rubber thickness to prevent it from slipping. The edges are precision-stitched to prevent fraying, while the surface is woven for low friction resistance when gliding across it.

There’s enough space for your keyboard and headphones on here too, and it’s especially great for any large area with uneven surfaces, like an old wooden desk.

CORSAIR MM350 - Premium Anti-Fray Extra Thick Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad


Buy: CORSAIR MM350 Gaming Mouse Pad at $57.42

3. Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Logitech is one of the best-known names in computing gear, and has been at it since 1981, making them a true purveyor of quality, long-lasting gaming accessories.

This mid-size mouse pad features a rubber backing for a good grip on your desk or playing surface, with a nice thickness of 3mm.

Players who prefer higher DPIs will appreciate the low-friction and consistent surface texture, allowing your mouse to glide from edge to edge without any snags or lags. The plastic surface is a good middle-ground between smooth and anti-slip, not squishy but also not uncomfortably hard either, with just enough of a grippy texture to keep your mouse from sliding too far.

Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming


Buy: Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad at $26.99

4. HyperX FURY S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

At 4mm thick, this offers a nice flat and soft fabric surface for smooth mouse movement all over the screen. The textured rubber underside holds it steady while you race your mouse around on top, preventing it from sliding and causing an error in your gaming.

It’s got anti-fray stitching you can clearly see, plus it rolls up for easy portability or to use your desk space for something else whenever you need it.

The company offers four convenient sizes and two texture options – one for lower DPI for more precision, and one with lower friction for a higher DPI speed.

HyperX FURY S - Pro Gaming Mouse Pad


Buy: HyperX FURY S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad at $39.98

5. BenQ Zowie Gaming Mouse Pad

This buttery smooth cloth mouse pad features a blue color block design and an incredibly flat, even surface for quick gliding movements. The base is all rubber, keeping it glued to your desk as you game. It’s quite plush too at 3.5mm and measures about 18.9 x 15.7 inches giving you plenty of space to move your mouse about (although you won’t be able to fit a keyboard on this pad, like some fo the other options we mentioned).

Since the texture is quite smooth it allows for faster movements but still has enough stopping power for quicker response times. The edges aren’t stitched together though, which means there’s a chance it may fray over time with repeated use.

best gaming mousepad


Buy: BenQ Zowie Gaming Mouse Pad at $24.99

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