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The Best Digital Calipers for Extremely Accurate Measurements

Here’s everything you should know about the best tool for your DIY projects



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Woodworkers and DIYers know that precise measurements are essential if you want your project to turn out just as good as the professionals. When fractions of an inch have the ability to make or break your project, something as simple as a ruler leaves too much room for error, especially if what you’re measuring is the thickness of a certain piece of wood or the circumference of an object. That’s why every craftsman needs a digital caliper in their toolkit.

What Is a Digital Caliper?

A digital caliper is a precision instrument used to take extremely accurate measurements. The measurements that it takes are easy to read, thanks to the caliper’s LCD display screen. The best digital calipers can measure up to 0.0005 inches, or 0.01 millimeters. One of the most useful functions of a digital caliper is that it can take comparative measurements. To do so, you simply measure the reference object, press zero, and then measure the object you wish to compare it to. The difference between the two object’s dimensions will be displayed on the LCD screen.

How to Choose the Best Digital Caliper

When you’re shopping for the best digital caliper, take the caliper’s build material into consideration. You want a caliper that’s durable, like stainless steel. The caliper’s inside and outside jaws are often the most-used feature of a digital caliper, so as you shop, make sure that the jaws are built to last. The best digital calipers measure in both the imperial system and the metric system.

1. Adoric Digital Caliper

People love this digital caliper and for good reason: It’s made of stainless steel, has an easy-to-read screen, a depth-measured probe, and two different sets of jaws.

It can measure 0–6in and 0-150mm, getting as precise as 0.0005in and 0.01mm. You can trust the measurements you see on the screen, too. This digital caliper has an accuracy range of ±0.05mm.

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2. Kynup Waterproof Digital Caliper

Not all digital calipers are waterproof. If you need that protection for the projects that you’re working on (say, when working outdoors), this Kynup digital caliper is the one you need. It’s rated IP54 on the waterproofing scale, to hold up to splashes and rain.

Plus, this double-jawed digital caliper has three modes of measurement: inches, millimeters, and fractions. This digital caliper will be a long-lasting addition to your toolkit, and the makers know that – it comes with two extra batteries. Like all of the best digital calipers on the market, this one has extreme accuracy. It has a measurement range of 0-8in and 0-200mm, detects measurements as small as 0.0005in and 0.01mm, and has an accuracy range of  ±0.001in/0.02mm.

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3. Mitutoyo Advanced Digital Caliper

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Buy: Mitutoyo Advanced Digital Caliper at $125.99

4. Neoteck Digital Caliper and Feeler Gauge Set

If you’re building up your collection of tools, opt for this bundle. Not only does it include a stainless steel digital caliper that measures in inches, millimeters, and fractions, it also comes with a 32-blade feeler gauge that makes measuring the gaps between two hard-to-reach parts an easier process.

As for the digital caliper itself, it has helpful features like an automatic shutoff that conserves battery life. When it comes to accuracy, it’s exactly what you need: It measures 0-6in and 0-150mm, can measure objects as small as 0.0005in, 1/128in, and 0.01mm, and completes all of this with an accuracy of 0.001in and 0.02mm.

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Buy: Neoteck Digital Caliper and Feeler… at $27.99

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