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Here’s How to Use a Coffee Scale to Get the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Trying to get that perfect pour? Using a coffee scale is an easy way to get a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee every time

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Making coffee at home can be a very convenient, and cost efficient, way to get your caffeine fix as opposed to running to your favorite coffeehouse every single day. But not everyone can replicate the taste they expect from their coffee when they make it themselves.

The key to a perfect cup of coffee is the water to coffee ratio. The gold standard is considered to be 1:17 (for every 1 gram of coffee, use 17 grams of water), and everyone’s personal preferences are different. Not to mention, some coffee beans and roasts have different densities. Depending on your experience with brewing your own coffee, it may take a few tries to find your coffee sweet spot. The secret ingredient they don’t even realize they’re missing is a coffee scale.

How Does a Coffee Scale Work?

Similar to a regular scale, a coffee scale lets you weigh and measure your coffee beans and grounds. The best coffee scales help to prevent the fluctuating results that come from simply “eyeballing” your measurements, or using the plastic scoop. It allows you to accurately measure the amount of coffee you’re preparing to brew, which gets you closer to that perfect cup of coffee. After all, you measure your water, so why wouldn’t you measure your coffee beans too?

What Makes a Good Coffee Scale?

When compiling our list of the best coffee scales, we looked at the following criteria:

Display quality: This may seem a bit obvious, but it’s still important. You need to be able to read your scale, so you’ll want to make sure the display is high quality. Otherwise, you might as well guess.

Size: Depending on your living situation, counter space might be a sensitive topic. But even if it’s not, you don’t want a scale that’s an eyesore. The best scales are compact; you just need your scale to accommodate what you’re brewing your coffee in.

Accuracy: Again, finding a coffee scale that is accurate seems a bit obvious but cannot be overstated. Your scale should be within two decimal places.

Tare function: The point of investing in a scale is to ensure you’re being exact with your measurements. This is where the tare function on a scale comes in handy; it allows you to measure your coffee without taking in the weight of the container you may store it in.

Timing function: This isn’t a necessity, though it is important in the spirit of convenience; the best scales come ready with a timer that can allow you to more accurately play around with extraction times for your coffee.

What Are the Best Coffee Scales?

Ready to start working on that perfect pour? Whether you own a cafe or are just making your morning brew in the kitchen, we review the best coffee scales to pick up online right now.

1. Apexstone Coffee Scale



We love this scale for its ease of use and price point. If you’re just starting out with making your own coffee, this is a great scale to get a feel for your perfect cup. The LCD screen not only ensures that your measurements are easy to read, but also sends you a friendly reminder when it’s time to change the batteries. And thanks to the unique built-in-timer, this scale promises consistency with every cup.

There’s also a nifty silicone mat, which works to keep the scale safe from heat or any spilt coffee. You can take it off and easily clean it at any time. Plus when you’re not using your scale, it keeps it covered to avoid getting dirty.

Buy: Apexstone Coffee Scale at $14.99

2. Hario V6 Drip Coffee Scale



Precision is this scale’s middle name. The error-free measuring system (0.1 gram increments) and integrated drip timer promises perfect bloom times and pours every single time; you’ll have total control over the way your coffee is brewed. The sleek, modern design isn’t bad either; it will fit right at home in your kitchen or office.

Buy: Hario V6 Drip Scale at $32.95

3. TIMEMORE B22 Coffee Scale



For those looking for a scale that supports both drip and espresso, look no further: the TIMEMORE B22 scale ensures the accuracy and convenience you need, no matter what you’re craving. The clear LED backlit display works in bright and low light, so no need to squint if you’re brewing early in the morning. Not to mention, you can be green while brewing your coffee. Thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery, you’ll get 10 hours of power without having to throw away batteries.

Buy: TIMEMORE B22 Coffee Scale at $62.50

4. HuiSmart Coffee Scale



This scale pulls double duty as both a coffee and multifunctional kitchen and food scale, ensuring ease no matter what you’re measuring (just be mindful of its 6.6 pound weight limit). The auto-power off feature is a plus as well. If no activity is detected in four minutes, the scale powers down. That way, you can conserve precious battery life and get more out of your scale. So simple you don’t even have to think about it.

Buy: HuiSmart Coffee Scale at $13.99

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