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The Best Cell Phone Audio Docks

Versatile units that triple as a phone stand, charger and wireless speaker in one

best cell phone charging docks speakersbest cell phone charging docks speakers


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We already have fans that double as air purifiers, and portable battery packs that double as flashlights, so why can’t your cell phone stand double as a music player too?

If you’re strapped for space or value convenience, it’s time to pick up a cell phone audio dock. These versatile units function as a phone stand and Bluetooth speaker in one, letting you prop up your device while listening to your favorite tunes. The best cell phone audio docks also charge your device at the same time, using Qi-enabled technology to power up your phones and tablets — no charging cables required.

These phone stands are great for people in an office or dorm, or who don’t have a lot of space for large sound systems. They’re an essential accessory for your bedside table too, with the stands letting you easily see your phone (say, to check the time or to turn off an alarm) while it’s charging. Like to FaceTime or video chat with friends and family? Free up your hands by placing your device on the stand. You’ll have a comfortable view of the screen and never have to worry about your extended calls draining the battery again.

The best cell phone audio docks should have a generous charging surface and easy connectivity. All of the picks on our list let you place your phone vertically or horizontally on the charging pad. Some will even charge your phone with the phone case on. As for the speakers, look for speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, so it can pair easily with your device even when it’s not docked. In other words: even if you’re not using the unit as a stand, you can still use it to play music from anywhere in the room.

Keep in mind, these wireless speakers won’t deliver the same booming bass and room-filling sound as regular-sized speakers, but if you’re just listening to an audiobook or podcast, or want some tunes in the background while you chill out, they’ll more than do the trick. They’re great to take with you on trips and to parties too, eliminating the need to bring separate chargers and speakers.

1. CENSHI Fast Wireless Charger With Bluetooth Speaker

This CENSHI set lets you charge your phone vertically or horizontally, while the powerful speaker delivers 15W of clear, balanced sound.

The stand is great for your bedside table, on the kitchen counter or on your desk, letting you easily see and scroll through your emails and messages. It’s great to prop your phone up for watching videos and FaceTiming too.

The speakers themselves are easy to use even if your phone isn’t on the charging pad. Use Bluetooth 5.0 technology to easily pair any device with the speakers and play your favorite songs from up to 10 meters away.

This unit works with almost every major phone on the market, from iPhones to Androids. The set includes a wireless charging pad, a power adapter, a 3.5 mm audio cable and user manual.

PROS: This two-in-one unit delivers the same amount of sound as some stand-alone Bluetooth speakers.

CONS: Need to take phone out of case for it to charge properly. Wireless charging only works with Qi-enabled devices.


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Buy: CENSHI Fast Wireless Charger With… at $59.99

2. LarKoo Ultra Portable Wireless Speaker

This super slim soundbar weighs less than a pound and lets you turn your phone into a mini sound system. Attach your phone to the stand and turn the speakers on to get loud, crisp audio that really fills a room. Users say the sound is surprisingly full with no distortion, and LarKoo says the speakers can blast sound up to 394 feet away.

Prefer to connect wirelessly? Using Bluetooth technology, the speaker can pair with devices up to 33 feet away. An AUX cable lets you plug in an iPad or computer if you don’t have Bluetooth.

The built-in battery gets up to six hours of playtime. A built-in mic lets you use the unit as a speakerphone too. You can also use the speakers to listen to FM radio.

This set includes the wireless speaker, the stand (which can be used for phones or tablets), an AUX cable and a USB charging cable.

PROS: Users say sound is surprisingly full and loud.

CONS: This is just a wireless speaker, not a phone charger.


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Buy: LarKoo Ultra Portable Wireless Speaker at $27.95

3. BoomTouch Wireless Portable Speaker

This unit amplifies your device’s sound without using any wires, connecting stand or Bluetooth. Just place your phone on top of this speaker and it’ll start playing the music from your device.

Manufacturer BoomTouch, says the speakers use “Near Field Audio” technology to sense and boost sounds from external speakers nearby. Think of it as a loudspeaker for your phone or tablet.

Bluetooth streaming is convenient, but sound can be spotty or distorted if you don’t have a good connection. Plus: using Bluetooth will drain your phone battery. This portable speaker eliminates those problems.

You can still use the speakers even if you have a larger device (I.e. laptop). Just use an AUX cable to plug your computer into the back of the BoomTouch.

The BoomTouch’s durable shell makes it a no-brainer to take to parties, barbecues, road trips and more. It’s small enough to be used as a main speaker in bedrooms, dorms and offices too. Three colors available.

PROS: Super lightweight and portable weighing just 13 ounces and measuring just 4 x 4 inches.

CONS: Sound is decent but hollow; won’t be as clean or dynamic as other speakers on this list.


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Buy: BoomTouch Wireless Portable Speaker at

4. Azpen D100 Wireless Charging Station

We like this chic wireless charging station, which features a wide charging surface and two USB ports in the back to let you charge two additional devices at the same time. A micro SD slot, meantime, supports cards up to 64GB.

Place any Qi-enabled device on the pad and it’ll start charging immediately. The larger charging surface means less interruptions or misplacement, and makes it easy to charge tablets up to 13-inches as well. You can place your devices horizontally or vertically; the stand is great for propping up your phone or tablet when you’re watching videos, making calls, checking texts, etc.

The front panel features easy-to-use phone and music controls. An LED indicator lights up when your phone is done charging. Azpen’s safety features include technology that will prevent your devices from overcharging or overheating.

Using this unit to listen to music? Two speakers deliver five watts of power each. A built-in microphone let you use the unit as a speakerphone.

What we like: the streamlined, contemporary design makes this a great charging station for the office or around the house. Makes a great gift idea, too.

PROS: Leave the case on — the charging pad charges phones in cases up to 5 mm thick.

CONS: While everyone loves the look of this charging station, some say the materials felt cheap.


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Buy: Azpen D100 Wireless Charging Station at $74.50

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