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The Best Phone Cases from CASETiFY

From collaborations with BTS to limited-edition artist-designed picks, here’s why CASETiFY is becoming a go-to brand for phone cases and accessories

variety-best casetify phone casesvariety-best casetify phone cases


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When we were kids, it seemed like a common practice that many of us didn’t want to wear a helmet while bike riding. But safety is important. Now we’re older and carry cell phones daily. With delicate (and highly valuable) touch screen phones, we need to guard our expensive devices. If you’re in need or looking to replace the phone case you’ve had for over a year, look no further than CASETiFY’s sturdy protectors

What’s CASETiFY?

CASETiFY started off as a company that used Instagram photos to create custom phone cases for iPhone and Android. It’s now the fastest growing global tech accessories brand. The company has now expanded to include cases for AirPods and MacBooks and other tech accessories. From creative designs, to customizable and special collaborations with the likes of Thom Browne and Pharrell, Casetify’s cases help to amplify your self-expression. 

The brand is also known for its collaborations with BTS, which always sell out every launch.

Are CASETiFY Phone Cases Worth It?

To answer simply, yes. There’s an array of phone cases out there, but CASETiFY stands out for its innovation and creativity. They have new eco-friendly standards — many of their cases are now made with 50% recycled materials, and packaging is 100% recyclable. They also recently started ReCASETiFY, which means you can send your case to be recycled and pick a new one. With TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box program, you can send a phone of any brand, tell CASETiFY which case you’d like to trade in, mail your old case, and then receive a 15% off voucher for your next purchase. TerraCycle will recycle, reuse, upcycle, or safely dispose of your old case. 

Prices for their phone cases range from $45-$75, depending on what level of protection you choose: CASETiFY’s Grip Case for basic protection that’s lightweight, Impact Case for strong protection that’s still lightweight, and Ultra Impact Case for ultimate protection that’s midweight. You can also buy cases with MagSafe compatibility. From time to time, you’ll find CASETiFY promo codes online as well.

What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

Check out our favorites of the creative cases by CASETiFY that will make protecting your phone feel a little less clinical and a little more personalized. Most of the best CASETiFY phone cases are available for iPhone and Android device.

1. Alchemy by Ann Upton

alchemy by ann upton-best castefiy phone cases


This case, designed by Ann Upton, has gorgeous, textured strokes of paint that make you feel like you’re staring at a painting in a museum. It has 360-degree, all around impact protection thanks to its shockproof material. This ensures that no matter what level of protection you purchase, your phone is going to be safe from a fall.

Other key features include the brand’s “DEFENSIFY” anti-microbial coating, which works to eliminate 99% of bacteria, plus bezel screen protection and flash-absorbing camera ring. This case is also compatible with wireless charging and has MagSafe compatibility. A bonus is that you can also pick from a variety of colors for the edges of your case.

Buy: Alchemy by Ann Upton at $59

2. Skateboarding Shiba Inu

skateboarding shiba inu-best casetify phone cases


For all of the Shiba Inu fans, this one is reminiscent of Doge — the dog forecasting the weather and the name behind Dogecoins. This has all of the features of the previous case we recommended. It’s available in all levels of protection and can be purchased with MagSafe compatibility. There’s also the option to purchase a case with glitter or neon sand liquid inside, which sort of reminds us of a lava lamp for your phone. 

Buy: Skateboarding Shiba Inu at $55

3. Music Cassette Tape

my music-best casetify phone cases


This phone case is great for music lovers with nostalgia for old mediums. Since we play music on our phones, having the words “my music” enscripted on your case does make it feel like you’re carrying around your own mixtape. With all of the quality and protective features we’ve mentioned, this case is worth buying for yourself or a music fan in your life as a great birthday or “just case” gift.

Buy: Music Cassette Tape at $54

4. Basketball Leather Case

nba basketball leather-best casetify phone cases


Show your love for basketball with this minimalist case in partnership with the NBA. The leather detailing feels like a basketball, so you get a strong grip. It not only protects your phone, it elevates the look of a phone case too. However, it’s only available for iPhones ranging from the Xs to 12 Pro. Sorry, Android users. 

Buy: Basketball Leather Case at $65

5. Pangram Custom

pangram custom-best casetify phone cases


You can also customize your case with your favorite major city. In collaboration with the Montreal-based typography brand, Pangram Pangram, you can have a case with a unique font and text. This design, which resembles an airplane boarding pass, was inspired by globetrotters. It’s available for iPhones 7 to iPhone 12 Pro Max, and you can purchase the Impact Case or Ultra Impact Case.

Buy: Pangram Custom at $59

6. Clouds

clouds-best casetify phone cases


The Clouds case was created from an Instagram photo. This simple design is available in matte, sheer, or clear finish. You can also get a variation with a glitter or neon sand liquid background. All levels of protection are available as well, so you have a full range of options if you opt for this one. Lastly, you get all of the fancy features we listed out in our earlier recommendations.

Buy: Clouds Case at $55

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