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RS Recommends: These Car Chargers Are Specifically-Designed for Your iPhone

Dependable phone chargers that keep your Apple device powered up on road trips and commutes



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Having an unreliable car phone charger can leave you stranded when you need your phone the most, whether you’re using GPS navigation, taking an important call, or streaming your favorite music on a long drive. For iPhone users, you can avoid this by buying a dependable car phone charger that’s designed specifically for iPhones.

What Are the Best Car Chargers for iPhones?

When you’re shopping for the best car charger for iPhones, start by assessing your car’s technology. Some new cars have built-in USB portals already, which makes charging your iPhone simple. All you need is your phone’s cord to get charging. However, a lot of cars don’t have this feature. In that case, you need a hub with its own built-in USB port that plugs into your car’s DC or AC adapter. Some of these hubs have more than one USB port, which is a great option if you usually drive with a car full of friends or family.

Some car phone chargers are wireless – they mount onto your dashboard so that you can use your phone as a GPS navigator without having to look down at your device. These phone mounts can also wirelessly charge your iPhone when it’s placed on the pad.

Additionally, you’ll want to select car phone chargers that are durable and long-lasting, say, unlike the car chargers you might pick up at a gas station checkout. Opt for trusted, well-reviewed brands made with durable materials that won’t fad or warp over time or in the sun.

1. Syncwire iPhone Car Charger

This iPhone car charger has earned raves from fans thanks to its dependable, fast charge. The charger fits in your car’s DC input and it can charge two devices at once.

The charger offers two ways to charge: It has a built-in lighting cable and an open USB port for you to use your cable. It’s long-lasting, too, made with a sturdy polycarbonate shell and thermal material that prevents the charger from over-heating or over-charging your device.

best car chargers for iphones


Buy: Syncwire iPhone Car Charger at $19.99

2. CHGeek Wireless Car Charger

This wireless car charger is the best car charger for iPhones if you use your phone as your visual GPS. The charger mounts to your car’s dashboard, windshield, or an air vent, and securely locks around your iPhone – even if it’s in a case.

It uses a built-in, upgraded chip to quickly — and wirelessly — charge your phone. Just place it on the pad, tighten the “arms” around it to secure, and you’re good to go. If you’re prone to forgetting your iPhone charging cable, or want to avoid cables all together in the car, this is the solution for you.

best car charger for iphones


Buy: CHGeek Wireless Car Charger at $30.89

3. Amazon Basics Four-Port Car Charger

This four-port USB car charger is durable, reliable and provides plenty of ways to keep your devices powered up while on a road trip or commute.

The hub lets you charge devices for the whole family and charges each device at the fastest rate possible. The charging hub plugs easily into your car’s DC input and is designed with safety in mind (while also being slim enough to not take up too much room). It includes overload, short-circuit, and over-voltage protection too.

This is not only one of the best car chargers for iPhones, but it can also be used for your iPad too.

best car chargers for iphones


Buy: Amazon Basics Four-Port Car Charger at $16.90

4. Ailkin Car Charger Two-Pack

When it comes to phone chargers, it never hurts to have an extra. That’s why this two-pack of DC input car chargers is an excellent value. Each hub has two USB ports and is built from fireproof material, and it can fully charge your iPhone in only 1-2 hours.

The pocket-sized chargers tuck easily into your glove compartment or door storage when not in use. Bring them with you when traveling too so you’re never out of juice.

best car chargers for iphones


Buy: Ailkin Car Charger Two-Pack at $8.99


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