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Grab One of These Boomboxes With CD Player and Radio for Old School Jams

Boomboxes are not yet dead, and 21st century models often include Bluetooth and auxiliary ports in addition to CD players and radio

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Maybe you want to listen to that mix CD your high school crush made you way back in 2004. Maybe you’re just a little old-fashioned and looking for a no-frills portable radio to play at the pool. In any case, we’re happy to note that the boombox is not obsolete just yet. What’s more, these days boomboxes with CD players and radios are souped up with this decade’s latest tech features.

What Are the Best New Boomboxes?

If you’re looking for the best boombox, you want something easy to use, portable, and with decent sound quality to blast your tunes whether from a compact disc or the radio. Here are some of the things we think are important to look for in this relatively retro piece of stereo equipment.

Size: Anyone who’s ever seen a movie knows that boomboxes are made to be carried around, like when you need to blast Peter Gabriel outside your ex-girlfriend’s window as a subtle reminder of that time you spent together. Smaller boomboxes are lighter and less cumbersome to travel with, but you sometimes sacrifice sound quality.

Sound Quality: Additional speakers and features that support bass tones can improve and optimize a boombox’s sound quality, preventing it from sounding tinny or thin.

Listening Options: Another benefit to boomboxes is the wide variety of music sources it supports. In addition to AM/FM radio and a CD Player, look for products that connect to your digital library as well, using Bluetooth, an auxiliary port, or USB port. And in case you were wondering, stereos including a cassette player as well do still exist.

1. Studebaker Master Blaster Bluetooth Boombox

If, when you say “boombox,” you mean classic, old school, Do the Right Thing-era “boombox” with a capital “B,” we’d recommend this Studebaker unit, whose retro style we love. We also love that unlike the design, the boombox’s wide array of features and tech are decidedly 2020.

In addition to the AM/FM analog radio and CD player, the boombox comes with a USB and MP3 playback port, Bluetooth capabilities for wireless device pairing, a rechargeable battery, and multi-color LED lights in case you want to make it a real party.

studebaker bluetooth boombox


Buy: Studebaker Master Blaster Bluetooth… at $169.88

2. Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner AM/FM CD Player

Boomboxes aren’t necessarily known for their superior sound quality, which is why we’re so impressed with this Sony model. In particular, the “mega bass” stereo sound feature enhances low-frequency bass tones — basically a necessity for full enjoyment of certain musical genres like hip-hop and EDM.

This portable boombox comes with an analog radio, CD player, and Bluetooth capability, and is conveniently small and easy to use.

sony portable bluetooth cd player


Buy: Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner… at $95.30

3. Jensen Top-Loading Boombox

There are plenty of reasons to love this cute little boombox, not least of which being it’s one of the few models we’ve seen that plays cassette tapes as well as CDs. The AM/FM radio sound comes in crisp and clear, and the auxiliary input jack allows you to connect to your digital music library as well.

The built-in handle and diminutive size makes it easy to carry this little guy pretty much anywhere, and it’s durable enough to handle a few bumps and bruises.

jensen boombox cd player


Buy: Jensen Top-Loading Boombox at $44.95

4. Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker

We like muscular look of this Toshiba boombox, which includes plenty of dynamic features for a range of listening options. Play music using the top-loading CD player or FM radio, or connect to your digital library through the USB port or Bluetooth. The multiple audio speakers are designed to amplify bass and optimize sound quality, which you can adjust from across the room using the remote control.

toshiba wireless bluetooth stereo


Buy: Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox… at $119.99

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