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These 5 Straps Work With the New Apple Watches

These bands work perfectly with the new Apple Watch Series 6 — but fit any previous version, too

Nomad Steel Band Apple Watch StrapNomad Steel Band Apple Watch Strap


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Apple just announced the Apple Watch Series 6, which introduces new features like a brighter always-on display, faster processor, and blood oxygen reader. One thing Apple didn’t change is the ability to use the latest Apple Watch with any third-party straps. Apple sells its own bands, but they can get pretty pricey, so we found alternatives that will work just as well, but are a far better value.

Whether you’re sticking with your current Apple Watch, or are getting ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest, these are the best third-party Apple Watch bands available right now.

What Are the Best Apple Watch Bands?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best Apple Watch band for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Style: Our recommendations run the gamut from traditional watch straps with pins and notches, to others with a magnetic clasp that fits perfectly around your wrist. We’ve covered alternatives to all of the major watch bands Apple offers in its own store.
Materials: The watches in our guide are made out of a variety of materials, from soft plastic, to genuine Italian leather. There’s a lot of room to mix and match different bands to suit what you’re wearing, and your general aesthetic.

Compatibility: All of the straps fit with every generation of the Apple Watch, and are available in sizes that fit the 38mm / 40mm or 42mm / 44mm case sizes.

1. NUKELOLO Sport Band



NUKELOLO’s Sport Band is a good choice if you’re looking for a simple, subtle strap.

It’s made out of silicone, which the company says is both durable and comfortable, and comes in 25 different colors. Instead of notches, the band has a pair of straps that let you adjust its width, and lock it in place.

There may not be a lot to it, but NUKELOLO’s Sport Band is a great value, so you can experiment with different color combinations to match your day’s wardrobe.

NUKELOLO Sport Band, from $5.99, available at Amazon

2. jwacct Stainless Steel Mesh Wristband

jwacct Adjustable Stainless Steel Mesh Wristband


Jwacct’s Stainless Steel Mesh Wristband is a minimalist, modern-looking strap that’ll fit perfectly on your wrist.

The strap’s clasp is magnetic, so it can stick to any point on the body of the strap, which gives you a lot more flexibility than using notches on a traditional watch band. Although it’s made out of metal, this wristband is made in the Milanese loop style, so it’ll feel light and fairly soft on your skin. I’ve used a couple of third-party Apple Watch bands in this style, and it’s my personal favorite.

If you’ve had trouble finding an Apple Watch strap that fits perfectly on your wrist, Jwacct Stainless Steel Mesh Wristband has you covered.

Jwacct Stainless Steel Mesh Wristband, $9.99, available at Amazon

3. Power Primacy Top Grain Leather Watch Strap

POWER PRIMACY Bands Compatible


Power Primary’s Leather Watch Strap is a traditional looking band for your Apple Watch.

It’s made out of top grain leather, which the company says is non-slip, durable, and breathable, so it should feel comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

To tighten the band, you’ll need to put the strap through a loop, and insert the pin on the clasp into a notch on the strap. This watch band will not fit perfectly on your wrist, but you’ll get very close. Power Primary’s Leather Watch Strap is available in 20 different colors, so you’ll be able to find one that matches your style.

This is the most traditional looking Apple Watch band in our guide, and if you’re used to wearing an analog timepiece, it’s the best choice.

Power Primacy Leather Watch Strap, $10.99, available at Amazon

4. Nomad Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Nomad Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band


Nomad’s Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band is a metal, ultra durable strap that’s great if you don’t mind a little extra weight on your wrist.

The band is made up of 20 custom-made stainless steel lugs, which can be added or removed using an included tool to get the fit just right. The band’s clasp is also made out of stainless steel, so it should handle rough conditions without coming loose or getting damaged.

The downside to an all-stainless steel band is its weight, but Nomad has made a similar strap out of titanium. The company’s titanium band looks nearly identical to its stainless steel sibling, and uses the same removable lugs. The only difference is that it’ll be easier on your wrist.

If you want a solid Apple Watch band that’ll last through many watch upgrades, Nomad’s strap has you covered.

Nomad Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band, $119.95, available at Nomad

5. Casetify Italian Leather Band

Casetify Italian Leather Band


Casetify’s Italian Leather Band is a 2-in-1 strap that takes its inspiration from the world renowned fashion brand Hermes.

The band is designed to fit not only the Apple Watch, but any analog watches that can use a 20mm or 24mm strap. We mentioned this is a 2-in-1 strap earlier, and that’s because Casetify actually ships two bands, so you can choose whether you’d like to wear a single or double loop.

Both straps are made out of genuine Italian leather, are finished with an embossed surface, and have a soft leather underside. This is a luxurious watch band that’s best worn on special occasions, or formal events like a job interview.

If you’re a fashion focused person who likes technology, and don’t want your Apple Watch to conflict with your fanciest clothes, this strap will help it fit in.

Casetify Italian Leather Band, $100, available at Casetify [Save 15% With Promo Code ROLLINGSTONE15]

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