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Keep it 100% With These Smartphone Chargers for Androids

Power up your devices quickly and efficiently whether at home, in the car or while traveling

best android car chargerbest android car charger


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Chargers can seem pretty straightforward. They’re often just a means to an end, a middleman to provide power to the real star: your phone or tablet. But before you go ahead and order any basic cable, there are a few things we recommend you check out to get the most out of your charger.

What Are the Best Android Chargers?

The best Android chargers will boost the battery life on any device that runs on the Android operating system (I.e. not running iOS). Generally, that refers to non-iPhone models, like a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or the OnePlus Pro. Most Android devices use a USB type C or micro-USB charger to charge their devices. Here’s what else to keep in mind.

Charging Speed: This is one that can vary greatly, since there are a whole lot of variables. Charging up a phone that’s turned off will significantly increase the speed compared to one that’s on and playing music and running a GPS application. Generally though, a full charge in under one hour is a reasonable average to expect.

Durability: Chargers and their accompanying cables take a serious beating over time. They’re stuffed into pockets and backpacks, crammed into carry-ons, and jammed hard into ports (until you realize they’re upside-down). A cable wrapped in, or constructed from, a material like thick nylon or even steel will prevent it from getting tangled, twisted and frayed.

Wattage: Some chargers can produce an audible buzz or humming noise, or get uncomfortably warm during use. This can vary pretty widely, but for a safe and decent amount of charging power – enough to keep devices full for however long they’re plugged in – 45w to 65w should be more than enough.

Convenience and Compatibility: The number of ports can also be a huge help to charge up multiple devices at once, though wattage can vary between each one. Chargers generally offer USB-C and USB-A, but if you’ll be needing an alternate type, be sure your cable is compatible. Weight is also a factor if you’ll be carrying this around, especially in your pocket.

Finally, you may also notice that certain chargers boast “Certified OEM” status. This simply means that a seller has been given the go-ahead to use factory-approved parts and procedures, and that they have the proper equipment to install the parts correctly. While it may not be a total dealbreaker, chances are that an OEM certified seller provides a better product that’s held to stricter safety specifications, and can last a lot longer.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Android chargers, from cables to portable battery packs to car charging ports.

1. Anker USB Type C Cable

Anker’s handy two-pack of USB-A to USB-C six-foot charging cables is straightforward and gets the job done, but goes beyond the basics.

These cables feature premium nylon-braiding, which can take more of a beating and last up to 12 times as long as regular cables. They’re constructed to handle being tangled, pulled, and bent every which-way, and can even hold a substantial amount of weight hanging off them.

Charging is fast — up to 15W — and data transfer speeds can hit up to 480Mbps. Not only that, but they look sleek and professional in your setup too.

USB Type C Cable, Anker [2-Pack, 6 ft]


Buy: Anker USB Type C Cable at $14.99

2. AUKEY Mini USB Cell Phone Car Aapter

When you’re on-the-go and your device is running low, quit worrying if you brought your bulky spare battery along, or if you forgot to charge it up last night. Aukey’s car-lighter charger is a snap — literally. It fits snug and securely into your car’s 12v/24v outlet, and can charge up two different devices fast thanks to their AiPower, at about 12w per port.

The dual-ported charger juices up pretty much all USB-powered devices, both Apple and Android, and features built-in protection against things like overheating and overcharging – all while safely providing the max amount of power possible.

AUKEY Mini USB Cell Phone Car Aapter


3. RAVPower USB Multi-Port Travel Charger

The super-convenient iSmart contains four USB ports, allowing you to quickly charge up to four smartphones or tablets simultaneously. Thanks to the SmartVoltage feature, it automatically detects all connected devices, and delegates an even flow of constant power (40w/100-240V) in order to minimize charging time for each one.

The plug folds into the unit to make it more carry-friendly, and at only seven ounces, this can easily fit into a pocket or small pouch. Safeguards are in place to prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting, and it’s built solid to use daily – not just for travel.

RAVPower USB Wall Charger 40W 8A 4-Port Multi-Port Travel Charger Charging Station


4. Nekteck USB Type C Car Charger

Nekteck’s car charger wields some serious power – up to 45w, which is enough to charge some laptops at full speed. There’s both a USB-A and a USB-C port available, perfect for charging two devices at once, or keeping their batteries full for however long you’re on the road.

Safety isn’t an afterthought either, as it’s made from fireproof materials, and automatically shuts off at the first sign of any overheating. It’s also built to withstand the bumps and vibrations of any trip, thanks to its strong internal springs, all while staying put and keeping the power flowing.

Nekteck USB Type C Car Charger


Buy: Nekteck USB Type C Car Charger at $19.99

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