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The Best TVs You Can Control With Your Voice (and Why You’d Want to)

These 4K TVs have Amazon’s Alexa built in, so you can control them with your voice for a totally hands-off experience

SAMSUNG 65-Inch TU-8000 Series 4K TV FISAMSUNG 65-Inch TU-8000 Series 4K TV FI


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Most TV sets available right now are billed as “smart,” but that vague term can mean a lot of things. Some run on operating systems developed for media streamers like Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV, while others come preloaded with apps for popular streaming services like Hulu and Disney+. Quick access to streaming platforms is useful, but it doesn’t make the experience of actually using your TV any easier.

Some TV companies have partnered with Amazon to build its Alexa smart assistant into their hardware. The biggest reason to choose a TV set with Alexa built in is the ability to control it with your voice. Using Alexa, you can adjust TV settings (volume, channels, inputs), turn it on or off, or search for the movie, TV show, or music you want without touching a remote. This hands-off experience can make these TVs easier to use if hate flipping through menus and apps.

As a bonus, you can use your Alexa-enabled TV to control smart-home accessories like light bulbs, and answer questions like “What’s the population of New York?” or “What’s the weather going to be like this week?” The answers will displayed on your large TV, where they’ll be easy to see. If you want a TV that’s more intuitive to use, supports modern technology, and doesn’t skimp out on any important video features, getting one with Amazon’s Alexa built in is a good move.

What Are the Best TV Sets With Alexa Built In?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best TV set with Alexa built in for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: TV sets with Alexa built in are available in a wide range of sizes. The ones we’re recommending are between 65 and 82 inches, which are best suited for home theater use. Smaller versions of these TVs are available if you’d like one for your bedroom or mid-sized living room.

Resolution: All of the TVs in this guide have a resolution of 4K (Ultra HD), and support HDR (high dynamic range), so recent TV shows and movies will look incredibly clear. Bear in mind older content (especially videos not available in HD) won’t look as good.

Inputs: A TV’s inputs (commonly called ports), are used to connect gadgets like game consoles to your set. Our recommendations have at least three HDMI ports, which is the most commonly used input available right now.

1. SAMSUNG 65-Inch TU-8000 Series 4K TV

SAMSUNG 65-Inch TU-8000 Series 4K TV


Samsung’s 65-Inch TU-8000 Series TV is a great all-around set that supports modern video features and has Amazon’s Alexa built inside.

The TU-8000 Series TVs are available in sizes ranging from 43-inches (great for a bedroom) to 82-inches (the centerpiece of a dedicated home theater room), but the 65-inch option is a nice sweet spot for a living room. This TV has all the must-have features you’d expect from a high-end set: It has a resolution of 4K, and supports HDR, which is a new video technology that makes colors and shadows more realistic. Samsung says this TV uses a “crystal display,” which the company says makes colors more clear and crisp.

This set has three HDMI ports, an antenna input, two USB ports, an optical audio port, composite video (red, white, yellow) inputs, and an Ethernet jack. That’s more then enough inputs for you to connect all of your home theater components, from game consoles to a sound bar, without having to unplug any of them. Some TV makers have ditched antenna inputs, which allow you to hook up an HDTV antenna to watch broadcast television channels for free, so it’s nice to see here.

Although this the Samsung TV-8000 Series TV supports Alexa, you can also program it to work with Bixyby (Samsung’s smart-home assistant), and the Google Assistant without any additional hardware. Alexa is generally regarded as the most fully featured smart-home assistant right now, but it’s nice to have the ability to switch between them if you’d prefer.

If you want a TV set that checks all the boxes, is available in a wide array of sizes, and gives you the ability to control it completely hands free, Samsung’s TU-8000 is a great choice.

Buy: SAMSUNG 65-Inch TU-8000 Series 4K TV at $697.99

2. LG 82-Inch 82UN8570PUC 4K TV

LG 82-Inch 82UN8570PUC 4K TV


LG’s 82UN8570PUC is one of the company’s newest sets, and it’s the ultimate TV with Amazon’s Alexa built into it.

This TV is available in multiple sizes ranging from 65-inches to 86 inches. We’re recommending the 82-inch version, which has the same features as the smaller ones, but can offer a far more immersive experience if you have the space.

Designed for serious home theater use, the 82UN8570PUC has a lot of cutting-edge features. It supports Dolby Vision, the latest and greatest version of HDR for excellent color accuracy, and Dolby Vision audio, the most sophisticated version of surround sound. Movies and TV shows are just starting to take advantage of these features, but more content is being released every month. In this way, your experience with the 82UN8570PUC will actually improve over time.

The 82UN8570PUC has four HDMI ports, three USB ports, an antenna port, one set of composite inputs, an Ethernet port, one optical output, and support for Bluetooth 5.0. You should have no trouble finding a space for all of your home theater gear without having to use a splitter.

This TV has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz (double the standard 60), which allows it to update the information on screen up to twice as fast. This feature isn’t essential when watching movies, but it will make serious gaming on the set a lot better. If you’re playing a fast-paced title like a first-person shooter, having a millisecond advantage over other players can make a big difference. Again, the game you’re playing and the system you’re playing on must support a faster refresh rate for you to get the best experience, but many titles do.

If you have enough room for a big TV that can showcase your games, TV shows, and movies in extremely high fidelity, and also have the option to control it with your voice, LG’s 82UN8570PUC is the right choice.

Buy: LG 82-Inch 82UN8570PUC 4K TV at $1,696.99

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