Threat Assessment

The Good, The Bad and The Scary

Out in the Game

Top prospect Michael Sam poised to become NFL's first openly gay player.

Photo credit: G.M. Andrews/AP Photo

Presidential Payday

Obama announces minimum-wage hike for federal contract employees to $10.10.

Photo credit: United States Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing, digitally altered by "Rolling Stone"

Plans Frozen

Royal Dutch Shell announces it won’t attempt to drill in the Arctic this year.

Photo credit: Zhiltsov Alexandr/Shutterstock

Just Off the Boat

El Salvadoran man survives 13 months lost at sea on 23-foot fishing vessel.

Photo credit: GIFF JOHNSON/AFP/Getty Images

Planned Non-Parenthood

Increased contraception access reduces abortion rate to 40-year low.

Photo credit: kaarsten/shutterstock

Drinking Liberally

Study finds progressives imbibe more than conservative counterparts.

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

Dead Ringer

Fifth Olympic ring fails to transform at Sochi opener.

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Wing and a Prayer

Pope Francis' peace doves attacked by ravens, gulls at the Vatican.

Photo credit: Gregorio Borgia /AP Photo

Armed and Ridiculous

GOP congressman Paul Broun to give away AR-15 in raffle boosting Senate bid in Georgia.

Photo credit: MSRPhoto/Getty Images

Sugar Shocker

Froot Loops maker admits every color in the box tastes exactly the same.

Photo credit: Julia Ewan/The Washington Post/Getty Images

A Crude Development

New State Department report opens way for Keystone XL pipeline approval.

Photo credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images