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You’re Old: Why Ayers is Falling on Deaf Ears

Just a quick point about the American electorate, using myself as an example.

I'm 34 years old. I'm about to vote in my fifth presidential election. The Weather Underground was on its very last legs when I was born. Indeed, you'd likely have to have been a teenager in 1975 to have even been aware of Ayers and his fellow bombers.

Americans under 45 made up 43% of voters 2004. And our share is only going to increase this election. A 44 year old today would have been eleven years old when the Weather Underground set its last bomb.

This is ancient history to nearly half of the electorate. As vivid and scarring as Vietnam and its aftermath remain for graying Boomers and the Greatest Generation, most of us have said goodbye to all that.

It's as if someone had tried to derail Bobby Kennedy's 1968 run by linking him to an anarchist associate of Sacco and Vanzetti.


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